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Art for Offices

Art makes your business stand out

Businesses should display art in their interior spaces, office, reception areas, and board rooms to improve the aesthetics of their office and to provide a more creative and productive work environment for their employees. By displaying different types of art, businesses can create an inviting and inspiring space that encourages creativity, wellbeing, and productivity. Additionally, art can help businesses to stand out from their competitors and create a unique brand identity to impress and original pieces of art are not only tax-deductible when purchasing for business but an asset too. Art is also essential for home offices too.

Art for business - John Dyer Gallery

Paintings supplied to the NHS from The John Dyer Gallery
Above: The Sunrise ward at the NHS Royal Cornwall Hospital. We supplied and hung original art for their waiting area to create a relaxed atmosphere and a focus for patients waiting for scans in this cancer services department.

Buy original office art for your company or organisation

Business owners should consider original artwork from contemporary artists for their office space because it creates a unique upmarket aesthetic in the space they are trying to present and ensures the interior is unique. Our artists can be commissioned to create new paintings specifically for commercial spaces to a scale and subject of companies' requirements.

Make a bold statement with artwork from The John Dyer Gallery

Compelling office space is a happy workplace. Creativity and happiness go hand in hand. Research into psychology and art for offices shows that creativity and having artwork on display can lead to happiness as well as the other way around. A happy workplace team can boost performance and keep workers feeling creative and energised. So if you’d like your employees, visitors, and colleagues to be more creative and happier it would pay off for you to invest in art for your workspace as many workplaces have.

Art for your business

The John Dyer Gallery specialises in supplying art, paintings, and prints for all types of businesses and we have worked with many clients to improve the look of interior spaces and to create a sense of well-being and positive energy. Our artists are used to working with clients and creating fantastic solutions, which range from supplying existing paintings, global world environment expeditions that allow organisations to buy new paintings featuring nature, to unique new modern artwork, and licensing existing images for site-specific installations such as waiting areas.

We supply artworks in the UK and internationally for a wide range of businesses and organisations, including:

We can help you turn your space into a more uplifting environment, with the finest contemporary original art, prints, art posters, and even wall-sized site-specific installations, regardless of the size or price of your project.

 Art for rental properties makes a great impression. This John Dyer print enhances a property in St Ives in Cornwall.

Above: We have worked with many rental properties providing distinctive and high-quality art to appoint the properties and to help to attract high-value clients. This signed John Dyer art print look perfect in this St Ives property rental property and enhances the interior and adds value.
Art for waiting rooms and reception spaces - John Dyer Gallery
Above: We worked with the NHS to create a colourful, hard wearing and interactive art exhibit in the oral surgery children's waiting area. The three panels encourage children to draw and colour to lower anxiety.
Public art on the King Harry Ferry in Cornwall. John Dyer Gallery
Above: This installation of art was on a car ferry, the King Harry Ferry, and was provided to create an outdoor art exhibition for people to enjoy during their short crossing. Artists John Dyer and Joanne Short can be seen with their art in this photograph.
Art for super yachts - John Dyer Gallery. M.Y. Constance
Above: Art prints have been provide by The John Dyer Gallery for the super yacht M.Y. Constance to create a relaxed and colourful area in the staff quarters.
Above: A huge wall-sized installation of John Dyer art that is now uplifting patients as they arrive for surgery & instilling calm at King's College Hospital in London

Art Commissions

New commissions to fit your space can be arranged and we are happy to work on PR with your company too.

The environment

Artist John Dyer is one of the leading artists in the UK and his links as the artist in residence for the Eden Project, an official Artist for the Earth for and his role with the Born Free Foundation place his art at the forefront of environmentally aware creativity. John Dyer's art is a natural choice for many businesses to purchase and display as it fits well with environmental and climate change policies and visually demonstrates your business is mindful of treading gently on planet earth.

Iridium satellite use in the Amazon rainforest - John Dyer Gallery

Above: Amazon rainforest expedition. We have worked with many global partners including Procreate and Iridium to create unique art in extraordinary locations to inspire children and also to create unique PR and resources for the businesses. 

Sponsor an art expedition and commission art

We have headline sponsorship opportunities available to commission art of endangered places, plants, people and animals as part of our Last Chance to paint global arts project. Aligning your business with the environment, by facilitating an expedition and then purchasing art for your business is a way to not only directly help with awareness but create a long term connection for your employees to the planet. We currently have over 45,000 children engaged in this initiative.

Original art and photography created for Innova Art exhibition stand. John Dyer Gallery

Above: Innova Art sponsored artist John Dyer to travel to the Borneo rainforest to create a new set of paintings and photographs for their exhibition stand, promotion and to raise awareness of environmental issues.

How & Why to buy art for your business

We have sold paintings to many businesses and charities who wish to appoint their board rooms, reception areas and workspaces with key pieces of art that are of true value to the organisation and all who view them. From Save the Children UK to the Eden Project, to estate agents offices in France and superyachts in Monaco we have been providing exceptional art for clients for many years.

  • We will carefully discuss your requirements with you and make a plan.
  • We have unique art from some of the best artists in the UK.
  • You will be dealing directly with the artists so any questions you have can be answered easily and the process is really enjoyable and interesting.
  • All of the art can be treated as a business cost and is a tax-deductible expense and you can reclaim the VAT.
  • Art is an investment in your business, it is an asset that creates a better working environment.

Contact the John Dyer Gallery

Please contact us to begin a discussion about your ideas, requirements, and how we may help you invest in art, potentially benefit the environment, motivate your staff, provide an outstanding work environment, and offset spending against tax.

You can call us on +44 (0) 1326 735 016 or send us a message from our contact form.

We are excited to hear from you and to find out how we can help you with your plans and ideas.

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