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Nixiwaka Yawanawa - Amazon Indian Art

Image of Nixiwaka licensed for this web site from epa european pressphoto agency b.v. / Alamy

“I am a Yawanawá Indian from the Brazilian Amazon. I am working with the charity Survival International, the global movement for tribal peoples’ rights, to raise awareness of the Amazon and to speak out for tribal peoples’ rights.”

Amazon Indian Artist Nixiwaka Yawanawá's talent was discovered by artist John Dyer in 2015 and it led to the amazing 'Spirit of the Rainforest' project and exhibition at the Eden Project supported by Survival International.

"Yawanawá translates as ‘The People of the Wild Boar’. This is because as a tribe, we are always together – when we hunt, and in life in general. We are a pack. I was born in Kaxinawa, the most sacred part of the Yawanawá lands, where my people originate from. Kaxinawa is where my grandfather and all our great chiefs are buried. I lived there for a month as a baby, and we then moved to Tarauaca, a small town near our lands.

My Father had been asked by FUNAI (the National Indian Foundation) to represent indigenous peoples in the area, which is why we moved to Tarauaca. I studied in town until I was 10 years old, then we moved back to our village, which is called ‘New Hope’. Kaxinawa is now known as ‘the sacred place’.

My Father was concerned that we were removed from our people and wanted us to be raised within the Yawanawá way of life. In the rainforest, you are completely connected to the elements; you are surrounded by the constant sounds of animals, insects, frogs and water. At night you are illuminated by the stars, which shine endlessly. It is beautiful!

We have lived on our land for centuries. Our way of life is developed from our ancestors. We live close to nature. We get our food, housing and virtually everything we need from our rainforests.

The rainforest is also our pharmacy. Our spiritual leaders are known as ‘doctors of the rainforest’. They know the powers of our medicinal herbs and plants. From tree bark to frog saliva, we hold the answers for cures and poisons alike. The forest is a magical place."

John has continued to facilitate the Amazon artist to paint, revealing a new genre of art - Amazon Indian art. Nixiwaka is becoming a great painter under John's guidance and is the first highly collectable Amazon Indian artist we know of. John Dyer brought these latest paintings back from the Amazon rainforest, where the two artists painted side by side in the rainforest in June 2019.

John Dyer is one of the world's leading rainforest and environmental artists. He is an artist for the earth with in teh USA and the artist in residence for the Eden Project in the UK.

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