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Above: Artist John Dyer painting in the rainforest of Borneo with endangered orangutans.

Live talk with Alan Titchmarsh at BBC Gardeners' World Live

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Live talk with Alan Titchmarsh at BBC Gardeners' World Live

John Dyer and Alan Titchmarsh entertained a large crowd at the BBC’s Gardeners’ World Live exhibition recently.

John and Alan spoke about their shared passion for life, colour and plants and how this related to planting and painting. They also described Alan’s charity,Garden’s for Schools, to the crowd and explained how important it is to get children excited about growing in the primary years of school.

John Dyer has supported Alan’s charity through a royalty from limited edition print sales.

During the live talk John painted the crowd and TV cameras projected his work onto the large screen so that Alan could describe the action.

"It was an exciting and upredictable situation to be in but Alan is such a professional presenter that he can successfully work in anything to his talks and works the crowd amazingly. It was a great opportunity to be the artist in residence for the BBC at this event and to work with Alan again." John Dyer.

An easel was also placed on the stage with an original of John's on for the crowd to see. Alan described this piece and compared John's work to the artist Ken Done and described John as one of the UK's most exciting artists.

Alan's company also designed and built the huge display to showcase John's new range of limited edition prints and homeware items.

"I've never seen my signature so large ! It is absolutley huge - there is no way anyone at the NEC could have missed this."

The display marked the launch of a major publishing campaign by Alan Titchmarsh Products of John's work.