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With the annual St Ives Food Festival fast approaching artist John Dyer is interviewed for the Western Morning News

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With the annual St Ives Food Festival fast approaching artist John Dyer is interviewed for the Western Morning News

St Ives is one of Cornwall’s most popular tourist destinations, but long before it was a draw for visitors this sweeping hillside fishing village in the west of Cornwall was a haven for artists.
Today, St Ives remains abuzz with studios, workshops and galleries. It’s also a foodie destination in its own right with its own Food & Drink Festival taking place on 14 and 15 May 2016

John Dyer

John Dyer’s lively painting style depicting the Cornish coast is instantly recognisable. Son of post-impressionist painter,
Ted Dyer, John with artist wifeJoanne Short, runsThe John Dyer Gallery in Falmouth.

“As a gluten-free, sugar-free, caffeine-free and alcohol-free vegetarian, people might assume I struggle to eat, but I thrive precisely because of this. I seek out fabulous natural basic foods with treats like the amazing Booja-Booja chocolate vegan ice-cream. My wife and fellow artist, Joanne Short, studied for her degree in Italy so we have a strong Italian influence in much of our food. I love chickpeas and pasta; aubergines smothered in tomato pesto topped with melted mozzarella; homemade potato wedges in olive oil with fresh herbs; and a simple pasta pesto always goes down well. For a quick snack I dive into avocado mashed onto crackers or rice cakes and topped with sheep or goats cheese. It’s all fabulously delicious and healthy too.
As far as choosing one favourite place to eat out goes, I have to admit I am a total café flirt! It’s just too hard for me to pick one.
The main thing about eating in St Ives is the view: oh that view! It makes everything taste wonderful and gives the most basic of meals a proper Cornish twist and a sense of holiday delight, even for us seasoned locals.” John Dyer 2016

Four other artists were interviewed for the article including:

Kurt Jackson

“We are both foodies and enjoy cooking at home with home-grown organic veg, our own eggs, local fish or even a bit of rabbit from the fields by the house."

Amanda Hoskins

“When I am out walking and sketching, I tend to take some fresh fruit, seeds and nuts, and my favourite treat – a slice of saffron cake which has the added bonus of being easy to carry."

Glyn Macey

"Being born and bred overlooking the harbour, I have a passion for local seafood, and this sea-infused coastal passion spills over into my artwork as well as my plate. "

Amy Albright.

“I have a sweet tooth and am the sort of person who looks at the pudding menu before deciding which main course to have.I always have a stash of sweet treats at my studio to fuel me during those hours of creative endeavour. My ultimate sweet treat has got to be a cream tea – jam first of course – along with a nice cup of tea."

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