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John Dyer art now uplifting patients as they arrive for surgery & instilling calm at King's College Hospital in London

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John Dyer art now uplifting patients as they arrive for surgery & instilling calm at King's College Hospital in London

Above: Staff from King's College Hospital in front of the new John Dyer art installation. On the left is Jennifer Watson who is the Director of Nursing, then Matron Istvan, then Anne McKenna who is Head of Nursing and on the far right is Clive Kay, the Chief Executive Officer at King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Sound Environments recently contacted us at the gallery to discuss a project for King's College Hospital in London.

Bea Soars, the design director of, works with artists and photographers to create incredible spaces to relax and inspire. Bea meticulously researches suitable images for Sound Environments' projects and spends a lot of time considering the imagery and how it will work on site.

"Whether it's extending learning in schools by capitalising on redundant spaces, creating a healing and fun environment for Paediatric Outpatients or crafting well-being zones, our creative and adaptable approach has attracted many loyal clients over the years. Our solutions are grounded in psychology and we look to innovate through every project."
Bea Soars.

Bea reached out to the gallery as after much research she felt that John Dyer's painting 'Surfing and Sunbathing, Great Western Beach, Newquay' would be perfect for their latest project 

Bea Soars from Sound Environments with the John Dyer art installation at King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Above: Bea Soars, the director of with the finished John Dyer art installation at King's College Hospital.

"The aim is to create a warm, and reassuring environment that, not only puts the patients and their families at ease, but also creates a more pleasant work setting for the Theatres Team. It's great to have art in hospitals to uplift and enhance the environment. In a clinical setting, framed art can be a dust trap, so premium, easi-wipe laminated print is far better and durable too."
Bea Soars.

Above: John Dyer's painting was photographed by the gallery at a very high resolution and sent digitally to Sound Environments ready to be installed in the hospital. The final printed and installed image is 3.17 meters long and 1.86 meters tall.

"I have seen my art used in hospitals to great effect as it provides a real focus, a talking point, an uplifting energy and joy at a time that can often be filled with trauma, worry or pain, and I was delighted to be involved with this fantastic project. I hope that many staff and families will enjoy the colours, life and narrative that can be found in my summer painting of Newquay in Cornwall."
John Dyer.

Above: Matt from installing the John Dyer artwork.

"Thank you Felicia Kwaku King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust for showing off our work with your team. We love what we do Big shout out to Davisha Humzah,Theatres Operational Projects Lead - thank you for believing in us; to Matt, who laboured long on today’s install and to artist John Dyer."
Bea Soars.

"The art will uplift our patients' moods as they arrive for surgery, instilling calm. Thank you John Dyer Gallery."
Felicia Kwaku, OBE. Assistant Director of Nursing at King's College Hospital.

"This is fabulous and will make such a difference for our patients. Thank you"
Lizzie Davies, Head of Nursing.

"We have always loved the vibrant colours and the seagulls! Viewings a must!"
Jane Tippett, Consultant Nurse, Emergency Care.

"How fantastic to have the support of the Cornish gallery thank you John Dyer. Having grown up in Cornwall it will be lovely to see Cornwall in Camberwell!"
Helen Tippett, Consultant Orthodontist.

View the John Dyer painting on the gallery now

View the Limited Edition Print of the painting now

The John Dyer Gallery has licensed art to many organisations and for further information on some of our previous clients please see our art licensing page.

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