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View and buy the latest art and paintings from three of Cornwall's most important and acclaimed Cornish artists. Joanne Short and John Dyer are celebrated Cornish artists of Cornwall's historic naive and colourist genres of art. The artists' paintings of Cornwall sit alongside, and have been exhibited during the past 30 years, with the work of artists such as, Ben Nicholson, Bryan Pearce, Joan Gillchrest, John Miller and Fred Yates. We also represent Cornish artist Ted Dyer, who is Cornwall's leading and most collected Cornish impressionist painter, who has been exhibiting for over fifty years.

All of our Cornish artists are widely collected and have been featured in many publications and television programmes. Their paintings have been commissioned and purchased by many important private and public buyers including the Heritage Lottery Fund, Falmouth Art Gallery, the National Trust, the Eden Project, Save the Children, Kim Wilde, Tresco Estate and Alan Titchmarsh MBE. The very latest curated paintings and exhibitions are always featured on our Cornish gallery.

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With the extension of the Railway line to Penzance in West Cornwall in 1877 the Cornish seaside fishing villages of St Ives and Newlyn started to attract artists who were drawn by the beauty of the scenery, the amazing quality of light that is created by the sea and the quartz rock particles in the sand on the beaches, the simplicity of life, drama of the sea and the fishing boats.

This spark created Cornwall's rich and world class art history and all the Cornish artists we see today. Our family of artists that we represent are firmly on Cornwall's historic famous artist's timeline.

The artists, who became known as the Newlyn School, were led by Stanhope Forbes and Frank Bramwell, who actually moved to Cornwall to live from the 1880s. These Cornish artists loved working outside, painting the amazing characters and fishing villages that they found. This genre of art founded the Cornish impressionist style of painting, which is still very much alive today. The Cornish artist Ted Dyer is Cornwall's leading artists for traditional and impressionist paintings that follow in the Newlyn School of art genre.

This new art colony in Cornwall started to attract a lot of attention from more contemporary artists, and in 1928 Ben Nicholson and Christopher Wood travelled to St Ives in Cornwall and came across a Cornish artist who was a fisherman. His name was Alfred Wallis and he used pieces of wood from the beach and cardboard grounds to paint on, and the paint that was used to paint these Cornish artworks and paintings was also used to paint the real boats in St Ives harbour. Ben Nicholson and Christopher Wood were impressed by the directness of Alfred Wallis's work and the object like qualities of his paintings. By the 1950s Cornwall has become the centre of world art and it remains one of the leading places in the world for artists to live and work with images of Cornwall made famous by John Miller artist prints and John Dyer prints that have been sold worldwide for decades. The naive style of painting that was championed by Ben Nicholson and Christopher wood has become one of Cornwall's most enduring genres of art that has created the great Cornish artists of today which include the paintings of Cornish artists John Dyer and Joanne Short who is an elected member of the current Newlyn Society of Artists.

Find out more about Cornwall's rich art history from the famous John Miller prints to John Dyer's art and the leading contemporary artists now.