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Signed Prints

Our exclusive range of signed prints and signed limited edition prints have been made in collaboration with our artists. All of the signed prints are beautifully produced and hand-signed by the artists. The majority of the signed prints we have in the print range are produced by the artists in their studios using archival inks and museum-quality watercolour paper and feature paintings of Cornwall. All of the signed prints are delivered to you unframed in sturdy tubes and the prints are protected with acid-free tissue paper so that you can take them to your local framers to select the perfect mount and framing option in your own time. We have found framing locally to be a much better solution for our buyers as you can select to have the frame, mount, and glazing of your choice to suit your signed print and at a price point that works with your budget. We used to frame our signed prints and if you are looking to match that style we have the framing specification available for you.

What is a Limited Edition Print?
Limited-edition prints have been specifically created by the artist and are a very high-quality reproduction of a painting that is only made in a very limited quantity. All of the limited edition prints are numbered, titled and then signed in pencil by the artist to show it is a print from the edition the artist has released. The majority of our limited edition signed prints are in editions on only fifty signed copies. This offers you a chance to invest in a collectable piece of art that has been created by the artist and signed by the artist but that is more affordable than an original painting. Limited edition signed prints allow you to start on your art investing and collecting journey easily.
What are Artist Proofs?
Artist proofs are often even more collectable as they are the prints that the artist created whilst proofing the edition and bear the letters 'AP' followed by the title and then the artist's signature. They are produced to the same exacting standards on museum-quality paper with archival inks. They can sometimes vary slightly from the main editions as colours will be adjusted during the original proofing. Artist proofs can still be considered part of the edition but do not form part of the numbered prints, so if there are fifty signed limited edition prints there may be a few 'AP' prints in addition to this number.
Do the paintings on limited edition prints appear elsewhere?
In virtually all circumstances with all artists and limited edition prints the painting that is being reproduced will be reproduced in another form as it will appear online, in artist catalogues and books, and sometimes in other formats such as posters. The signed limited edition prints are however rare and sought-after versions and any other reproductions help to make them even more sought after.