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Discover the Best Places to Buy an Art Painting Online: Original Works at Your Fingertips

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Discover the Best Places to Buy an Art Painting Online: Original Works at Your Fingertips

Above: A feature art painting by British artist John Dyer of the Amazon Rainforest. Buy this painting online.

When searching for ‘art painting online’, your goal is clear: to find and possibly purchase that perfect piece. This guide provides clear insights into obtaining original paintings and fine art prints, introduces you to the work of our gallery artists, and presents reliable online platforms without overwhelming you with jargon or sales pitches.

Key Takeaways

  • Our online art galleryoffers a diverse and easily accessible collection of contemporary and fine art, enabling buyers to connect with and purchase original paintings from artists from the vibrant Cornish art scene.

  • Emerging technologies and digital spaces are transforming the art market, providing artists with platforms to directly reach global audiences and sell their work, while art lovers can commission personalised pieces through online interactions.

  • The online art world caters to diverse tastes and budgets, facilitating the collecting of art internationally with tools for financial planning, exclusive limited edition pieces, and streamlined purchase and delivery processes.

Navigating the World of Online Art Galleries

example of a digital online gallery - John dyer gallery
Above: An example of a page from our online Gallery -

The digital age has ushered in a renaissance for art enthusiasts. Online galleries, brimming with contemporary, modern, and fine art pieces, offer a treasure trove for those eager to buy art and adorn their walls with beauty and expression. The seamless experience of discovering art online has connected artists and buyers in ways previously unimagined, allowing for a diverse array of original paintings and artworks to be explored with ease.

Celebrated platforms such as personify this new wave, curating collections that promise not just affordability but also a gateway to the works of well known and some of the best emerging artists in Cornwall.

Unveiling a Spectrum of Styles

The online gallery is a kaleidoscope of artistic expression, where a spectrum of styles from Naïve to traditional art beckons. Cornwall’s vibrant art scene, in particular, is a testament to this variety, with artists like John Dyer and Joanne Short infusing their canvases with the region’s luminous charm.

Ted Dyer’s coastal life scenes, rich with tranquility, bring the joys of the harbour, the beach and the sea into our homes, showcasing the breadth of techniques and colours available at our digital doorstep.

The Joy of Discovering New Artists

Imagine unearthing hidden gems, artists whose stories and visions add a unique and personal touch to your space. Online galleries are beacons for those who love to discover art, offering an unparalleled platform to explore and support emerging talent.

With exclusive selections of affordable paintings, online spaces like not only celebrate the affordable art world but also enable us to contribute to their creative journeys.

A Portal to Fine Art Prints and Posters

A world of fine art is now accessible through the portals of online galleries, where art lovers can acquire prints and posters crafted with high-quality materials and techniques. Whether it’s the textured depth of oil and acrylic or the crisp lines of large painting posters, these pieces are brought to life on premium paper, ensuring both durability and visual delight.


examples of posters and prints available at The John Dyer Gallery
Above: Examples of posters and prints available at The John Dyer Gallery

Open edition prints, limited edition prints, and poster prints from here at the John Dyer Gallery, provide a varied palette for the discerning collector.

The Allure of Contemporary Art Online

Contemporary art, often seen as a subset of modern art, has found a new home online, a dynamic and ever-evolving showcase of styles, mediums, and voices from around the world. The allure lies in the breadth and depth of original works on display, from original canvases to signed limited edition prints, offering a personalised and involved buying experience.

Curated selections of unique and original contemporary artwork on our platform affirm the confidence buyers need to invest in the art of today.

From Canvas to Digital: The Evolution of Art Sale

The art market has witnessed a transformative shift, moving from galleries to the expansive digital realm. This evolution has made contemporary art more accessible, inviting a diverse audience to buy art through platforms that have seen exponential growth, all from the comfort of their own home.

Artists can reach global audiences on social media, selling their artworks directly, thus redefining the traditional art sale.

Connecting with Cornish Inspiration

There’s an undeniable charm in the Cornish landscape. Celebrated artists like Ted Dyer, Joanne Short, and John Dyer create captivating artworks, available for purchase online, inviting you to connect with their Cornish inspiration.

Examples of work by John dyer, Joanne Short and ted dyer
Above: choosing the right artist from The John Dyer Gallery to suit your taste

Ted Dyer’s impressionistic oils and John Dyer’s contemporary naive paintings, featured in national collections, embody the artistic spirit of Cornwall, offering us the opportunity to immerse ourselves in their vision.

Commissioning Artwork Through the Web

The digital landscape also opens avenues for commissioning artwork through the web. Art lovers can now liaise directly with artists, harnessing the convenience of online platforms like to create original works that resonate with their personal narratives.

This modern approach to commissioning art allows for a collaborative and fulfilling creative process, enriched by direct interactions, whether virtual or face-to-face.

The Process of Commissioning Your Perfect Piece

The journey to commission your perfect piece includes the following steps:

  1. Select a style and artist from our gallery.

  2. Have a detailed exchange on email or by telephone to articulate your vision.

  3. Work closely with the artist to ensure every aspect of the artwork aligns with your expectations and what you want included in the painting.

  4. Have regular updates and feedback sessions to refine the piece.

  5. Culminate in an artwork that you love.

Here at The John Dyer Gallery we like to discuss what it is you would like and then we decide if it is something we feel fits in with our work. If the piece is something which, when created, will fit into our collection easily then we do not ask for any payment in advance and you are not expected to buy the painting. If, however, the painting is much more personal to you (your own house/garden for example), we will negotiate how much advance payment we may need, depending on the size of piece.

Celebrated Artists at Your Service

Embrace the opportunity to collaborate with celebrated artists, such as John Dyer, Joanne Short and Ted Dyer, for an exclusive commission that adds depth to your collection. Their commitment to artistry ensures that clients receive pieces that are not only visually stunning but also carry the weight of the artist’s signature. Acclaimed organisations and personalities have sought their work, adding to the allure of their paintings and the exclusivity offered through the John Dyer Gallery. Among their collectors are Alan Titchmarsh, Toyah Wilcox and Kim Wilde.

Art for Every Wall and Wallet

The beauty of online art lies in its inclusivity; artwork exists for every wall and wallet. From captivating affordable art to prestigious investment pieces, online sources offer an array of options to cater to diverse financial frames.

Whether you’re searching for that perfect canvas, a poster to liven up a room, or a limited edition print, the digital art market accommodates all. We have recently started to work with OWN ART, offering an interest free staged payment.

Finding Art That Fits Your Financial Frame

Setting a budget is the first step to finding art that resonates with both your heart and your wallet. Online galleries guide buyers with tools and advice to navigate curated selections that balance quality and cost. In the UK, financial options like the Arts Council England’s Own Art Scheme on make it easier for art lovers to spread the cost over time, ensuring that financial constraints don’t hinder the pursuit of aesthetic pleasure.

We have recently started to work with this Own Art scheme, offering an interest free staged payment. This scheme works with the support of The British Arts Council. It means you are able to have your painting as soon as the first payment has gone through and you have been accepted onto the scheme.

Hopefully this scheme will enable those customers who may otherwise feel they can't justify paying the full amount straight away.

Exclusive Sales and Limited Editions

Nothing quite matches the thrill of acquiring a signed limited edition print. Artists like John Dyer and Joanne Short present collectors with the opportunity to own a slice of their artistic repertoire, elevating the ownership of art to an experience of exclusivity.

Enhance Your Space with the Right Artwork

Art is not just about possession; it’s about transformation. The right artwork enhances your space and reflects your personal taste. Deciding on the types, styles, and sizes of art that will complement your surroundings is a crucial step in creating an environment that is both aesthetically pleasing and uniquely yours.

Measuring Up: Choosing the Correct Dimensions

room sets showing work from the John dyer gallery
Above: examples of choosing dimensions of paintings to suit your room

Artwork should harmonise with your space, not overwhelm it. Finding the correct dimensions is essential; art should cover a proportional part of the wall and be in sync with the furniture it complements. Eye level is the sweet spot for hanging, ensuring that each piece can be admired comfortably as part of the room’s overall composition.

Colour and Style Harmony

choosing a colour palette for your room
Above: Picking out colours in a painting to suit your room

Beyond size, the harmony of colours and styles can make or break the impact of artwork within a space. Choosing art that echoes the nature and beauty of a room’s existing palette and design can elevate the quality of the living experience.

With creativity, even simple framed items like our range of vintage style posters can become displays of personal expression and style.

The Simplicity of Framing and Hanging Online Purchases

The process of framing and hanging wall art, once a complex endeavour, has been simplified by online purchases. Artwork arrives ready to adorn your walls, framed with care and equipped for easy installation.

The simplicity of this service means that art lovers can transition from buyer to exhibitor with ease and confidence.

Frames to Suit Every Artwork

Choosing the right frame can accentuate the beauty of your prints and posters. With a variety of materials and styles to consider, from real wood to sleek modern finishes, the frame should be in dialogue with the artwork, enhancing its presence without distraction. Our limited edition prints are unframed, giving you the choice of how you want them to be presented in a way that best suits your home.

different styles available for framing open edition prints

Above: John Dyer Framed Open Edition Cornish Fine Art Print. Falmouth Tall Ships Races 2023

Our collection of open edition prints come in a choice of simple white, black or natural wood coloured frames, or again, can be purchased unframed to give you more personal choice. Our posters are in simple white frames which set the images off beautifully.

Hang with Confidence

Once you have the perfect frame, hanging your artwork with precision is the next step. Positioning art at eye level and maintaining the right gap above furniture ensures that your artwork integrates seamlessly into your living space. It’s about creating a visual balance that feels both intentional and effortless.

choosing a painting to fit the space

Collecting Art Across Borders

The online art world knows no borders. Collectors can now traverse continents from their screens, discovering and acquiring distinctive pieces that span styles and cultures. This global network not only enhances the cultural experience but also broadens the investment portfolio of those who buy art from across the world.

Worldwide Wonders: Global Artists Featured Online

The internet has democratized art discovery, allowing global artists to shine on the international stage. Art lovers are afforded the rare opportunity to explore and acquire artworks that transcend their local milieu, bringing a piece of the world into their personal collections.

Seamless International Purchase and Delivery

Online platforms have streamlined the process of international art purchasing and delivery. With secure payment options and robust packaging, art can safely traverse the globe, arriving at your doorstep without the hassle of traditional logistics. Here at The John Dyer Gallery we offer free worldwide delivery on all items.


As we close the chapter on this exploration of online art galleries, it’s clear that the art world is at your fingertips. Whether it’s the discovery of new styles, the commissioning of unique pieces, or the thrill of international collecting, the digital age offers a canvas of possibilities. Let your walls tell your story; let your spaces reflect your passion. Art is not just a purchase; it is something to enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really find quality art that fits my budget online?

Yes, you can find quality art that fits your budget online. Our Online art gallery offers a wide range of options, from affordable prints and posters to original paintings, with tools and filters to aid in your search.

How can I be sure the artwork I buy online will look good in my space?

You can be sure the artwork you buy online will look good in your space by viewing the room settings that the John Dyer Gallery set up to show you how the particular piece of work you are looking at fits into a room. This system offered by our online gallery ensures the dimensions and style would complement your existing decor and personal taste and look good in your space too.

Is it safe to buy and ship art internationally?

Yes, it is safe to buy and ship art internationally, as online galleries have secure payment systems and reliable shipping processes..

How do I know if I'm choosing the right frame for my online art purchase?

To choose the right frame for your online art purchase, consider the colour temperature, material, and style to ensure it complements the artwork. Many online purchases offer framing options, and some artworks come ready to hang.

Can I commission artwork from artists I discover online?

Yes, you can commission artwork from artists you discover online. Many artists and online galleries offer commissioning services.

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