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New Museum Quality Archival Fine Art Prints for your Home & Office

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New Museum Quality Archival Fine Art Prints for your Home & Office

Our amazing range of wall art archival prints by Joanne Short and John Dyer have recently received a significant upgrade in frames, quality, sizes and fulfilment.

•New Frames
•New Sizes
•New Paper
•Lower Carbon Footprint
•Fulfilled from the UK, EU, US and Australia for faster delivery
•Free Worldwide Delivery

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The quality of our wall art poster prints range has always been superb, with archival inks and quality paper, but we have now introduced museum-quality art paper and solid wood frames.

The frames are a significant upgrade on our previous poster quality frames which were paper wrapped.

The new frames are created from high-quality solid wood, milled with simple clean lines and presented with a satin white finish. The frame has a square profile measuring 20mm (front face) by 23mm (depth from wall). That means the frames are slightly narrower than our previous frames but a little deeper, and the quality and finish is much better. The frames are supplied ready to hang and the prints are dry mounted into the frames and the backs are taped up.

All of this now happens locally to you, or as close as we can get, as we make the prints and frames in the UK, EU, America and Australia which speeds up delivery, allows us to deliver to you for free and reduces the carbon footprint too.


We have always 
offered our wall art poster prints in the very popular A3 and A2 sizes, but we have had many requests for larger sizes and we are delighted to introduce two new sizes to the range, A1 and 70x100cm. All four of the sizes can be ordered in unframed or framed options.

The new A1 and 70x100cm (28x40 inches) sizes are very impressive and really have a big impact when hung on the wall. In the image below we have hung a 70x100cm so you can see the scale in a room setting.

Museum-Quality Paper
We have now upgraded the paper to an enhanced matt 200gsm museum-quality paper, which is absolutely stunning. The paper still retains the wonderful matte look of our prints, but has a subtle texture and is a premium quality heavyweight fine art paper which reproduces the colours of the artwork perfectly.

Lower Carbon Footprint
We have always been very aware of the environment and the changes to our wall art poster print range have been made to not only improve the quality and speed of international delivery, but to further reduce our carbon footprint. The new paper contains no plastic, is printed with water based inks, the paper pulp and wood for the frames is from sustainably managed forests and we are producing in four parts of the world so that fulfilment to you is local rather than using international delivery. For our UK customers everything is made and shipped in the UK, but for a customer in the USA we print and frame the art there and ship locally, the same applies to the EU and Australia. It's all very clever and makes total sense.

Free Worldwide Delivery
As we are now producing the wall art poster print range in four regions around the world we are now able to offer free, faster delivery. 

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