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Three Cornwall Contemporary Artists whose work will brighten up your home

  • 3 min read

Cornwall contemporary artist Joanne Short painting in the Tresco Abbey Gardens

What is Cornwall Contemporary Art?

The definition of Cornwall contemporary art is simple - it is the work produced and made by living artists in Cornwall. Cornwall is a honey pot for contemporary art - here at the John Dyer Gallery, we exhibit the work of three of the most well-known painters of Cornwall - Cornwall contemporary artists John Dyer, Joanne Short and Ted Dyer.

An exhibition of Contemporary artwork often raises thought-provoking and engaging questions and opinions. Our three gallery painters all have individual and unique styles, which in their own right will create comparisons, often strengthening a collector's choice. Debates around differing personal reactions to different styles of work by each artist help focus the buyer on what they like about a particular piece of work compared to another.

Above: Limited Edition Print by Cornish Artist John Dyer. 'Stunning View, St Ives'  £150

John paints in acrylic, using bright colours squeezed straight out of the tube. His work is in a naïve style, painting Cornwall at its best, full of family fun. Much of his art is autobiographical and his family can often be seen having fun in the sun.


Above: Joanne Short Framed Open Edition Cornish Art Print. 'Cornish Summer, St Ives'

Joanne paints in oil on canvas. Her work is painted in an unconventionally, starting from the foreground and working backwards. Unlike John's thick impasto, Joanne works in very flat areas of paint which has a certain print quality to it. John puts his background down first and works the foreground over the top, Joanne adds the background last. 

Above: Ted Dyer Framed Open Edition Cornish Fine Art Print. 'The Royal Visit, St Ives'

Ted Dyer's paintings are much more traditional in their composition and how he captures the reality of the place he is painting. His style is post-impressionistic, with his study of the light on the water.

Cornish Contemporary Paintings for your wall

Contemporary artists often challenge existing definitions of art, and both John Dyer and Joanne Short have broken away from the traditional style and method of painting, drawing in a different audience to, perhaps, the more traditional style of Ted Dyer's work. Other collectors will often enjoy the juxtaposition and happily hang the work by all of these artists' work side by side. Discover all of the available Cornwall Contemporary paintings on our gallery now.

mixed exhibition by Joanne Short and John Dyer

Cornwall Contemporary Cornish Paintings and Prints

Cornwall and its artists have been at the forefront of British painting, contemporary artists and modern global artwork since the 1950s. They use art to celebrate the beauty of the landscapes, beaches, gardens, seas, and seascapes of our beautiful Cornwall.

Above:'Cornish Summer, Sennen Cove', 24x36 inches acrylic on board. Cornwall Art Gallery Painting by Cornish Artist John Dyer

The John Dyer Gallery, located in Falmouth (by appointment only to buy original paintings), is the leading online gallery for our Cornwall painters. If you are interested in buying contemporary Cornish paintings, prints, or gifts designed by John Dyer, Ted Dyer, and Joanne Short, our online contemporary art gallery is the perfect place to find what you are looking for. The John Dyer Gallery in Falmouth, is the leading online art gallery for these Cornwall painters.

Above: 'Full Moon over Mylor Harbour', 
18 x 18 inches, oil on canvas. Painting by Cornish Artist Joanne Short

These Cornish painters specialise in beach and coastal paintings, with original Cornish paintings, and limited-edition prints and open-edition prints. Our online exhibitions, including the St Ives collection, showcase some of the best contemporary Cornish work.

Above: Ted Dyer Oil Painting. Start of the Day, Flushing

As Cornwall's most established online gallery website, we have showcased the leading contemporary Cornish art online since the mid-1990s and are proud of our gallery history.

The latest artwork by our Gallery Artists

To view the latest exhibition or collection of work by artists John Dyer, Joanne Short, and Ted Dyer visit our website

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