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Painting Flutes in Tuscany.

  • 2 min read

Painting Flutes in Tuscany.

PAN the Journal of the British Flute Society recently featured an original John Dyer painting on the cover of the March 2017 issue of their official magazine.

Elisabeth Hobbs from the British Flute Society selected the painting to feature as part of their flute summer schools special edition.

John Dyer's painting features the Italian village of Tereglio in Tuscany.

There are many commonalities between the visual arts and music, so when artist John Dyer was asked to paint 'Flutes in Tuscany' he couldn't resist.

"I was delighted to take on this commission for Liz Walker as I felt so connected to Flutes in Tuscany. Liz teaches flute to my daughter Martha-Lilly Dyer at Wells Cathedral School. Martha-Lilly took part in the Flutes in Tuscany summer school last year and will be attending again in 2017. It is a delightful setting to make music in. The village is surrounded by forested hills, olive groves and small holdings. Liz and Martha-Lilly both feature in the painting. Fireflies and the light of the moon illuminate the musical scene. It is always a great joy to allow my mind to become at one with the joy and beauty of a subject such as this and the painting will always, for me, radiate the beautiful sound of a flute choir and the evening sounds and atmosphere of the Tuscan hills." John Dyer.

Following the reaction the Flutes in Tuscany painting has had from being on the front cover of the magazine we are delighted to be making it available as part of our vintage style art travel poster range which you can buy online now.

For further information on the Flutes in Tuscany summer course please visit their web site.

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