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Above: Artist John Dyer painting in the rainforest of Borneo with endangered orangutans.


John Dyer

John Dyer Painting. Mysterious Mist, Zennor, Cornwall

This is one of the most unusual John Dyer paintings as the artist's subject is the wonderful mist & mystery of the Cornish landscape & weather at Zennor in Cornwall. The energetic brush work has been applied wet on wet, with a limited palette of colour, to create a wonderful feel of movement. People & birds appear through the mist. The painting captures the wilder aspect of Cornwall. Brilliant.

A very unusual and collectable John Dyer painting of Zennor in Cornwall. Painted by the artist on the 12th of May 2004. John set off from a sunny Falmouth in his trusty Land Rover to paint the church at Zennor. With the change of seasons in Cornwall sea mists can suddenly roll in from the sea and as the artist committed his paint to canvas a Cornish sea fog engulfed the landscape creating the most amazing light and atmosphere. Undeterred the artist embraced the colours and light to create this remarkable painting that really captures the mystery and magic of Cornwall. The paint has been applied wet on wet and the artist worked feverishly in the back of his Land Rover using mauves, greys, blue greens and whites to create this piece of Cornish magic.


"The weather in Cornwall can change so quickly and also be very different coast to coast as I found out after leaving a sun drenched Falmouth to paint in Zennor near St Ives. It was an unbelievable change, and so suddenly, as a bank of sea mist rolled in across the ancient fields and coast and wrapped up the church, Zennor and myself in a swirling magical dance of colour and mystery. One never knows in life when things will change and I decided to make this weather event an opportunity to explore a new colour palette. The atmosphere was damp so the paint went down in sumptuous wet marks and strokes that I used to build up the painting surface. The painting captured the energy and spirit of the day in a way I never expected to achieve." John Dyer


Above: John Dyer captured the scene of his Land Rover in the mist, set against the village and church of Zennor in Cornwall.

Item Information

Description Framed Original Painting
Artist Cornish Artist John Dyer (born 1968)
Signed by the Artist Signed by John Dyer
Painting size 18 x 24 inches
Medium Acrylic on canvas
Framed size 26 x 32 inches
Frame type John Dyer: In the 1950s simple neutral frames became popular for St Ives artists. John chooses an off-white so the lightest tones appear in the painting. The moulding is a variation of 'Salvator Rosa' from Italy. Hand finished in almond white paint.
Ready to hang Strung with picture cord and ready to hang


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