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Buy signed prints online at The John Dyer Gallery
Buy signed prints online at The John Dyer Gallery

Signed Prints

Limited Edition Signed Prints by Famous Cornish Artists

Our exclusive range of signed prints and signed limited edition prints have been made in collaboration with our artists. All the signed prints by John DyerJoanne Short are beautifully produced and hand-signed by the artists. Most of the signed prints we have in the print range are produced by the artists in their studios in Cornwall using archival inks and museum-quality watercolour paper and feature paintings of Cornwall. They have a coastal art, beach home feel to them. We also have signed prints of France, the Rainforest, Australia and more, so do search if you have a subject in mind and use our discovery collections of signed prints & wall art prints. Our unframed, signed prints have free worldwide delivery to your door.

Unframed Signed Prints
Signed prints are delivered to you unframed in sturdy tubes, and the prints are protected with acid-free tissue paper so you can take them to your local framers to select the perfect mount and framing option in your own time. We have found framing locally to be a much better solution for our buyers, as you can choose to have the frame, mount, and glazing to suit your signed print at a price that fits your budget. We used to frame our signed prints, and if you are looking to match that style, we have the framing specification available for you.

Limited Edition Prints: Buy and Invest in Signed Prints & Limited Edition Prints to Enjoy for a Lifetime

Limited edition signed prints from leading Cornish artists John Dyer & Joanne Short bring the artists' acclaimed paintings affordably into your home and interiors.

Buy and Collect the Best Limited Edition Signed Prints

Limited-edition prints have been specifically created by the artist and are a very high-quality reproduction of a painting that is only made in a very limited quantity. All of the limited edition prints are numbered, titled and then signed in pencil by the artist to show it is a print from the edition the artist has released. The majority of our limited edition signed prints are in editions on only fifty signed copies. This offers you a chance to invest in a collectable piece of art that has been created by the artist and signed by the artist but that is more affordable than an original painting. Limited edition signed prints allow you to start on your art investing and collecting journey easily.

Artist proofs are often even more collectable as they are the prints that the artist created whilst proofing the edition and bear the letters 'AP' followed by the title and then the artist's signature. They are produced to the same exacting standards on museum-quality paper with archival inks. They can sometimes vary slightly from the main editions as colours will be adjusted during the original proofing. Artist proofs can still be considered part of the edition but do not form part of the numbered prints, so if there are fifty signed limited edition prints there may be a few 'AP' prints in addition to this number.

A giclée print is a print created with the giclée print process. The term was coined in 1991 by printmaker Jack Duganne, 'Giclée' is a term of French origin meaning 'to spray'. This term was introduced to describe fine art digital prints crafted with inkjet printers. The concept was initially applied to exquisite art prints produced on a modified Iris printer, a technique pioneered in the late 1980s. The advantages of the giclée print system are that they are archival and museum-quality and have the very highest colour range, accuracy, vibrancy and longevity of any print process.

Our giclée signed prints can last 100+ years.

There are a number of factors that can determine the length of time your signed print will last.

• Print process

Our giclée prints can last 100+ years.

Our litho prints can last for around 25+ years.

• Conditions

Try not to hang your prints in direct sunlight as the UV from the sun can impact their longevity.

Try not to hang a print on a damp wall as high humidity or damp can cause issues with the paper and mount over time and cause mould, 'foxing' to start.

Make sure to glaze your print with glass, ideally UV protective glass or acrylic archival UV protection.

We like all the limited editions we sell to eventually be framed with PH neutral mounts and to be glazed with glass. The reality for our clients in the UK and worldwide is that it is much better value to frame your selected print locally as it avoids additional shipping issues such as shattering of the glass.

In virtually all circumstances, with all artists and limited edition prints, the featured painting will be reproduced in another form as it will appear online, in artist catalogues and books, and sometimes in other formats such as posters or open-edition prints. The signed limited edition prints are the rarest and most sought-after versions, and any other reproductions help to make them even more sought-after and well know.

Find a local framer and ask them to frame your print with a PH neutral mount and to glaze it with glass. If the mount board is quite thick that is a nice touch too.

The outer moulding can be to your choice to suit your interior. There are many options including:

• Paper wrapped

• Solid wood like Ash, Oak or Pine. You can add finishes like lime waxed, coloured or clear wax.

• Painted or pre-finished wood in colours

• Gold or silver guided frames

• Metal frames such as thin aluminium

Always allow a 3inch (7.5 cm) mount width all round to give your signed print space to breath.

You can also consider a double mount, but that isn't essential.

Glaze you signed print with glass rather than acrylic, unless it is being hung in a space with children or where objects might hit it and then use UV acrylic glazing if you can.

You will have options for the glass, standard glass is fine, but you might be offered:

• Standard picture glass

This is ideal for most situations and the best value.

• Non-reflective glass

This helps to remove reflections from windows, but can add a noticeable texture across the surface.

• UV protective glass or acrylic archival UV protection are ideal for maximum longevity as the UV in daylight can impact the colours over time and these types of glazing remove 99% of the UV.

• Museum Glass

This is the very best quality glass that not only reduces UV ultra violet light but removes most reflections without a noticeable texture. It is however a lot more expensive but could be worth it if you intend to keep your signed print for a lifetime.

The way we have framed our artists' signed prints can be seen here.

Yes delivery is free wherever you are in the world. We will get your print ready, carefully roll it in PH neutral tissue paper and pop it into one of our sturdy cardboard tubes. The print will be posted to you with no additional shipping fee.

N.B. Your print will be shipped from the UK, so if you are not in the UK there can be import duties or local VAT/TVA tax to pay when you import any goods. You will need to pay that locally and this is one of the reasons we provide free delivery to you.

Curated Collections of Signed Prints

Enjoy browsing our signed print collections to discover your next piece of art for your home or business.

Featured Art & Artists

The John Dyer Gallery & our artists have featured in many lifestyle magazines and have been included on radio and TV.

Free Global Delivery

We provide free packing and global shipping for all the signed prints purchased online from us. We are experts in packing and international shipping.

Art Gallery Quality

The majority of our signed limited edition prints are created with museum-quality giclée inks, so you can be confident that your print can last 100+ years.

Collectable Art

Limited edition signed prints are the perfect collectable and affordable art to buy to create your own gallery wall at home.

Art for Generations

If you look after your signed limited editions and frame them with archival PH neutral mount board they can last for generations.

Meet The Artists

British and Cornwall Artists John Dyer and Joanne Short are two of the best known contemporary painters in the UK. They have been painting on the coast of Cornwall, the South of France and around the world for over thirty years and their art is widely collected, invested in and in the UK's national collection of art.

John Dyer (born 1968)

John Dyer has gained global acclaim for his captivating artworks. His distinctive style, characterised by colourful energetic naïve paintings, is studied in schools worldwide. Dyer's commitment to environmental art has led to his appointment as artist-in-residence at renowned global organisations, including the Eden Project. His art was recognised with a major public retrospective in 2018 with the award-winning Falmouth Art Gallery and an accompanying book, cementing his place in Cornwall's art history.

Joanne Short (born 1967)

Joanne Short is a beacon of artistic brilliance within the UK's art scene, known for her postmodern colourist paintings. Her work, collected globally, celebrates the sheer excitement and beauty of the world. For three decades, she has captured the landscapes of Cornwall through her oil paintings, enchanting art collectors. Her exhibits in the UK & Europe have garnered her a substantial following. As one of the most esteemed members of the Newlyn Society of Artists, her name is synonymous with modern art.

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