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Wall art ideas for your Home Office. Boost productivity and wellbeing during the pandemic lockdown with Cornish art

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Wall art ideas for your Home Office. Boost productivity and wellbeing during the pandemic lockdown with Cornish art

The coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has forced many millions of people around the UK and the world to have to work from their homes. At first, the novelty of working from home offsets the downsides and making do is ok, but eventually, it is important to make the space you work in a beautiful place to be.

We are not all lucky enough to have a sea view, a countryside view, or any view at all from our homes, let alone the box room now set up as a home office to ride out the pandemic.

A view of the world is vital for our mental health - it opens up the room, creates space, light and a place for our minds to breath and relax.

Art is a perfect solution for this as a painting, signed print or framed poster can bring endless joy and relaxation. Studies have shown that art can improve your productivity and wellbeing. With carefully chosen pieces of wall art that reflect your memories, aspirations, dreams and future or past travel plans you can transform your newly set up home office room into a haven and oasis of calm and colour to inspire and get you through the day.

At the John Dyer Gallery, we have a wonderful range of optimistic and colourful art by John Dyer and Joanne Short that enhances every space it is hung in. Framed art posters are available from only £45 and original paintings from £525 so it is a very affordable (and potentially tax-deductible) way to enhance your home office, office or reception space.

We have many clients who have hung paintings and prints in commercial businesses over the years. Dentists are one example where art is hung in waiting rooms to relax waiting clients and even screwed to the ceiling for viewing during dental procedures!

Reception areas in companies are often adorned with feature original paintings to welcome guests and to create a welcoming and relaxing environment. Art prints and posters adorn hotel reception areas and hotel rooms, board rooms and even government departments hang art to lift the mood and create a presence.

Your home office will benefit from this use of art too, and could help to make your day a more relaxing and enjoyable one every day. You might not be able to visit Cornwall, LondonSomerset, the rainforest or Italy, the Côte d'Azur and Provence this spring, but our artists and their framed poster art can bring all that to you. Large framed A2 prints are only £80 with free UK delivery and make a huge and positive impact on any space.

Once a piece of art is hung on the wall in a home, home office, retail or corporate situation it lifts the mood. If you don't notice it you certainly do if it is removed as the walls suddenly become dominant and start to close in - rooms are made visually larger with art on them - each piece of art is a window not only into the world, but into your hopes and dreams too. 

Stay safe, work safe, and keep well.

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