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Seaside Posters and Prints: Vintage Style Travel Posters of the Seaside by Joanne Short and John Dyer

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Seaside Posters and Prints: Vintage Style Travel Posters of the Seaside by Joanne Short and John Dyer

Above: Artist Joanne Short standing with a selection of her vintage style art poster prints of Cornwall

Looking for a bit of coastal charm to decorate your walls? Take a look at these beautiful seaside posters and prints! These vintage style travel posters by artists Joanne Short and John Dyer capture the beauty of the seaside in all its glory.

Above: Vintage style poster print of Holywell Bay by artist Joanne Short

From stunning seascapes to charming coastal towns, there's something for everyone here. So why not take a trip down memory lane with these nostalgic seaside posters?

Above: Vintage style poster print of Holywell Bay by artist John Dyer

If you love the seaside, then search no further - these vintage style travel posters of the seaside are simply beautiful. Each poster showcases a different seaside location; popular subjects such as Godrevy, St Ives, St Mawes, Tresco, Padstow, Holywell Bay and Newquay are all available.

Above: Vintage style poster of Kynance Cove by artist Joanne Short

John and Joanne have perfectly captured the essence of each location with their stunning artwork. If you're looking for a piece of art that celebrates the beauty of the seaside, then these prints are definitely for you. You can't go wrong!

Above: Vintage Style poster by John Dyer of Daymer Bay

A short history of a vintage style poster

A seaside poster is something that was used historically by the tourist industry to advertise a holiday location and capture the attention of potential tourists and lure them to explore their favourite holiday destination. There was even competition between the different coasts, all selling their destination as the best.

18th and 19th century

The British seaside has been a popular holiday destination for over 100 years. Every summer, millions of people would flock to the coast in search of sea air and sea water swimming. The history of holidays at home dates back even further. In the 18th century, wealthy Britons began taking summer trips to the seaside in order to escape the heat and dust of London. The tradition quickly caught on, and by the 19th century, the seaside was one of the most popular destinations for summer holidays. Holidaymakers would travel to enjoy the unique history and culture of the British coastline. Today, the British seaside remains a popular destination for tourists from all over the world.

Railway posters

With the advent of the railways, which linked coastal towns to the rest of the country, all classes became interested in visiting the coast. The railway companies wanted to entice clients by advertising pleasure excursions, so seaside posters were frequently created by businesses that ran trains to holiday locations.

The 1920's and 30's

In an early advertising campaign, the Cornish Riviera (so-called because of its mild Mediterranean climate) was promoted by the Great Western Railway (GWR) as "the land of legend and romance" in order to entice visitors to coastal attractions like castles.

Vintage Style Art Poster - Penzance – In the Cornish Riviera  Frank Sherwin (1896–1986)

Above: Penzance – In the Cornish Riviera by Frank Sherwin (1896–1986). Courtesy Penlee House Gallery & Museum

Cornwall had become a popular tourist destination thanks to the railways, and by the 1920s, sandy beaches and a pleasant temperature had made it a favourite among British holiday makers. The area was marketed as remote, romantic, and wild in numerous poster campaigns.

The 1950's

The British seaside holiday began to fall out of favour in the 1950s as package trips to Spain and the Mediterranean became more popular and accessible. However, British Railways, which had been nationalized following the privatization of railway firms, continued to utilize poster advertising to promote seaside holidays.

Penzance – Gateway to West Cornwall  Harry Arthur Riley (1895–1966)  Penlee House Gallery & Museum

Above: Penzance – Gateway to West Cornwall by Harry Arthur Riley (1895–1966). Courtesy Penlee House Gallery & Museum

The use of typography

Over the years these travel posters have fluctuated between artists' paintings made into posters and various designers being commissioned to design and create images. many of these may be seen in the V&A museum.

What all these posters have in common throughout the decades, is the use of type across the top and bottom. In Joanne's and John's posters, this has been replicated to give the impression of a vintage style holiday poster with the classic Futura typeface that was released in 1927 by Paul Renner.

Above: Vintage style poster print by artist Joanne Short of Newquay

Seaside posters by Joanne Short and John Dyer

If you wish to purchase a seaside poster by either John Dyer or Joanne Short please visit our online gallery where you will find a wide selection of poster prints to choose from. Whatever your preferences are for location and colour, we are sure to have the print for you! 

Above: Vintage style poster print of St Ives, by artist John Dyer

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