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Hanbury Botanical Garden Italy Artist in Residence: 2007 - 2009

"Joanne Short captures the landscape in rich intricate patterns, weaving a tapestry of colour that delights the eye."

Brian Stewart. Director Falmouth Art Gallery. 2008

Artist Joanne Short painting the the Giardini Hanbury in Italy at La Mortola.

Above: Artist Joanne Short painting the the Giardini Hanbury in Italy at La Mortola.

The Cote d'Azur provided an exciting and vibrant new subject for Joanne Short. Immersed in the landscape she produced sumptuous paintings of the colourful floral extravaganza found on the coast and in the Hanbury botanical garden.

There is a beauty and elegance in her colourist paintings that expresses nature in a unique way. Her paintings bring a calm and uplifting energy to those that view her work.

Featured in the UK television series 'The Painted Garden' many collectors marvelled at the way she confidently commits paint to her canvas en plein-air.

Joanne's residency at the Hanbury Botanical Garden, the Giardini Hanbury at La Mortola in Italy, provided her with a painbox of plants, colours and shapes to explore. Woking in the gardens and also from the Cecil Hanbury studio that was kindly provided by Carolyn hanbury Joanne had a unique painting experience.

Joanne trained in Italy for her degree and is a fluent Italian speaker, so spending time in the gardens and communicating with the Italians added to her connection and joy in being an artist in residence.

"Joanne's style is well suited to the Riviera and I think she has captured the lushness and exuberance of the flora around Menton very well. We are blessed with wonderful light on the Mediterranean which she has used to great effect, her pictures are guaranteed to lift one's spirits and make one smile."

Carolyn Hanbury, Giardini Hanbury. 2008

Artist Joanne Short with her painting of the Giardini Hanbury Villa in the Giardini Hanbury, La Mortola, Italy.

Above: Artist Joanne Short with her painting 'Royal Plants at the Hanbury Palace' in the Giardini Hanbury, La Mortola, Italy.

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