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Vamp Magazine features artist John Dyer in the Earth Issue

  • 1 min read

Vamp Magazine features artist John Dyer in the Earth Issue

Vamp, the style magazine from Malta, have a major feature in their May 2021 Earth Issue on artist John Dyer.

Dayna Camilleri Clarke interviewed the artist about his environmental project Last Chance to Paint and his recent paintings he completed in the Amazon and Borneo rainforests.
John is renowned for his prowess at capturing the world’s most remote environments and their inhabitants in a truly colourful ensemble, and what’s more returning back to the UK and spreading the word for generations to come. We are over the moon to feature him in this Earth Vamp issue, we couldn’t think of anyone more fitting. Dayna Camilleri Clarke

The magazine found John Dyer's interview so engaging that they ran the interview in full with many of the artist's recent paintings he completed in Borneo and the Amazon.

Our editorial team unanimously agreed we wanted to keep all of the content- the story is just phenomenal!

The interview with John Dyer covers his formative years growing up on the wild coast of north Cornwall and his interest in wildlife and art. It also covers the artist's training, career, residencies and recent adventures and is a great account of the artist's life.


The web version of the article can be seen here and the full article 'Depicting the Amazon Spirit: Meeting John Dyer' can be read online in the digital version of Vamp Magazine starting on page 62 and running to page 69 and in a web friendly format here.