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John Dyer Book launch at Waterstones, Truro

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John Dyer Book launch at Waterstones, Truro

JOHN DYER Book Launch and Drawing Swap !

Date: Tuesday June 5th at 7pm to 8.30pm

Venue: Waterstones, Truro

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John Dyer is asking for families to encourage their children to do him a drawing or painting inspired by his work and bring it into Waterstones in Truro on June 5th at 7pm for him to see and enthuse about. He will do a drawing swap and will sign and draw books for those families that wish to purchase a book on the night. He will also be on hand to sign books for customers at the event.

John Dyer is one of Cornwall's best loved artists and has been the Eden Project's artist in residence for many years. John will be launching his new book 'Painting the Colours of the World' at the event at Waterstones Truro on Tuesday June 5th at 7pm.

John Dyer will be accompanied by the author of the book Kate Dinn and both the artist and the author will be available to sign and dedicate copies of the new book.

John will also be revealing a glimpse of his new project 'Last Chance to Paint' with learning scientist Dr David Ashe. The project promises to be one of the John Dyer's most exciting and ambitious arts projects to date.

Book information
350 pages - hardback
Foreword by Alan Titchmarsh

"I have had the privilege of having John paint my garden, and my house, and enjoyed the way the mood of his paintings changes subtly to reflect their location – both in the UK and overseas – from the beaches of Cornwall to the depths of the rainforest. Atmosphere is everything in a John Dyer painting, and this is a fitting celebration of fifty years spent admiring the world around him, much of it spent depicting that world in paint. His style is like that of no other artist, but then neither is his character."
Alan Titchmarsh, MBE, DL

"Putting together this book Painting the Colours of the World  has been a joint effort in the best sense. It includes contributions from his wife Joanne and daughters Martha-Lilly and Wilamena, as well as whole-hearted tributes from many people who have generously shared their thoughts and memories for the book, and lent their treasured paintings to the exhibition at Falmouth Art Gallery with which it coincides."
Kate Dinn, MA

Early book reviews by excited collectors:

It will certainly be a Forever Book
John I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your beautiful book. To have so many of your fabulous colourful paintings in one place is a real luxury, I just open the pages and it is as if all the greyness of the day vanishes and I am immersed in summer sunshine, exotic locations and a riot of happiness and colour. It is also interesting to read how the life of an artist unfolds, about different projects and motivations and to have photographs of the family enjoying their art. I am also impressed by the quality of the book, it is a lovely tactile experience just to turn the smooth pages. And in addition to all this my own purchase, Sizzling Summer is to be found in the Cornish chapter of the book. Thank you to the team who brought this project to fruition, it will certainly be a Forever Book.

Painting the Colours of the World
If you want to wake up in the morning feeling that the world is a bright and beautiful place, that your place in it is a wonder and that a new day is a joyous and exciting adventure, then make this book the last thing you look at each night and the first thing you pick up each morning. This beautifully produced, written and illustrated book is a high quality production, full of John's inspirational paintings which are a cure of any feelings of depression one might be harboring. The narrative attached to John's life and work is a fascinating insight into the mind of an artist and above all one who is passionate about the environment, the world and the people who inhabit it and who views them and their future with such obvious joy and optimism.

Amazing book, amazing artist.
I’ve been collecting John’s work for a few years and this retrospective is just the perfect accompaniment. It’s such a joy to thumb through his early years and see how his style has evolved, and to be able to glimpse the nirvana of his colourful gentle world. The book is huge, as is the smile on my face every time I open it, beautiful!

Beautiful book.
We love John's paintings, so we had to have a copy of this celebratory book. As you would expect, the illustrations are vivid and beautiful and there are also lots of photographs to enjoy. There are many contributors, but I found the comments by his wife and fellow artist Joanne, and their daughters, particularly interesting and a lovely insight. This book is a great way to view many of the collection and understand a little more about the artist himself. We love the little illustaration at the front too, a lovely touch!

This is the most wonderful and brilliant book I have ever seen!
John Dyer's brand new book Painting the Colours of the World is the most wonderful and brilliant book I have ever seen! Every page and every picture is a masterpiece of vibrant colour! They make you wish you could own every painting. I am out at the moment and haven't had a chance to read the text but there is plenty to read too. I am very priviledged to have an early copy but I couldn't recommend this more highly! I have many of John's limited edition prints with more on the way and I love them all so much! He is definitely my favourite artist and he is always very friendly and helpful.

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