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Cornish Summer in December

  • 2 min read

Cornish Summer in December

Living and working as artists in Cornwall is always a great joy, but when the weather offers a burst of summer in mid-winter it is extra special.

We spotted three full suns on the weather forecast on the days running up to new year so packed the Land Rover Dormobile camper van, grabbed some food and headed off to the Lizard in Cornwall, the most Southerly point on the UK's mainland and the warmest spot too !

We had such an inspiring time. The colours of the sunsets were vivid in the clear winter sky and a million stars twinkled over our heads. The sound of the ocean pounding on the cliffs combined with the gentle noises from the Llamas, Pigs, Chickens and Ducks on Henry's Camp Site created a poetic sound track to our adventure.

We cooked our food on the bonnet of the Land Rover, played penny whistles as the sun set and walked through the starlit landscape together.

Our camper has built in heating so we were much warmer than at home ! In fact we didn't really even need the sleeping bags it was so tropical !

We walked to the Lizard Lighthouse and the most southerly tip of the UK - brilliant blue seas and soaring flocks of birds greeted us. We filled our lungs with fresh salt air ready for the new year and let the crisp breeze revitalise us after the Christmas festivities.

So if you have a sense of adventure don't just keep Cornwall for the summer - it is great out of season with hardly any visitors and the cliffs and beaches all to yourself, but shhhh it's our secret :-)

Top: Martha-Lilly Dyer our amazing musician
Middle: Joanne Short and John Dyer at the most Southerly point in the UK mainland
Bottom: Dormobile Land Rover with team Dyer.

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