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Holidays on Tresco

  • 2 min read

Holidays on Tresco


If you like the idea of island life and a break from the hustle and bustle of mainland Britain then you could start thinking about long haul flights to the Caribbean, but hold on a moment as down in Cornwall we have our own island paradise that feels very Caribbean indeed, but you can still spend your British Pounds and there is no hurricane season !

The Isles of Scilly are off the Cornish coast - and offer a wide selection of locations from the slightly busy to the deserted. The island of Tresco offers a fantastic balance of the two and is the most sheltered of all the islands. The island is owned and run by Robert and Lucy Dorrien-Smith who have built up a winning combination of beautiful accommodation and facilities all set in the stunning setting of clear turquoise seas and brilliant white beaches.

Tresco has the world famous Tresco Abbey Garden which is curated with enthusiasm and life by Mike Nelhams. The island is just in the warm temperate zone on the globe and you will be totally amazed by the plants that thrive on this island paradise.

We have stayed in a good selection of the types of properties available on the island from Tower Flat in the Abbey, Beach Cottage, Borough Farm and the fabulous Island Hotel. All of the properties are run with a real panache and there is a real sense of quality about everything the island does.

The combination of an idylic island with sub tropical plants, white beaches, superb accommodation with contemporary paintings and sculptures takes a lot of beating, and it is only 20minutes away by helicopter from Penzance.


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