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Blagdon Primary School, North Somerset get inspired by John Dyer Seagulls!

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Blagdon Primary School, North Somerset get inspired by John Dyer Seagulls!

Everybody loves the seaside and the children from Blagdon Primary School in North Somerset are no exception.

Miss Brock, the class two teacher sent us a lovely email telling us how the work of artist John Dyer had really inspired her class:

"We are Class Two ( year one and two) from Blagdon Primary School, North Somerset. Our topic this term is the seaside. The children looked at the seaside art from John Dyer to produce seascapes. They mixed paints to create a vibrant background and added the detail with oil pastels. They then focussed on the wonderful seagulls and each had a go at creating one. The challenge was to fill the page with their seagull! Very effective and great fun!"

Miss Emma Brock - Class two teacher at Blagdon Primary School

As you can see from the images of the work the children have done a great job and seem to have had a lot of fun too recreating John Dyer's famous Cornish seagulls in paint.

The class wonder if the artist will like them, well we are delighted to tell you that he does.

"What a wonderful collection of crazy 'John Dyer' seagulls you have created. I love them all!" John Dyer.

The class also did a series of seaside paintings/drawings using mixed media which are based on the artist's work.

The paintings are currently on display in the school and we are delighted to share them with you here.

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