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Fine Art Exhibition: Transform Your Walls, Buy our Latest Christmas Paintings On Sale from our Online Art Gallery

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New paintings on sale at the John Dyer Gallery Christmas exhibition

We are excited to reveal that we have a new collection of stunning original paintings for Christmas 2023 at the John Dyer Gallery online that are now on sale and ready for your to select from. This new selection of unique Cornish paintings also includes new paintings of Wells in Somerset, Lyme Regis in Dorset and Florence in Italy, all inspired by John Dyer's latest travels. Joanne Short has been hard at work for many months creating one of her most amazing collections to date of views through windows with sumptuous fabric patterns, colours, and flowers. Her new oil paintings are remarkable collectors items.

Buy original paintings for Christmas this year from The John Dyer Gallery

Discover the Christmas Collection 2023

Today, we will release this delightful set of paintings by these two talented UK artists based in Cornwall. International artists John Dyer and Joanne Short, each with their original style, have produced a glorious set of artworks for collectors this Christmas.

A Collection of Wintery Cornish scenes by John Dyer

 Painting 'Snowy Swans, Truro' by John Dyer

Above: 'Snowy Swans on the River, Truro'

In this picturesque original painting of Truro City, a light dusting of snow falls gently onto the cathedral, which towers majestically over the buildings below. Two swans have ventured up the river on the high tide alongside the ferry boats. On the quay, people are bustling around, wrapped up warm - doing their last-minute Christmas shopping perhaps. 

'Wintery Coastpath Walkers, St Agnes' painting by John Dyer

Above: 'Wintery Coastpath Walkers, St Agnes' by Artist John Dyer

This is a painting of happy family fun on the cliff path to St Agnes - everyone is wrapped up warm in scarves and gloves as the snow whirls about the sky and settles gently on the cliff top. Seagulls and Cornish Choughs swoop above the cliffs as the fishing boats bob in the water below.

'Festive Fishermen and Twinkling Lights, Mousehole' by Artist John Dyer

Above: 'Festive Fishermen and Twinkling Lights, Mousehole' by Artist John Dyer

Some cheeky seals peep out of the water, watching the fishermen on their boats in the harbour. They are surrounded by the famous Mousehole lights, which glitter and reflect in the water. This is a beautiful piece of artwork depicting a festive scene that many of us have enjoyed.

 'Snow Flurries, Flushing' by John Dyer

Above: 'Snow Flurries, Flushing' by John Dyer

Christmas trees, fishing boats, Cornish Choughs and even a peeping seal, all under a dusting of snow, create a perfect Cornish Christmas scene at Flushing. Seagulls soar, fishermen dance on their boats, bunting waves and lights twinkle. John captures the magic of this small riverside village on the river Fal.

Stunning still lifes by artist Joanne Short

Influenced by artists such as Henri Matisse and Pierre Bonnard, Joanne's sumptuous interiors with views out of the window are a feast for the eye. Her love of pattern and colour are clear in this series of painting which she has created especially for this Christmas collection. The open windows look out onto some stunning Cornish views and create the effect of space when hanging on the wall.

'Blue and White Pottery in the Window, Trefusis' by Joanne Short

Above: 'Blue and White Pottery in the Window, Trefusis' by Joanne Short


'Colourful vases of flowers, Helford' by Joanne Short

Above: 'Colourful vases of flowers, Helford' by Joanne Short

I have really enjoyed creating and painting this collection. I have a love for painting flowers and also for creating patterns. What could be better than combining the two and painting wallpapers, tablecloths and vases of flowers. I love the colours and shapes involved in producing these paintings.

'Lilies and Orchids, Green Bank, Falmouth' by Joanne Short

Above: 'Lilies and Orchids, Green Bank, Falmouth' by Joanne Short
'Paintings on the wall and Daisies in a vase, Falmouth River View' by Joanne Short
Above: 'Paintings on the wall and Daisies in a vase, Falmouth River View' by Joanne Short

Travelling in paint - Painting Adventures by John Dyer

Whenever or wherever John Dyer travels, he never fails to capture the surrounding landscape and his personal experiences in paint. John says -

'Travelling in Paint' is the perfect way to describe my work. I find it impossible to travel anywhere without feeling the need to capture what I am seeing and experiencing, onto canvas. I feel the combination of travel and painting is the perfect lifestyle - I love nothing more than spending time with my family somewhere new and documenting it in paint - my work is almost like a diary for a writer. It doesn't matter where in the world or the country or county, I always find time to paint and the need to share it. 

'Starry Sky above the Harbour, Fowey'

Above: 'Starry Sky above the Harbour, Fowey'

This painting is all about summer evening fun. People enjoying being outside under the stars on a warm evening. Fishermen in their boats preparing to go out for an evening on the water. The painting exudes a lovely holiday atmosphere.

Painting of St Mawes by artist John Dyer

Above: 'Bunting and Bathing, St Mawes' by artist John Dyer

Summer fun and games in the harbour at St. Mawes as the ferry pulls out and everyone in the water jumps and swims about. This is what summer holidays are made of - St Mawes is one of the prettiest places to spend holiday time with the family and this painting shows us exactly what it's like.


'Firework Fun, Wells' by Artist John Dyer

Above: 'Firework Fun, Wells' by Artist John Dyer

Every year Wells Cathedral School opens its grounds to the community and treats everyone to a spectacular firework display. This painting shows the joy and fun of this event with families chasing around having fun as the colourful display sparkles over the amazing Cathedral.

'Enchanted Encounter Under the Tuscan Moon, Florence' by John Dyer
Above: 'Enchanted Encounter Under the Tuscan Moon, Florence' by John Dyer

This painting would make a true centrepiece for any lover of Italy. John has captured the beauty of the romantic city of Florence and has included the enchanting native wildlife which can be found in the surrounding hillsides, marrying together the rich Tuscan landscape and countryside with the stunning architecture of the city itself.

'Beach Huts and Boats, Lyme Regis' by John Dyer

Above: 'Beach Huts and Boats, Lyme Regis'

Lyme Regis is a place that featured heavily in John's childhood.

As a young child my family would often take trips to the Dorset coast. My grandparents had a beach hut at Lyme Regis, so it seemed fitting that after a recent trip there as an adult I should try to capture those happy days of my childhood. I will always remember it as a happy sunny place with lots of fun things to do on the beach and the water. It made me very happy to see that nothing has changed over the years and families are still enjoying this lovely place.


'A Feast of Flowers, Kew Gardens' by John Dyer

Above: 'A Feast of Flowers, Kew Gardens'

In the painting above John has captured brilliantly the vivid floral beauty of Kew Gardens. The geese are swimming around the fountain in the lake with the elegant and iconic glass palm house behind. In this painting John has filled the glass house with palms and tropical plants - anyone who has been lucky enough to visit this magnificent place will agree that this painting captures both the joy and stature of this unique venue.

Unique Original Artwork for Affordable Art Lovers

At the John Dyer Gallery, we aim to make things as affordable as possible to make our work assessable to suit your budget, so many examples of these new images have been made into art prints or wall posters.

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Why buy paintings from

We make it easy to Shop & Buy Art from our Online Art Gallery

Our online gallery is simple to use, search and explore. Each of the new paintings above can be viewed on our website both in a room setting and as a framed piece so that you can see how it would look on your wall - this way you can get an idea of the size of the piece and whether it will fit in the space you have in mind.

Painting by Joanne Short within a room set

Above: 'Lilies and Orchids, Green Bank, Falmouth' by Joanne Short shown in a room setting

The John Dyer Gallery is the Home of the Best Original Cornish Art and Paintings for sale online

Our dedicated online gallery has an extensive collection of original paintings, limited edition signed prints and open-edition prints and art posters by our three gallery artists: John Dyer, Ted Dyer and Joanne Short. These artists' unique styles complement one another and will hang beautifully together in any space.

Our site is full of colour and fun, and we are sure you will discover something to suit your taste, space and budget.

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