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Winsor & Newton support Spirit of the Rainforest Project with Artist materials

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Winsor & Newton support Spirit of the Rainforest Project with Artist materials

Winsor & Newton are supporting the Spirit of the Rainforest project by supplying professional quality art materials for Nixiwaka to use. This very generous support will allow Nixiwaka to use exactly the same professional art materials as artist John Dyer.

The company have agreed to provide all of the professional art materials that Nixiwaka will require during the two week residency.

"Sounds like a truly wonderful project and we would be happy to support with the materials for Nixiwaka."Winsor & Newton

"This is amazingly generous and a very welcome support in kind of the project. Professional quality art materials are expensive for a reason as they contain the very best pigments. I use Winsor & Newton artist quality acrylics for all my work and I am delighted that Nixiwaka will be able to experience the quality and scope of these materials. The additional support of all the large canvases is wonderful and it will make a huge difference to the outcomes of the residency." John Dyer

About Winsor and Newton

In 1832 chemist William Winsor and artist Henry Newton brought together the knowledge of the scientist and the creativity of the artist to offer an unprecedented choice of colour, clarity and permanence to fine artists.

In the early 20th century Winsor & Newton expanded its range to offer key value ranges. It also expanded its factories to ensure colour and brush production carried on through both world wars. But William and Henry’s original ethos stayed at the heart of the business – whenever there was a new, exciting or better pigment or binder available, Winsor & Newton introduced it, including Designers gouache, fast drying oils, water mixable oils and the revolutionary Artists’ Acrylic (now Professional Acrylic).


Everybody can do something for the environment, including a supplier of fine art materials. To us, sustainability means safeguarding the future, being socially responsible and making our eco-footprint as small as possible.

It’s about taking a lead in adopting best practices in our industry. And it’s about having the conviction to make sound, future-oriented choices at all levels. We realise that we are on a journey. But each step leads us towards the goal of sustainability. Here are some of the steps we have taken so far.

Standing up for what we believe in

Rather than simply using water and releasing it into drains, we process it and reuse it. At our brushmaking plant in Lowestoft in the UK we have introduced a rainwater collection system that provides a free, alternative source of water for the production process and enables us to cut freshwater consumption.

In our colour factories we have lowered environmental impact by installing technology that treats water effluent in closed-loop systems and reuses it throughout the plant, including to clean machinery.

Cadmium care

A major priority is reducing hazardous chemical use – a key challenge for all paint manufacturers. One area where we are working especially hard is cadmium, a heavy metal that when added to artists’ paint creates an intrinsic quality that many artists value and that is currently hard to replicate artificially.

We have removed cadmium colours from our value ranges, thus reducing the heavy metals that could potentially be released into the environment. But at the same time, we recognise the role that cadmium plays in our professional ranges. For this reason we devote utmost care and attention to the manufacture of these products and we have launched programmes to develop alternatives to cadmium.

Leading the way

Our Artisan Water Mixable Oil Colour does not use traditional solvents, so you can clean up and wash brushes with water; an excellent eco-friendly choice if you paint with oil colour.
Likewise, Artisan Varnish Remover safely removes Artisan varnishes from paintings for cleaning and re-varnishing. 

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