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Jan Breughel the Elder

Jan Brueghel the Elder: Master of Flemish Baroque

Jan Brueghel the Elder (1568-1625) was a prominent Flemish painter known for his detailed still lifes, vibrant landscapes, and collaborative works. Born in Brussels to the renowned painter Pieter Bruegel the Elder, Jan was trained by his maternal grandmother, Mayken Verhulst, after his parents' early deaths. He further honed his skills under Pieter Goetkint in Antwerp before embarking on extensive travels through Italy, including stays in Naples, Rome, and Milan, where he worked under the patronage of Cardinal Federico Borromeo.

During his time in Italy, Brueghel was influenced by the works of Paul Bril and Hans Rottenhammer, evident in his lively landscapes and finely detailed compositions. Upon returning to Antwerp in 1596, he quickly established himself as a master painter and became a Guild of Saint Luke member. His success in Antwerp led to collaborations with Peter Paul Rubens, where Brueghel often painted intricate backgrounds and landscapes while Rubens focused on the figures.

Brueghel's works are notable for their exquisite detail and vibrant use of colour, earning him the nickname "Velvet Brueghel." His subjects ranged from lush floral still lifes and intricate allegorical scenes to religious and mythological themes. Notable works include "The Entry of the Animals into Noah's Ark" and his series of The Five Senses, which showcase his meticulous approach and innovative symbolism.

Throughout his esteemed career, Brueghel received patronage from notable figures such as Archduke Albert and Infanta Isabella Clara Eugenia, as he served as their court painter. His influence extended far beyond his lifetime, leaving a lasting impact on the artists of Antwerp until his passing in 1625. His legacy, a testament to his artistic talent and innovative spirit, continues to inspire future generations of artists, including his son, Jan Brueghel the Younger, instilling a deep sense of respect for his contributions.

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