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Tough Art Phone Case. Eden Project Rainforest. Artist John Dyer. Cornwall Art Gallery


◽️ Enjoy stunning John Dyer art wrapped around your phone

◽️ Dual layer case for extra protection

◽️ Made & delivered locally in the UK, USA, EU, Australia, India & South Korea

◽️ Enjoy no duties or import taxes in these regions and countries

◽️ Free, fast & greener worldwide delivery

Model: iPhone 13
Finish: Gloss

N.B. Please order carefully for the correct manufacturer and model of handset as these art phone cases are bespoke & custom made for you when you order.

Art Phone Case Description

A stunning Tough phone case that suits a wide range of mobile phones including the iPhone 13 and other models. The Tough case features art from Cornish artist John Dyer of the Eden Project rainforest biome. John Dyer is the Eden Project's artist in residence. Fantastic quality and a wonderful way to help to protect and brighten up your mobile phone. If you love rainforests, the Eden Project and the art of John Dyer then this is a must-have Art Phone case. The case also features the artist's printed signature.

Artist Information Links

Artist Chronology I Paintings in Public Collections I View John Dyer's Latest Paintings

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Made for you

Your John Dyer phone case will be made for you to your exact specification; phone manufacturer, exact phone model, selected painting and matte or gloss finish.

Free global delivery

In just a few working days we will email delivery details. Delivery is local, fast & free worldwide with lower carbon emissions and most orders ship within 5 working days.

Enjoy art & protection

Our Tough phone cases can help to protect your phone and look incredible. Relax whist looking at amazing John Dyer art on this impact-absorbing case.

Enjoy phone protection & stunning John Dyer art every day

◽️ Protect your investment in the latest technology

◽️ Express your unique personality with a custom phone case

◽️ Choose between a matte or glossy finish

◽️ Keep your phone looking new

◽️ Enjoy the beauty of art every day

◽️ The perfect gift to accompany a new iPhone or smartphone


The John Dyer Gallery has thousands of delighted customers and over 500 five-star reviews

"I just love this case! I ordered it as a gift for my wife and we have been blown away by the quality and fantastic art. We love the Isles of Scilly so this was a perfect fit not only for us but the phone too. I thoroughly recommend this amazing gallery, the service and the superb iPhone case."

David Brown

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Frequently asked questions

◽️ Yes we ship worldwide for free with no minimum order value

• A few working days after you order your art phone case we will email you your tracking number and delivery is totally free.

• No duties or import fees in the UK, EU, USA, Australia, India or South Korea as our art phone cases are made and shipped from each area.

◽️ Yes and we make and ship your chosen Tough art phone case locally to you 🇬🇧 🇺🇸 🇪🇺 🇦🇺 🇰🇷🇮🇳

• Our ingenious local production & fulfilment from the UK, USA, EU, India, South Korea and Australia means we can be your local online gallery and phone case supplier and you can use your local currency.

• This is a big win as it reduces carbon emissions, speeds up your delivery and removes any import issues.

N.B. We are also happy to ship art phone cases to countries not listed and use the closest available country to you. Delivery is still free.

◽️ Yes, you can even order from the UK and send it as a gift to an address in the USA if you wish as an example

• When you check out you can select a billing address and then a different delivery address and even country if you wish. Delivery is free.

• N.B. Make sure you order the exact case for the brand and model of phone as the cases are all made to order as bespoke items. Because of this they are not returnable to us as they are not stock items but are made at the point of order for you.

◽️ Yes, it will be the perfect fit

• Our art phone cases are made with high-quality moulds that precisely match the dimensions of your device, ensuring the best possible fit. Make sure you order the exact case for your phone make and model.

◽️ Superb! You will love your new Tough art phone case

• We use our Tough art phone cases on our own iPhones in the gallery and they are the best cases we have ever used

• You are going to love the colour quality, protection and perfect fit the case will provide

◽️ Our resilient Tough art phone cases are designed to be tough, with two layers of material for improved protection

•  The outer layer is made from a type of impact-resistant plastic that is both sturdy and lightweight. There is also a flexible black silicone inner which adds more shock absorption.

•  The cases offer defence against drops, falls and everyday wear and tear, but it's important to note that any handset can potentially sustain damage from severe enough impacts (e.g., if dropped from high enough). They don't make your handset waterproof.

•  For our own personal iPhones we add tempered glass screen protectors which are available from many online retailers, to help to protect the screen on our devices. N.B. The cases are not provided with a screen protector.

• We have used our Tough art cases on our own iPhones for many years now, and they have protected our phones from everyday accidents and drops very well. Fingers crossed, we have never had a broken handset yet, and we have had four iPhones being used by four people in these Tough art cases for over six years without incident.

◽️ We will specially make your art phone case for you with your selected artwork, phone manufacturer, phone model and gloss or matte finish from over 3000 possible combinations, so it is a bespoke item and is non returnable or refundable.

• Please make sure you order the exact case for your brand and model of phone, as the cases are all made to order as bespoke items. Because of this, they are not returnable to us as they are not stock items but are made at the point of order for you. We have over 3000 potential case combinations in this range so yours could very well be a unique one specifically for your requirements. Thank you for your understanding.