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John Dyer & Joanne Short are feature artists for Falmouth's arty Splash Festival

  • 2 min read

John Dyer & Joanne Short are feature artists for Falmouth's arty  Splash Festival

John Dyer and Joanne Short have been selected by Falmouth Art Gallery to exhibit paintings as part of the 2013 Splash Festival in Falmouth.


This year the Falmouth Splash Festival will include a contemporary art trail within the town. The art will be hosted in a range of shops and businesses.

A free guide to the Splash Festival is available and it includes a map of the art trail.

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John Dyer's painting will be on display in the Cornish Store window right next to Beside The Wave Gallery in Arwenack Street . (John originally founded the gallery in 1989 but no longer exhibits with them as he is represented by

Joanne Short has two paintings on display in the Halzephron Herb Farm Shop which is also in Arwenack Street in Falmouth.

The paintings that will be on display from 13th to 22nd September


Name: John Dyer
Art Work:
Above: A Day in St Mawes. 24 x 18 inches.

Statement: "For me life is about family, fun, colour and taking an optimistic view of the world.  When I paint my work naturally records and celebrates all of these elements.  The paintings are a narrative of my life and hopefully radiate positive energy and love from the canvases.  I don't even try to paint exactly what I see and I don't paint only what I feel - but I do paint that space in-between the two and that is why I paint.  Only a painting can visualise this.  My dream is that when you look at my paintings you see your story."
John Dyer



Name: Joanne Short
Art Work:
Above: Cakes on Plates. 12 x 12 inches. Oil on canvas
Below: Cup Cakes on the Balcony, St Mawes. 12 x 12 inches. Oil on canvas

Statement: "I love to paint the beauty and wonders of Cornwall with its glistening light and magical colours. There is nowhere in the world like Cornwall when the sun shines. I love to capture a glimpse of joy whilst looking out of a cafe window or having tea and cake on a balcony watching the world sail by. I like to think that my paintings reveal a moment of calm and tranquility amidst a hectic world; something to remind us of our holidays and rare moments of relaxation."
Joanne Short.





Joanne Short has two paintings on display in the Halzephron Herb Farm Shop.