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N.B. Due to the pandemic we are no longer seeing customers in person but operate online only. We hope to resume in person appointments to view original paintings in the late spring of 2022.

The John Dyer Gallery is operated online and by a strictly appointment only basis. We are based in Falmouth, Cornwall and situated on the peninsular towards the Falmouth Hotel end of town. We exhibit Cornish paintings.

N.B. We only offer appointments for viewing and purchasing original paintings.We are unable to provide appointments to view gifts, books, art posters, art prints or limited edition prints as those are exclusively available to purchase online.

To visit us please send us a message from our contact form several days before you are in the area and we will find a convenient time and day for you to view. We will at that stage send you exact directions on how to find us in Falmouth as we are not a retail gallery. 

We operate this policy to ensure you have a personal and unique experience while viewing and we are able to focus on our art without the distractions of running a retail business. In the words of a very happy previous client:

"Everyone should see this place and the paintings how they should be seen. Through beautiful Victorian windows with the gorgeous Cornish sunshine shining through."

We very much look forward to meeting you soon; online or in person when we can, after Covid-19.

John Dyer & Joanne Short
The John Dyer Gallery

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