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Summer Heat Menton

  • 2 min read

Summer Heat Menton


With one of the longest stretches of public beach on the Côte d’Azur and the mildest climate in France it is no surprise that the seaside town of Menton has been popular with Northern Europeans and Italians since the turn of the century.

Leave the packed expensive private umbrella and sunbed zoned beaches of Italy behind and head for the border for a spot of free beach life. 

There are some private areas of the beach, but the vast majority of Menton’s coast is free and easy and we just love it !

Menton prides itself on the abundance of flowers and plants that are planted all around the town. Tropical date palms line the sea-front and flowers of all colours bloom all year round.

Hibiscus flowers and Bird of Paradise plants can be found casually planted along the front and this gives the beaches a feel of the Caribbean. 

In the season platforms are positioned off the coast for swimmers to aim for. The waters are perfect for snorkeling and the council keeps a close eye on the water quality adding to the attraction of the resort.

Menton has a very family friendly feel - lots of young families head for the beaches along with a resident retired population. This isn’t a town for posing in like Cannes - it is a town for living in and relaxing.

The beaches in July and August do get very busy indeed - so if you can visit before or after - Early September is a delight.

•Officially Menton has 316 cloudless days a year (we are not so sure !)

•Menton is on the border with Italy and 40 mins drive from Nice airport

•The town is famed for its orange and lemon trees 

•The Bar du Cap serves the best Hot Chocolate in the town (we think) and is one of the best placed bars in the town for a drink

Painting shown:

Artist: John Dyer
Painting: “Bathing Babes and Summer Flowers, Menton”

Size: 24 x 24 inches

Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Courtesy of Gallery Monaco