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Discover Serenity through Coastal Arts: Transform Your Space with Seaside Charm

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Cornwall's most famous contemporary artist John Dyer painting on the island of Tresco in Cornwall

Above: Cornwall's most famous coastal Cornish artist John Dyer painting on the island of Tresco

The sea whispers its secrets to those who listen, its waves telling tales of timeless beauty and tranquility. Imagine bringing this serenity into your own living space, capturing the essence of the coast within the four walls of your home. This is the magic of coastal arts.


Above:'Puffins at Pentle Bay, Tresco'. 33x40 inches original art acrylic on board. Paintings of Cornwall by Cornish Artist John Dyer

From the luminous hues of the sun setting over the ocean to the intricate details of weathered driftwood, coastal art captures the allure of the seaside in a myriad of ways. It beckons us to step back, inhale the salty air, and lose ourselves in the serene beauty of the coast, no matter where we are.

Above:  John Dyer Framed Open Edition Coastal Cornish Art Print. 'View from the Gate, Bass Point, Lizard Lighthouse'

Key Takeaways

  • Explore the allure of coastal art and discover its power to transform any space.

  • Enjoy a wide selection of beach, coastal and nautical artwork from renowned Cornish artists for lasting beauty.

  • Find unique pieces tailored to your individual style - at the John Dyer Gallery, we are always happy to discuss commissions to help capture your favourite place in paint.

Exploring the Allure of Coastal Art

Above:  Ted Dyer Oil Painting. Start of the Day, Flushing

The sea and its surroundings have long sparked creativity in artists. Coastal art is a testament to this fascination, encapsulating the colours, light, movement, and tranquillity of the coast. Some examples of coastal art include:

These artworks conjure memories of the sea and its captivating allure.

The spectrum of coastal art is as varied as the seascapes it depicts. Whether it’s a serene beach scene or a bustling harbourside, there are many styles and themes. The John Dyer Gallery boasts a wide array of seascape paintings from reputable British artists, catering to both lovers of coastal scenery and art enthusiasts.

The Essence of Coastal Wall Art

Coastal wall art celebrates the seaside, each piece encapsulating the distinctive charm of coastal life. You’ll find a variety of print types in our collection, including:

These prints showcase the work of distinguished artists like John Dyer and Joanne Short, who skillfully encapsulate the quintessence of coastal themes.

Above:  Signed Limited Edition Print by Cornish Artist Joanne Short. 'Hottentots on the Cliffs, Lizard Point'

The quality of our coastal wall art holds utmost importance. Each print is crafted with museum-quality giclée inks, archival inks, and fine art paper designed for longevity. Such careful attention to detail guarantees the art’s beauty and longevity, safeguarding the magic of the coast for future generations. Our walls deserve the best, and that’s what our wall art provides.

Original Paintings vs. Art Prints

While original paintings give a unique flair, art prints offer a cost-effective way to enjoy artworks from modern Cornish artists.

Our selection of art prints is as varied as the Cornish landscapes that inspire them. Each piece captures a slice of Cornwall's captivating beauty, from renowned painting posters to signed artist prints and canvas wall art. This variety caters to all tastes and broadens the audience, as prints are produced and shipped within the UK, EU, USA, and Australia for easy ordering and delivery.

Navigating Through Our Coastal Art Collection

Entering the realm of coastal art resembles taking a trip along the British coastline. Our Coastal Art Collection offers a variety of beach art prints, coastal wall art, and nautical wall art, each piece a window to the seaside.


Above: 'Blue and White Pottery in the Window, Trefusis, Falmouth', 
18 x 18 inches, coastal oil on canvas by Joanne Short

These pieces not only encapsulate the spirit of the coast, but also provide an available and economical option to infuse your home with a hint of seaside charm.

Discover Your Perfect Piece

Selecting your ideal piece of coastal artwork is a personal endeavor, requiring consideration of several factors like the perspectives from the space, colour schemes that blend with your interiors, and your personal style.

You’re sure to find a piece within our range that resonates with your personal style and preferences.

Details That Make a Difference

The allure of coastal art resides in the details. Some of these details include:

These aspects stir the beauty of beach landscapes and the liberty of the ocean, thereby heightening the artwork’s overall appeal and emotional impact.

How Coastal Art Can Transform Your House into a Home

Joanne Short coastal artwork in dining room 

Incorporating coastal art into your home is more than just decoration. It’s about creating an atmosphere that either soothes your senses and evokes a sense of joy, or can brighten up your room and transport you back to your family holiday in Cornwall. Coastal art aids in creating a warm and inviting ambiance with elements that elicit beachfront lifestyle.

Whether it’s a minimalist beach-themed piece or a lively seascape, coastal art holds the potential to revamp any space. It’s not just about the aesthetic appeal, but also about the emotional resonance that these pieces bring. Integrating coastal art into your home’s design goes beyond mere decoration; it creates a sanctuary that reflects the vibrant energy of the coast.

Inspiration for Every Room

Coastal art doesn't have to be restricted to your living room or bedroom. Its versatility can change the atmosphere in any room of your home, be it the:

  • living room

  • bedroom

  • kitchen

  • bathroom

  • dining room

Imagine waking up to a serene beach scene by Ted Dyer in your bedroom or enjoying a meal surrounded by the vibrant hues of a John Dyer seascape in your dining room.

Bedroom scene with Ted Dyer coastal Artwork

You might want to infuse some tranquility into your bathroom with a piece of coastal wall art that encapsulates the soothing ocean waves at sunset. Alternatively, you may wish to accentuate your kitchen’s aesthetic with coastal artwork featuring an appealing beach house. Whatever your preference, there’s a perfect piece of coastal art for every room in your home.

John Dyer open edition print in a kitchen scene

Creating a Focal Point with Seascape Art

A piece of seascape art can act as a striking focal point in any space, attracting attention and instilling a sense of drama and intrigue. The calming and soothing quality of these pieces can stir feelings of escapism and instill tranquility in the space or lift it with a splash of colour.

To ensure optimal visual impact, it’s important to consider factors such as the location of the artwork, the appropriate lighting, and the suitable size and scale. Strategically placed and well-illuminated seascape artwork can revamp a space, generating a mesmerizing visual effect that enhances the overall aesthetic of your home.

Above: Lizard Point and Lighthouse Art Prints of Cornwall by Cornish Artist Joanne Short. Vintage Style Poster

As a first-time buyer of coastal art, there are several aspects you should think about. From selecting pieces that resonate with you to understanding the value of the artwork, there are several factors to consider when starting your coastal art collection.

Consider the following factors when determining the price of coastal art pieces:

  • The uniqueness of the artwork

  • The quality and size of the piece

  • The reputation of the artist

  • The cost of the artwork

But bear in mind, the real value of art is not in its cost, but in the joy and peace it imparts to your home. That is why we offer not only original paintings by our gallery artists, but also limited-edition prints and open-edition art prints and art posters. We have something for all budgets for our customers, existing or new.

Discover our famous Cornish artists

Cornwall is famous for its abundant artistic talent, with artists like John Dyer and Ted Dyer leaving a perpetual imprint on coastal art. Their works capture the unique charm and beauty of the Cornish landscape, bringing it to life in a truly captivating way.

John Dyer’s artwork, for instance, can be found in collections at the Falmouth Art Gallery, The Eden Project, and the National Trust. His projects, such as ‘Last Chance To Paint,’ engage young artists, fostering a new generation of talent.

Meanwhile, Ted Dyer’s paintings are considered modern masterpieces, appreciated for their superior quality, depth, and mastery relative to other contemporary landscape impressionist painters.

Above:  Late Summer, North Cliffs, Cornwall. By British Artist Ted Dyer. Original Oil Painting on Canvas.

The Joy of Gifting Coastal Art

Presenting coastal art as a gift is a wonderful way to share the seaside memories. A piece of coastal art is not just a gift; it’s an experience – a memory of the sea that can be cherished for a lifetime.

When choosing a piece of coastal art as a gift, it’s vital to remember the recipient’s style and the theme of their living area. Whether they prefer minimalist designs or vibrant seascapes, there’s a perfect piece of coastal art that will reflect their tastes and bring a touch of seaside charm to their home.

Easily Purchase from our Online Art Gallery

Purchasing coastal art is effortless with our online gallery. Here, you can browse our extensive collection of:

All from the comfort of your home create a lovely new page in your life.

We accept all major credit and debit cards, including Amex, for payment and provide free worldwide delivery to your doorstep. Your chosen artwork will be carefully packaged and delivered to you in no time, allowing you to transform your space with the serenity of the coast at your convenience.


Above: 'Sails in the Bay. Pentle Bay, Tresco', 12x16 inches original art oil on canvas. Paintings of Cornwall by Cornish Artist Ted Dyer

Immersing yourself in coastal art is like taking a journey around the British coastline, each artwork a window to the tranquil beauty of the seaside. From exploring the allure of coastal art to understanding the difference between original paintings and art prints, from navigating through our diverse coastal art collection to discovering how coastal art can transform your house into a home, we’ve taken a deep dive into the captivating world of coastal art.

Coastal art is not just about decorating your space, but creating a sanctuary that mirrors the tranquility of the coast. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a first-time buyer, the serene beauty of coastal art has the power to transform any space into a seaside haven. So, why not bring a touch of the coast into your home and experience the calming allure of the sea, no matter where you are?

Invest in Perfect Original Paintings of the Cornish Coast


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