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Beach House Art - Coastal Art to Create the On Holiday at Home Vibe

  • 8 min read

John Dyer coastal wall art print of the Minack Theatre in Cornwall in a beach house art bedroom setting

Above: Limited edition print by John Dyer of the Minack theatre in Cornwall.

One of the best ways to bring your beach holiday memories home with you is through the art of beach house decor. From seaside paintings to coastal-inspired artwork, there are plenty of options for adorning your walls and bringing a touch of that breezy ocean air into your home. In this blog, we will be showing how, with a little help from some fabulous beach house wall art from the John Dyer Gallery, you can transform your home into the beach house you yearn to live in. We will look at giving you ideas to help transform the space you live in by the use of colour and wall art, to make you feel like every day is a holiday by the seaside.

Beach House Decorating Ideas

Have you ever been away on holiday and returned home to find your house feeling a little tired and gloomy? Do not fear, with the help of a neutral palette and some white paint your beach house style interior will appear in no time.

Paintings and prints to suit your Beach House Decor

How to design an interior for a beach house?

Beach house style living and beach house interiors are very popular at the moment. Paint your walls and fill your house with coastal style art from The John Dyer Gallery and you will have the beach style interior you have dreamed of.

Living Room

A beach house living room is relatively easy to create. White walls and natural materials will always give an overall relaxed space. Plain, light coloured soft furnishings work beautifully to create an airy feel.

Beach House Art Coastal wall print by Joanne Short of the Cornish cliffs

In the above room layout, we have added a Vintage style seaside poster by artist Joanne Short of St Anthony Head, on The Roseland. The choice of the white frame sits well with the sofa and the soft colours in the image help create a relaxing space around the sitting area.

Beach House Art Coastal art print of the Tall Ships Regatta by John Dyer

The strong blues in the Tall Ships poster, by artist John Dyer, in the living room set up above, contrast well with the pale blue-greys of the soft furnishings. The white walls and kitchen space make the rooms light and airy and give you the feeling of a modern coastal design.

Beach house art coastal wall art poster prints in a living room setting

Above from left to right: Art prints of Godrevy by John Dyer, Cornish seagull by John Dyer and Towan Beach Newquay by Joanne Short.

The living room set above creates a beachy feel just by the introduction of the shiplap walls. The pale blues of the soft furnishings marry well with the posters. The salon-style hang creates a more informal feel to the room, automatically giving it a beach house style.

Beach House Master Bedroom

Master bedrooms in a beach house are often sanctuaries of calm, emanating a peaceful tranquillity that captures the essence of living by the sea.

Beach house art in a bedroom setting with coastal wall art by Cornish artist John Dyer

Above: Original painting by Cornish artist John Dyer of Sennen Beach

To recreate this serenity, opt for soothing colour schemes, such as pastel blues, soft whites or sandy neutrals, which reflect the hues of the beach and the sea. Decorate your walls with beach paintings, infusing the space with the vibrant colours and dynamic energy of seaside art. A stunning piece of beach house art, like those from The John Dyer Gallery, can serve as the focal point of the room, inspiring the overall decor theme.

Incorporate other coastal elements such as seashells, driftwood or nautical prints to bring a dash of beach charm. Natural materials, like wooden furniture or wicker accents, connect the room to the outdoors and enhance the beachy vibe. Remember, the key is to create a space that evokes the relaxed and carefree spirit of a beach holiday, ensuring every night's sleep feels like a seaside getaway.

Beach House Kitchen

Beach house art in a coastal kitchen setting

Above: Limited edition signed print by Cornish artist Joanne Short of Botallack tin mines.

An open plan kitchen automatically creates more space and light, making it easier to create that holiday laid back vibe. Introduce wood tones in the floors and kitchen units to create a coastal feel. We have added a framed limited edition print by Joanne Short of Botallack, with a beautiful image of the sea and cliffs which introduces some colour to the neutral room. It is framed in a wooden frame to match it in with the wooden accessories.

Cornish coastal wall art in a beach house setting

The room set above creates the perfect breakfast nook. The rustic wooden walls compliment the table and chairs and the introduction of the open edition coastal print of Helford by Joanne Shortbrings in a Cornish holiday feel.

Beach House Dining Room

Transforming your dining room into a seaside escape is simpler than you might think. Start by embracing a colour palette that reflects the hues of the beach - soft blues, sandy beiges, and crisp whites. A large, rustic dining table made from reclaimed wood can create a natural, beachy feel. For wall decor, consider hanging a beautiful beach painting or a seaside art print that brings the serene beauty of the coastline right into your dining area.

Beach house art painting by John Dyer in a coastal interior setting

For example, a stunning beach house art painting, like the amazing painting of St Michael's Mount by John Dyer, with its vibrant hues depicting a lively coastal and ocean scene, can add a splash of colour and a sense of the open air to your dining room. Compliment this with whitewashed furniture, nautical accents, and a statement chandelier made from natural materials like driftwood or seashells to truly capture that beach house art vibe.

Remember, the key is to keep it airy and light, just like a true beach house. The end result? A dining room that feels like a coastal retreat, where every meal is a mini beach holiday.

Beach House Bathroom

Coastal decor and objects around the bathroom will make things feel very beachy. Blues and greens work well to create a seaside feel.

Coastal wall art and the beach house look with limited edition prints of Tresco by John Dyer

In the room set up above the natural-looking wooden accessories work well with the wood-coloured frame surrounding the limited edition print 'Island Life, Tresco' by John Dyer. The blue of the bath matches beautifully with the sea in the print.

What is beach style interior design?

Beach style interior design, often referred to as 'coastal decor', seeks to capture the serenity and simplicity of life at the beach. It is characterised by a clean, light-filled, breezy aesthetic, replete with natural textures and nautical elements. The colour palette commonly comprises shades of blue and white, reminiscent of the sea and sky, and sandy hues evoking the coast. Furnishings tend to be comfortable and understated, inviting a relaxed lifestyle. Beach style interiors often incorporate beach-themed decor, such as seaside art or beach paintings, to enhance the coastal vibes. The objective is to create a tranquil space that transports you to the seaside, no matter where your home is located.

What are the elements of beach house design and how do I make my house look beachy?

Furnishing a beach house requires a thoughtful balance of comfort, utility, and aesthetic appeal. Start by selecting the furniture that complements the relaxed, airy vibe of a beach house. Light wooden furniture with a weathered finish, wicker, or rattan pieces are excellent choices that enhance the coastal feel. Upholstery in shades of white, beige, or light blue can keep the vibe cool and breezy. Opt for pieces that are durable and easy-to-clean, as beach houses often see a lot of wear and tear from sand and saltwater.

In the living areas, consider comfortable sofas and armchairs adorned with throw cushions featuring seaside motifs or coastal patterns. A rustic coffee table or a driftwood side table can be a great addition.

Bedrooms should evoke tranquillity, so opt for a simple, high-quality bed, coupled with crisp white linens and a light, neutral-toned duvet. Add in some beach-themed artwork, such as beach paintings or seaside art, to complete the look.

A well-furnished beach house kitchen embraces the concept of open spaces. Go for open shelving to display your beach-themed crockery and glassware. A large, wooden dining table can serve as the heart of the house, with mismatched chairs adding to the charm.

Remember, the key to furnishing a beach house is to keep it casual, comfortable, and infused with the spirit of the sea. 

What should a beach house have?

A beach house should aim to have natural light, natural elements in the decor and furnishings, weathered woods and natural fibres. Beach style interior design can be simple and budget friendly. A few clean lines with crisp whites and natural fibres will bring out those beach vibes. Shiplap walls work perfectly to give the ultimate seaside look or stick to unpainted wood to make things more boaty.

Beach house art on a shiplap wall with Cornish coastal art by John Dyer

What kind of furniture do you need for a beach house?

Furniture for a beach house should encapsulate the essence of relaxation and serenity that is synonymous with seaside living. When selecting furniture, think about pieces that are comfortable, durable, and exude a light, breezy aesthetic. Opt for natural materials like weathered wood, rattan, or wicker, adding a rustic charm and effortlessly blending with the coastal theme. Sofas and chairs upholstered in neutral or light, soft pastel hues enhance the beach house feel. Don’t shy away from incorporating seaside-themed accents - a seashell-patterned pillow, a rug with nautical stripes, or a coffee table shaped like a surfboard could be the perfect finishing touch. The goal is to create a space that mirrors the tranquillity of the beach, making you feel on a perpetual holiday.

How to decorate for a beach theme?

Colours can be the key to a beach themed house. There are certain colours that lend themselves perfectly to create this effect - sandy beige, soft blues, neutrals and white. Try introducing weathered wood furniture or wood walls to warm things up a bit.

The choice of images can make a difference to a room too. Try theming the room with sunset coloured prints or paintings or blue seaside prints. Each theme will change the feel of the room. There are many beach house decor ideas.

Sunset themed beach house art in a coastal themed interior by Cornish artist Joanne Short

Coastal wall art by John Dyer in a beach house setting

How do I make my house look like a beach cottage and make my beach house cosy?

To make a beach house or cottage more cosy it helps to add a bit of colour to the walls; although the design style of white space is very effective for some beach house interiors, adding some colour will create a more friendly space. This helps make the room less airy and more intimate. A darker ceiling colour will automatically bring the ceiling lower visually.

Yellow and blue beach house kitchen with coastal wall art by John Dyer

Above: Limited edition coastal wall art print by John Dyer of Holywell Bay in Cornwall in a kitchen beach home setting.

The kitchen layout above introduces a soft yellow paint on the walls, again a summer colour, and the blue kitchen cabinets are reminiscent of the sea. The limited edition print by John Dyer is of Holywell Bay and the colours in it match in nicely with the decor.

In conclusion, creating a beach-inspired interior design for your home doesn't require to live near the coast. With the right furniture, colour schemes, and decorative elements, you can transform any space into a serene seaside retreat. Central to this design approach is the use of beach house art, beach paintings, and seaside art. Such artwork not only enhances the coastal vibes but also serves as a cherished memento of your beach getaways. So, embrace the simple, breezy aesthetic of beach style interior design to experience the tranquillity and relaxation of a beach holiday, every single day, right at home.

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