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John Dyer Paintings

Buy Original Paintings by Cornish Artist John Dyer

Cornish artist John Dyer is one of the leading contemporary naive painters in the UK. His unmistakable paintings are well known all over the world through his widely published images. It is generally accepted that John Dyer is Cornwall's best-loved, most famous and most collected and sought after contemporary artist. John Dyer's Cornish paintings hang in national permanent collections of art and organisations including the National Trust, the Eden Project, Save the Children and Falmouth Art Gallery have all purchased and exhibited John Dyer paintings.

The John Dyer Gallery exclusively exhibits the original paintings by John Dyer online, by private appointment at our Edwardian property in Falmouth Cornwall, and by special invitation-only exhibition events. If you are looking to buy paintings by John Dyer this is the only gallery with new works available for purchase.

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Additional information:
Many well-known individuals and global organisations have recognised the power of his art and have appointed artist John Dyer as their artist in residence including the Eden Project, the National Trust, Sail Training International Tall Ships Races, Banrock Station Wine Australia, Hanbury Gardens in Italy, and United Nations-supported NGOs in the Philippines, Costa Rica and Peru. The work that results from these residencies and projects creates a powerful visual resource and engages a whole new audience as well as unique contemporary paintings.

Collectors of John Dyer's work include Alan Titchmarsh, Kim Wilde and Toyah Willcox, as well as many thousands of private individuals all over the world.

"There is an innocence and freshness to John Dyer's art that follows a tradition in Cornwall that includes the work of Alfred Wallis, Christopher Wood, Fred Yates and Bryan Pearce. Rather than trying to record what he sees, John sets out to capture the 'essence' of his subject. The 'essence' of seagulls, cats, dogs, bobbing boats, or exploding fireworks communicate far more strongly through John's brushstrokes than they would if drawn more traditionally. It is this ability to capture the 'essence' of what is important that seems to appeal to those who have shown great vision and originality in their own careers, such as Tim Smit, Alan Titchmarsh or Kim Wilde."

Brian Stewart. Former Director Falmouth Art Gallery

"My experiences with my paints and canvases have taken me around the world. I have been chased by wild pigs in Costa Rica, swam with piranhas in Brazil, avoided having guinea pigs cooked for me in the high Andes of Peru, shared chilled rose wine with the team of Banrock station in the Australian outback surrounded by sulphur-crested cockatoos, watched Lemurs climb up my easel and peep over the top of the canvas, painted as children scour the rice fields for a bowl of food for the night, seen thousand of crabs scuttling for cover on the Caribbean coast, shared meals with Alan Titchmarsh, painted with an Amazon Indian and washed up for Kim Wilde! Each time I explore a new subject in paint I have a visually stunning and unique set of experiences to share and remember. "

John Dyer.

I have always had immense respect for anyone who chooses to take time to interpret our world for us through painting, and feel especially privileged to have hosted such an inspired artist in our back garden!"

Kim Wilde. Rock Star and Garden Designer