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Art T-Shirts and Hoodies

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View our exclusive and collectable range of Art T-Shirts. Our Artistic T-Shirts are designed by Cornish artists John Dyer and Joanne Short. The colourful, contemporary and vibrant fun designs depict the Cornish coast and landscape, sailing, surfing, boats, tropical plants, animals, swimming and more. The artists are also exploring other subjects for this exciting range.

All of the Art T-Shirts are unisex and fit women and men and we even have a range for children too and our tees are fantastic accessories for a summer holiday or beach trip.

Each Artistic T-Shirt is made especially for you

Each of the items ordered is carefully packed and shipped as soon as they are produced. Please do allow a few days for production and printing to happen as each shirt is created and printed especially for you to the colour, size and design you select.

N.B. Please order carefully as each art t-shirt is created especially for you when you order, with the design, size and colour of your choice. We are therefore unable to accept return requests as they are custom-made for you.

Shop and order from our range of unique Artist T-Shirts
We are steadily adding new content and designs to our range of shirts, so keep checking back for new designs and ideas. Our range includes unique colourful and contemporary designs from our artists, so whether you're looking for a new tee to take on your holiday, want to showcase and support contemporary art, or want to add a splash of colour to your wardrobe, our arty shirts should be perfect for you and they are all offered at an affordable price.

Our artist-designed tees also make wonderful gifts, so why not take a look and see what takes your fancy? You're sure to find a design that you love when your search our range of shirts and all the stock colours that are available.

T-Shirt Art Designs

Many people choose to wear artist-designed shirts as a way to express themselves. Wearing a unique art T-shirt can really make a statement.

For artists, T-shirt art is a great way to share their work with the world and to make a walking art gallery! By wearing a shirt with one of our designs you can feel a part of the Cornish art story and community.

Wearing a unique shirt can help you stand out from the crowd, and it can be a great conversation starter.

We have many customers who marvel at the sheer joy of the designs and collect and shop for multiple shirts for their wardrobe and look. They are really popular as gifts for teenagers and children and many of the adult sizes are perfect for this.

Our Art T-Shirt Designs Collection

The majority of our tees are designed by John Dyer and are colourful, energetic and full of colour. The tees are available to purchase in a wide range of colours and the shape is designed to fit everyone. The price of these shirts is deliberately set to be accessible as they make amazing gifts, so we hope you will enjoy shopping with us.

Before you order on our site, you can read details of each of the tees on each product page, with sizing and care instructions so you can shop with confidence.

We will confirm your order and email as soon as payment is accepted and your order will then immediately be sent for printing. The specific design you selected, the shirt colour and size will all come together just for you and you will receive another email when it ships to you.

With nearly 100 combinations of colive and size for each of the artists' designs, you might well be wearing a unique combination!

Shop and Order from our Gallery Site

All the tees we sell are set at an affordable price and are printed for you after you shop and place your order on our site.

This allows us to offer hundreds of sizes, colours and design combinations including Men's, Women's, and Kids' tees that would be otherwise impossible due to stock issues.

It's a really modern and clever system that means when you are shopping on our website we can make a really wide range of colours and sizes available in each image collection.

Eco Friendly Shirts
Local production and shipping substantially reduces the environmental impact. Every Art T-Shirt is made for you when you order and this avoids any excess production or stock. We always use your country, or the country closest to you, that can print in the size and colour for the Art T-shirt ordered. Occasionally if a particular colour is out of stock we will use the production facility and country closet to you. This means we can offer free delivery worldwide and it speeds up delivery too as we produce in multiple countries. By printing each Art T-Shirt when the order is placed it avoids any wastage and by printing the shirts in multiple countries we cut down the impact of transport dramatically.