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John Dyer Art Project at Winscombe Primary School, Somerset.

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John Dyer Art Project at Winscombe Primary School, Somerset.

Main image: John Dyer discusses one of his paintings with children at Winscombe Primary School in Somerset.


Winscombe Primary School in North Somerset have been getting very arty recently with a major project on artist John Dyer.

Claire Green, the class 5 teacher, contacted the artist to explain all about the project.

"Today I have just put the finishing touches to our own art gallery, and attach photos so that you can see for yourself how you have inspired the young artists. As you can see from their comments on the wall, they thoroughly enjoy your art!"

John Dyer was delighted to be able to  pop into see the children in class 5 and to get involved with a questions and answer session with the children and to see their paintings.

"It was fantastic to see their enthusiasm, they had all produced a lot of work and had even refused playtime to keep on painting !" John Dyer.

The artist and children discussed many subjects including painting, the environment, staple foods, imagination and much more.

"Class 5 have been studying the wonderful paintings of the artist John Dyer. We loved the bright primary colors, the busy seaside scenes, and of course his signature seagulls. We had a great time painting in his style, and were amazed by our good fortune when he actually came to visit our class.
He brought an original picture to show us, and explained how he paints his pictures. We were all inspired by his story of how he achieved his ambition to become an artist, and are very grateful to him for sharing so much with us!"

"Thank you so much for spending so much time with the class: they were so interested in all you had to tell them, and have been totally inspired!" Claire Green


"My favourite part was when you told us to close our eyes and imagine flying fifty feet high and looking down on our school. You have inspired me to paint sublime pictures." Sam.


"I liked your stories about your life."  Natdua

"You really inspired me to do art." Gabbi




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