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Posters of Cities

Buy wall art posters and art prints of your favourite city

Do you love travelling? Do you love looking at beautiful pictures of cities like London, New York and Paris? If so, then you'll love our wall art posters of cities! We sell wall art city prints of some of the most famous cities in the world, including London, Paris, and Venice. The wall art prints and art posters of cities at The John Dyer Gallery feature paintings from some of the UK's best-known artists and are produced to museum quality. A well-selected art print will look amazing on the wall and will really improve any interior. We provide free shipping to your address worldwide, so you can easily add to your city print collection over time.

Art Posters of Cities - John Dyer Gallery

Explore our unique travel art prints collection

We know that everyone loves a good vintage-style travel poster, so we have created a unique range of vintage-style travel city prints (inspired by vintage railway posters of the past) that will take you on a journey around some of the most beautiful cities in Europe, the UK and France including London, Liverpool, Nice, Paris and Venice.

Covent Garden, London City art Poster Print - John Dyer Gallery

Why should you buy a city art print or poster from our collection?

  • Each world cities art poster print features acclaimed contemporary art and crisp type to really brighten up and enhance your rooms and walls
  • A poster print is a great way to show your love for a city and to decorate your home as it features the name of the city alongside a fantastic piece of art
  • A poster print is an ideal affordable art gift for a friend or family member, everyone loves a London or world cities art poster. They are even great for kid's rooms too if you have fond memories of a family adventure to an amazing city.
  • A poster print is ideal for decorating your home or office with contemporary art on a budget and to create an entirely new look
  • Every art poster print is very affordable. They are also very easy to frame as they are in standard sizes, so your can order framed from the gallery or shop around for frames that are supplied in A sizes or our giant 70x100cm poster print size
  • Select your poster print from a variety of sizes and styles to fit your walls. A poster print can be the main feature in a room if you buy a large size or hang a smaller size print in a secondary location. You can also try hanging a few smaller posters in a group. This is sometimes called 'salon hanging'.
  • Adding a poster art print to your home can really create a sense of well-being and interest and will last for many years to come

French art poster of Paris city and the Eiffel Tower - John Dyer Gallery

We make each art poster for you in four countries and regions

When you shop online at The John Dyer Gallery for a London poster print, a Venice poster print, a map print, world map poster art, Paris posters, a print of Liverpool, Blackpool posters, a print of Provence and other categories and subjects, your poster print order (not limited edition prints as they have to be signed by the artists) will be routed for printing and framing to one of four countries and regions, which are the UK, USA, EU and Australia, so there is free shipping, fast delivery and no import duties if you are in one of these four regions! This helps to reduce the carbon footprint of transport around the world and producing and shipping locally is better for our customers.

Find out more about our prints of cities, the history of poster art and how posters of cities can improve your interior decor.

What is the difference between a limited edition print and a poster print?

Limited Editions

A limited-edition print generally comes in one size only. The print will feature only the art and generally doesn't have any text added. Each limited-edition print is signed, titled and numbered by the artist in their studio, which gives the print a very personal touch. Our signed limited edition prints are supplied unframed and are shipped from the UK. Each print is of museum quality and on the highest quality watercolour paper and produced with archival inks.

Art Poster Prints

Our posters of cities come in a wide variety of sizes, A3, A2, A1 and a huge wall-size art of 70x100cm and they can all be supplied in frames and ready to hang on your wall. Each poster print is produced on museum-quality paper with archival inks. They are not signed by the artists. The frames are white and made from solid wood. They are the perfect frames for this type of art.

What is the history of poster wall art?

Jules Chéret (1836 – 1932), the first colour lithograph poster artist, developed the method for producing colour art prints in 1866 after fine-tuning Alois Senefelder's black-and-white method of 1798. Lithography is a process that uses a waxy crayon to make a design on a smooth surface

The water is repelled by the waxy drawn areas, which soak up the ink before being transferred to the poster paper. The majority of commercial advertising posters are still produced using a mechanized offset technique, in which an image is transferred from a metal plate to a rubber roller before being printed lithographically to form the final poster

What are vintage railway posters?

Vintage railway posters are a type of naive stylised illustrative art that was popular in the UK in the 1930s. They featured colourful and stylised artistic illustrations of cities, often with an emphasis on the local railway station. The posters were designed to be a promotion for travel and holidays, and many feature iconic landmarks such as Big Ben in London or the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Today a poster from the 1930s is prized for its vintage style and charm, but our contemporary new travel art posters are future collectable classics as they feature the very best of British art combined with crisp modern type and amazing subjects. This is a new poster art form.

Our Vintage Style travel posters of cities

These posters feature original art by artists John Dyer and Joanne Short who find inspiration from their trips around the UK and Europe. Here is an account by artist Joanne Short, of their visits to a few of these cities.


City poster of Liverpool by artist Joanne Short

"If you're looking for a city break that's got plenty of character, then Liverpool is the place for you. This vibrant and colourful city has something to offer everyone, from its historic music scene to its world-famous football stadiums, historical landmarks and Art Galleries.

A Liverpool print can capture all the excitement and energy of this vibrant city and would be the perfect addition to any wall.

The Docklands is a great place to start when you're exploring Liverpool. There are plenty of shops, restaurants and bars along the waterfront as well as some wonderful architecture that's worth seeing. John and I couldn't help but stop and sketch as we walked around.

If you've never visited before then I recommend taking one of the guided tours around this beautiful city so that you can learn more about its history while enjoying spectacular views over the River Mersey.

The Docklands area is where you can find some of Liverpool's best attractions, including Albert Dock and Beatles Story Museum, as well as galleries such as Tate Liverpool which are always worth a visit and the Tate is a great place to take the kids too."


Blackpool art poster print by John Dyer

"As part of our UK tour we took a trip to Blackpool and had such a great time riding on the tram along the seafront and dancing in the Tower Ballroom!

Blackpool is a coastal town on the Fylde coast of Lancashire in North West England. It has been a major seaside resort since 1781 and was one of the first towns to be lit by electric lighting from its own power station. The Promenade stretches for several miles and is home to three piers, the Central Pier, North Pier and South Pier.

Our naïve art of Blackpool is inspired by the annual illuminations which take place every year from September till November and all the fun of the seaside with dancing, donkeys and more."


London city art poster print by Joanne Short

"London has to be one of my favourite cities in the world, full of vibrant colours, art and lifestyles rubbing alongside spectacular historical sites. I painted some of my favourites after several sightseeing trips around this beautiful city and making a series of drawings. This resulted in a new series of art with a range of new images."


Paris art poster print by Joanne Short

"Where better or more beautiful a city than Paris to find inspiration for new art? John and I originally travelled to Paris about 26 years ago, but it wasn't until a more recent visit in 2012 that we got our pens and brushes out and started to create a series of art including paintings and drawings.

We both love French architecture, the fascinating shapes of the rooftops and balconies and french like and captured much of the essence of Paris in our art.

Tuileries gardens, Paris

The Jardin des Tuileries (Tuileries Garden) is a public garden located between the Louvre Museum and the Place de la Concorde in Paris. It was created by Catherine de Medici, wife of King Henry II of France, in 1564. The gardens were opened to the public in 1667.

As always, we enjoyed sitting in the gardens watching the world go by while sketching or photographing, and watching children sailing yachts on the pond. The perfect place for inspiration and art.

The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is a wrought iron lattice tower on the Champ de Mars in Paris, France. It is named after the engineer Gustave Eiffel, whose company designed and built the tower. It has become a global icon of France and one of the most recognisable art structures in the world.

John and I climbed up to the top (not an easy task!) and were rewarded with amazing views over Paris. We sat down and started to draw what we could see in front of us. The structure and design of the tower is truly stunning, and we wanted to capture this unique vision in our naive art style. After a few days in Paris, it soon became my favourite city in the world and has really inspired my art."

Our Paris poster collection of art includes images of:

Provence and the Côte d'Azur

City of Cannes in France - art poster print by John Dyer

"France is a beautiful country and one that we have painted many times, in many locations, mainly in the South of France, on the Côtes d'Azur and Provence. A lot of our art and paintings from this area are based on the flower and fruit crops; grapes, cherries, sunflowers, lavender and olives. These french art posters are perfect for interior design makeovers as they bring so much art and culture to an interior."

Our art posters and prints of this area include:

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Buying prints and posters online is as easy as you can check out online in seconds. Just following the links in this article will set you up and will help with your research. Choose whether you would like your poster with or without a frame and select the size you require - all of our travel posters come in four sizes, A3, A2, A1 and 70x100cm. Once you have made your selection just click 'Add to shopping bag' under the print or poster that you want or click the 'Buy it now' button for instant checkout without even having to remember your address!

Delivery is free worldwide and we ship really fast too as the art posters (not the limited editions as they have to be signed by the artists in the UK) are produced locally to most buyers in the UK, USA, EU and Australia.

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