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Still Life Art

Original Paintings and Fine Art Prints of Still Lives

We have carefully curated a unique collection of still life paintings and fine art prints that offer a glimpse into the beauty of everyday objects that we often overlook. From fruit bowls to vases of flowers with views behind, still life paintings have captured the essence of these objects in a mesmerising way, highlighting their intricate details and textures. Through the years, artists have used still life painting to experiment with different painting techniques, such as lighting, shadow, colour, and composition. Some have used this genre to make social or political statements, while others have simply used it as a way to express themselves or to rejoice in nature. Our collection of still life paintings and fine art prints features works from historic artists as well as famous contemporary artists, including John Dyer, whose vibrant and colourful paintings are a true celebration of life, Ted Dyer's stunning oil paintings and Joanne Short's acclaimed colourist paintings. Still life art is perfect for all interior settings, but can look incredible in a dining room setting or kitchen as the subject matter can reflect the use of the room so well. Whether you are a seasoned art collector or just starting your art collection and investing journey, our still life paintings and art prints are sure to captivate you with their beauty and depth. You can read more about the history of still life art on our blog.

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