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The Public Gyllyngdune Gardens / Princess Pavillion in Falmouth Purchase a John Dyer Original Painting

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The Public Gyllyngdune Gardens / Princess Pavillion in Falmouth Purchase a John Dyer Original Painting

The Gyllyngdune Gardens in Falmouth have just purchased one of John Dyer's paintings from his residency at the gardens to join their public art collection.

The painting was produced as part of the residency at Gyllyngdune Gardens that artist John Dyer completed in 2012. The painting captures not only the restoration of the gardens but also the Diamond Jubilee year celebrations that were held in the gardens.

The painting will be on public display at Gyllyndune Gardens from May 2013.

"John Dyer has been the artist in residence for Gyllyngdune Gardens duing 2012. The artist was approached by the team at Gyllyngdune Gardens a few years ago when they decided to apply for Heritage Lottery Funding to save the historic gardens. The dream has now come true and with the award of 2.3 million pounds Falmouth's historic gardens and bandstand have been restored. In addition to this the gardens have a new visitor center which is where the painting will be displayed."

"It is our aspiration to make Gyllyngdune an inspirational, innovative and accessible place to visit where everyone is welcome. It will be a public place where you can relax; play; learn; exercise; enjoy art, theatre, music & performance; and experience the garden's heritage which is rich in people, places and plants."
Gyllyngdune Gardens.

John Dyer has several pieces of work in public collections. 

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