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Beside The Wave Gallery Art Print Range

Beside The Eave Gallery John Dyer Art Print Range

Many art cards and posters are available for sale across the world with the names of artists John Dyer and Joanne Short together with the 'Beside The Wave Gallery' name, which were published by the Art Group in London and are licensed to the artists. Artists John Dyer and Ted Dyer founded Beside The Wave Gallery in 1989, but the business was sold several years later.

The publishing range of 'Beside The Wave' items associated with artists John Dyer and Joanne Short became hugely popular in the late 1990s and sold hundreds of thousands of copies a year across the globe making the artists' names synonymous with the gallery. Many homes across the world will have copies of these posters hung on their walls. The art poster prints were available from Habitat and most independent art and gallery retailers as well as interior shops in the UK, EU and USA.

Did you know that many John Dyer posters were made really famous as they appeared on the BBC in the Eastenders and Casualty TV series!

The Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust has a number of these famous posters that were donated by the artists and framed by the Friends of the Hospital. The Audiology department has a display of these and a plaque commemorating the artist's gift of the 'John Dyer • Beside The Wave Gallery' Poster collection.

Many of these posters are still available and many hundreds of thousands are still in circulation making John Dyer and Joanne Short two of the world's best known contemporary artists.

John Dyer also published many hundreds of thousands of art cards with Beside The Wave Gallery and the world's largest art publisher The Art Group. We now have a new range of art cards available online.

The paintings featured on the 'John Dyer • Beside The Wave' art posters can now be purchased in their new updated museum-quality open edition art print forms from The John Dyer Gallery and they look amazing with framed and unframed options available.

These are the very highest quality art prints that should last 100 years in perfect conditions and are significantly higher quality than the original poster prints. Delivery is free worldwide as we produce them in the UK, EU, USA and Australia to make delivery fast and convenient.