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How to buy art

If you are looking to buy art, then we have the very best selection of contemporary art to buy and an acclaimed online gallery for you to browse. How to buy art is a question that we are often asked, and it is a confusing marketplace when shopping online or in physical galleries. There is such a wide variety to choose from that it can be difficult to decide how to buy art and which artists to buy.

Secure and easy online art buying

At the John Dyer Gallery, we make the process of buying art easy, we have one of the most established and trusted online galleries and over thirty years of experience in dealing with clients who are looking to buy art. Our online gallery is easy to use, offers one-click fast checkout and is secure. We also offer free worldwide delivery to your door.

Buy art from our acclaimed artists

We only represent the established art of Cornwall's leading contemporary painters John Dyer, Ted Dyer and Joanne Short. All of the art you buy from us fits into Cornwall's historic timeline of famous artists and you are guaranteed to be purchasing a piece of quality well known art that has an amazing provenance and history from an established artist.

What to look for when buying art

There are a few price points when considering buying affordable art, and it might be that with only a slightly higher budget you can afford an original painting, so it is worth taking a moment to consider what type of art you are buying. Our signed limited edition prints start from around £70, with most priced at around £120. If your budget is lower than that then take a look at our museum-quality fine art poster print range. If you are considering purchasing two or three prints then that budget is getting close to being able to buy an original piece of art as paintings can start from a little as £545 and go up to around £5000, depending on the size of the painting and the artist.

Always look for well-known artists and high quality. Try to avoid buying 'mixed-media' work from artists as this is often unstable and deteriorates quickly. All of our artists only approve very high-quality prints, with museum-quality paper and archival inks. Our artists only use the very highest quality paints sourced from the best suppliers in the 'artist quality' range meaning that the work will last.

Many artists use poor art materials, but everything we exhibit in our gallery is printed or painted with the highest possible quality art materials. John Dyer uses the most expensive artist quality acrylic paints from Winsor and Newton and Joanne Short and Ted Dyer use handcrafted oil paints from Michael Harding, as used by artist David Hockney, these paints are the highest quality available and are comparable to the paints used by the great masters. Even for our art poster print range, we use the same printers, inks and materials as used by the Tate Gallery in London. 

When buying art from us we deliver it to you for free, worldwide

When you buy art from our online gallery we provide a complimentary free delivery service to you wherever you are in the world.  We securely pack everything and ship within a couple of days. We make the entire process easy and we have tens of thousands of happy customers who still buy from us during the thirty years we have been exhibiting and selling art online and in person at our exhibition events.