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John Dyer - Making the environment personal through painting

  • 1 min read

John Dyer - Making the environment personal through painting

In the latest edition of the Western Morning news 'West' magazine, the editor Philip Bowern talks to artist John Dyer about his passion for the natural world and how he is using art to connect thousands of children across the globe to climate change and environmental issues.

The article explores John Dyer's early career, his recent adventures in the Amazon and Borneo and his plans for his next expedition to Kenya.

THE West Country has a long history of inspiring artists to produce dramatic and beautiful work.

Falmouth- based John Dyer has one of the most recognisable styles of any modern painter today and much of his work – painted in the open air – reflects the seascapes and crowded beach scenes that are a hallmark of coastal life in the South West.

Some of his most important paintings also focus on the natural world thousands of miles from Cornwall, and the people, plants and animals which are, in many cases, under severe threat in remote and beautiful parts of the world.

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