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Art Loans: Buy Art in Monthly Instalments

Welcome to Affordable Art Ownership
Spread the Cost of Investing & Buying Paintings with 0% Finance

We accept all major credit and debit cards, PayPal, Amazon Pay, Google Pay and Apple Pay, but we also offer two fabulous 0% options for our collectors to use.

Arts Council Own Art Scheme with Novuna Personal Finance | UK Buyers

Buy original paintings with 0% finance with Own Art and The John Dyer Gallery

  • Original paintings with a total value up to £25,000
  • UK residents only
  • Apply easily online
  • Select your own deposit, 5% minimum
  • Quick decision process
  • Pay over 10 months interest free
  • Enjoy your painting with fast free UK delivery within a few days

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Own Art finance is available in the UK and is provided by Novuna Personal Finance. Simply check out your gallery shopping bag with your selected original painting/s with a value of up to £25,000 using our Novuna integrated payment option, pay the 5% deposit at checkout and pay the other ten instalments interest free over the next ten months.

N.B. You must only have original paintings in your Gallery Shopping Bag as loans are not available on other artworks.

Representative payment example over 10 months:

  • £4950 purchase
  • Deposit of 5%: £247.50
  • Rate of interest: 0%
  • 10 month loan with 10 monthly payments of £470.25
  • Total amount payable: £4950

N.B. Novuna's terms and conditions apply, and finance might not be available to all customers. Paintings purchased with a loan cannot be delivered to a separate delivery address; they must be delivered to the billing address. There is a small chance that the painting/s might be sold to another client online while waiting for loan approval, but this would be a very rare situation. However, this is beyond the gallery's control.

PayPal Pay in 3 | UK and many International Buyers

PayPal Pay in 3 at John Dyer Gallery

  • Any purchase from the gallery from £30 to £2000
  • PayPal account required
  • Simply sign into your PayPal account at checkout for PayPal in 3
  • Quick decision process
  • UK, USA, Australia, Spain, Italy, Germany, France
  • Pay over 3 months (4 months in USA, France & Australia)
  • Enjoy your artwork with fast free global delivery within a few days

PayPal Pay in 3 is available in the UK and internationally and is provided by PayPal. Simply check out your gallery shopping bag with a value of £30 to £2000 using your PayPal account, pay the first instalment at checkout and the other two instalments are paid interest free on the same date over the next two months.

N.B. PayPal's terms and conditions apply and this might not be available to all customers of PayPal.

Representative payment example over 3 months:

  • £1,200 purchase
  • First payment at checkout: £400
  • Rate of interest: 0%
  • 2 month loan with 2 monthly payments of £400
  • Total amount payable: £1,200

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