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Our £30,000 Art auction to support Cornwall Mind

  • 2 min read

Our £30,000 Art auction to support Cornwall Mind

In 2021 we have spent a few months working daily with the wonderful Lucy from Cornwall Mind to help them to raise much needed funds to support better mental health in Cornwall.

The pandemic has been a trauma for the world and it has left deep scars for many in so many ways. The need for mental health support has grown exponentially and due to the lockdown up to 80% of Cornwall Mind's sources of fundraising evaporated, leaving a massive increase in service users and 80% less funding to help them.

When Cornwall Mind approached us we made a decision to support them 100% and to leverage our online gallery platform, social media, gallery artists and to reach out to well known artists who we know in Cornwall, and our celebrity friends, to create something that would create a meaningful amount of money.

"I jumped at the idea, as there is such a huge need for more mental health support in Cornwall. The pandemic has created not only a physical health emergency but a mental health crisis too. Cornwall Mind is literally a lifeline for people, and I have seen many people I know and love benefit from mental health support."

John Dyer

We not only made many contacts for Cornwall Mind but we photographed every piece of work, colour corrected and made web ready and built the website for them ready for them to populate the auction lots. We created videos, conducted interviews and more and every minute we spent working with the Cornwall Mind team was an absolute joy, what an amazing group of people.

Our contacts in the media really supported the initiative too with Cornwall Live, BBC Radio Cornwall and BBC Spotlight TV all helping.

We are delighted to report that all our hard work paid off, and with the amazing support of the creative community we have made well over £30,000 for the charity.

"The Art Auction for Cornwall Mind is a fantastic opportunity to challenge the stigma of mental illness and raise the profile of Cornwall and Cornwall Mind. We have been very lucky to have the support of some very generous and talented people from the artistic community and from people who have public profile in other areas. Our team have worked incredibly hard to pull this together. So dig deep and make your walls and someone else’s world a brighter place." 

Paul Reeve, CEO Cornwall Mind

Art is a wonderful thing to do to create a place of peace and mindfulness and hanging positive art on your walls at home, in your home office or at work can really create a healthy space and adds a window into another place which can help to relax and heal a busy mind.

Read more about the auction on our special Cornwall Mind auction information page.