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Original Painting by John Dyer. Rare - Spiritual rebirth. Amazon Rainforest Spirit Painting inspired by the Yawanawá Tribe.

John painted this working alongside an Amazon Indian & his work featuring the Amazon spirits is a world first. The Jaguar depicts the huge power of Vana who is the spirit that the tribe experience when reborn as a Shaman. Tropical plants, birds & butterflies feature throughout the painting. Featured in the new book about John Dyer & retrospective exhibition.

"The figure at the centre of my painting symbolises not only the spirit Vana but the Yawanawá themselves. The sacred plants feature in the painting alongside one of the most powerful animals in the rainforest, the Jaguar. The Jaguar symbolises power. The humming bird and Amazon butterflies create a biodiverse image which when combined with the amazing plant forms you find in the Amazon and at the Eden Project creates a feeling of shared energy and vitality. The Yawanawá tribe are the custodians of their piece of the Amazon and their energy and life is a natural part of the ecosystem. We all need to respect the careful balance of the rainforest and I hope through these paintings our thoughts and actions will be reborn." John Dyer

Item Information

Description Framed Original Painting
Artist Cornish Artist John Dyer (born 1968)
Signed by the Artist Signed by John Dyer
Painting size 100 x 100 cm
Medium Acrylic on canvas
Framed size 120 x 120 cm
Frame type John Dyer: In the 1950s simple neutral frames became popular for St Ives artists. John chooses an off-white so the lightest tones appear in the painting. The moulding is a variation of 'Salvator Rosa' from Italy. Hand finished in almond white paint.
Ready to hang Strung with picture cord and ready to hang

John Dyer Book - Painting the Colours of the World

The painting is featured in the book 'Painting the Colours of the World' by Kate Dinn.

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