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Finding Your Perfect Cornwall Artist: A Guide to Buying Art in Cornwall

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Cornwall artists John Dyer and Joanne Short pictured painting on the cliffs at Helford Passage on the South Coast of Cornwall

Above: Cornwall artists John Dyer and Joanne Short pictured painting on the cliffs overlooking Helford Passage on the South Coast of Cornwall.

Are you looking for a Cornwall artist to be inspired by and to buy art to decorate your home or office with a beautiful piece of Cornish art? The range of Cornish artists available is staggering - from the traditionalist to the modernist and everything in between. Let this guide lead you towards finding your perfect Cornwall artist from our acclaimed Cornwall online art gallery that enables you to buy paintings and buy prints online by Cornwall's leading contemporary artists.

John Dyer and Joanne Short paintings in a contemporary interior setting

Above: This contemporary interior is greatly enhanced with the original paintings by John Dyer (left) and Joanne Short (right) hanging on the wall. The paintings are from the St Ives Society of Artists John Dyer Gallery exhibition.

To start, consider the type of art you'd like to buy; fine art prints, original paintings, acrylics or oils. Each Cornwall artist has a unique style, so take your time to browse our gallery and decide which one is right for you. Once you know the type of artwork that appeals to you narrow down your options regarding subject matter, size and price.

If you have a particular artist in mind, such as the renowned Cornwall artist John Dyer, read through their biography to get an insight into their life and work. It’s also important to look at what other people have said about them; reviews from previous buyers can help you decide if the artist is right for you.

Fine Art Prints of Cornwall

Prints are a great way to start collecting art. They’re often more affordable than an original painting, allowing you to purchase several prints from the same artist and create your mini-collection. The print size you select will depend on the wall space available - whether for a single piece of art or as part of a larger display of several artworks.

Our online art gallery has a unique and wide range of museum-quality art prints for you to consider. If you are on a budget, look at our art poster print range which has a vast selection of contemporary art that is available framed or unframed in four sizes from A3 to 100x70cm. The range is available worldwide so all our clients can enjoy the best Cornish art on their walls with free and fast delivery.


Above: An example of a museum-quality art poster print. This one is by Joanne Short and features her painting of St Mawes in Cornwall. The full collection features over two hundred prints to view and select from in four sizes and in framed and unframed options. All with free worldwide delivery. View the entire print collection here.

The next choice in our fine art printmaking range is open-edition prints. These prints are available in a wide range of sizes and with three framing options and are printed on museum-quality paper with archival inks that can last over one hundred years. The prints are available unframed or framed with a conservation mount; some come in large wall art sizes. You can make a huge impression in your interior space with a curated collection of open-editions that can last a lifetime.

Above: An open-edition museum-quality fine art print by Cornwall artist Ted Dyer of the wonderful white sand and blue sea of the island of Tresco, Isles of Scilly. Explore our full range of open-edition prints now and select unframed or framed with three choices of moulding and archival mounts and paper.

Limited Edition Prints of Cornwall

If you're looking for something special, our range of limited-edition prints is a perfect choice. Each print is personalised as the artist has hand-signed and numbered each of the prints, and many are in editions of only fifty signed prints, making them highly collectable. Most of the prints are created by our painters in their studios in Cornwall, these Cornish landscape prints are mainly printed on museum-quality watercolour paper and individually signed, titled and numbered in pencil by the artists making each one unique.

Above: An example of a John Dyer signed limited edition print that is available on the gallery. Discover the entire collection of prints from of Cornish artists now.

Original Paintings from Cornwall

Purchasing an original piece of art is a personal decision; it’s about finding that special painting that appeals to your eyes and speaks to you emotionally. Our online gallery has many specially curated collections of original paintings.

The story behind an original painting can be captivating, and buying a one-off piece of art is very special as it can last a lifetime and create a fantastic atmosphere in your home. When looking for an original painting, consider its size, colours, content and composition - these are key elements in ensuring you get the perfect artwork for your space.

Above: An original painting by John Dyer. 'Puffins at Pentle Bay, Tresco'. 33x40 inches original art acrylic on board.

Our Cornwall Artists

The quality of artwork produced by our Cornwall artists is incredibly high - they are all highly experienced artists who have studied their craft and art for decades. Many of the paintings in our gallery reflect the Cornish way of life, capturing the beauty and character of the area’s gorgeous landscapes. The variety of styles from these talented artists is remarkable, from traditional seascapes by Ted Dyer, contemporary bright and fun colourful art that is an inspiration by John Dyer and the paintings by painter Joanne Short that are unique colourist images of the coast and nature that have a jewel-like quality to them.

Cornwall artists John Dyer and Joanne Short pictured on the cliffs at Kynance Cove in Cornwall

Above: Cornwall artists John Dyer and Joanne Short pictured on the cliffs at Kynance Cove in Cornwall

We invite you to take your time to look through our selection of Cornwall artworks - browse through the different styles, genres, sizes and prices. We are sure that something here will make a great addition to your collection.

If you’d like advice or help to select the perfect piece of art for your home or office, our friendly team of artists is always on hand to answer any questions. This is a crucial difference between standard galleries and The John Dyer Gallery, as artists run our gallery. We are experts in providing the best Cornish art to individuals across the South West, West Cornwall, North Cornwall and the wider UK. We recommend original art and prints for private homes, business, hospitality and corporate settings. Why not let us curate your private collections for you?

Original Artworks

When selecting artwork for your wall, an original oil painting or acrylic painting can often be the best option. Not only are they unique, but they can also be valuable investments in time. We have a range of original artworks from our Cornish artists that make beautiful additions to any home or office. Each piece has been carefully chosen for its quality and composition and will stand out and enhance an interior space wherever it’s displayed. With paintings on canvas and board, paintings of the sea that capture Cornwall's fantastic light, paintings that celebrate the natural world and biodiversity of Cornwall, landscape paintings, and paintings of West Cornwall, North Cornwall, Newlyn Harbour, St Ives and much of the Cornish coast you will be able to find your perfect painting.

Ted Dyer

Above: A spectacular example of an original Ted Dyer oil painting

Ted Dyer is a Cornish artist passionate about capturing the essence of Cornwall in his paintings. Dyer has spent his life immersed in the rugged beauty of this coastal county, and his love for its landscape is evident in every brushstroke. Ted Dyer's paintings are renowned for their evocative depictions of Cornish harbours, coastal paths and moody skies. He uses various techniques to bring his canvases to life, from bold, vibrant strokes of colour to delicate blended and graduated oil colour that suggests the play of light on the water. Through his careful observation and artistic skill, Dyer can transport the viewer to the heart of Cornwall, capturing the essence of its rugged beauty and inviting them to experience it for themselves.

If you are looking for Cornish art that captures the landscape, seascapes and beachscapes perfectly then take a careful look at Ted Dyer's available paintings. Now in his 83rd year, Ted Dyer is Cornwall's most accomplished artist.

John Dyer

Above: A colourful example of a contemporary original painting by Cornwall artist John Dyer

John Dyer is a celebrated Cornish artist well-known for his colourful, vibrant acrylic paintings of Cornwall. His work celebrates the beauty and uniqueness of the Cornish landscape, and his paintings are filled with vivid, joyful depictions of the area's stunning natural scenery.

John Dyer's paintings truly reflect his love for the region, and he has captured its essence in every brushstroke. His use of bright, bold colours, combined with detailing and naive characters from dogs, people and seagulls, creates a lively, dynamic energy that reflects the spirit of Cornwall itself. Whether he is painting the rugged coastline or the lush sub-tropical gardens of Cornwall, John Dyer's unique style captures the character and essence of the place, making his work a must-see for all art lovers. With his infectious enthusiasm and passion for art and life, John Dyer is among Cornwall's most exciting and talented artists today and an artist whose art is widely collected in print and original form.

From a young age, John Dyer immersed himself in the landscape of Cornwall, studying the wildlife and celebrating it with his art. John Dyer is now an official Artist for the Earth with in the USA, the Artist in Residence for The Eden Project in Cornwall and founded the acclaimed Last Chance to Paint art and educational project in 2018 that he runs in partnership with the Born Free Foundation. John Dyer is Cornwall's most famous and widely collected contemporary artist.

Joanne Short

Above: A colourist oil painting by Cornish artist Joanne Short showing her extraordinary use of colour and line.

Joanne Short is a Cornish artist who creates stunning oil paintings that capture the beauty of nature. Her colourist style is filled with wildflowers and dynamic form resulting in landscapes that burst with joy and sunshine. Joanne's work has been described as jewel-like due to her ability to capture light in all its forms. She often uses vibrant colours to bring her compositions alive, creating works of art that are both beautiful and inspiring. From coastal scenes to Cornish gardens filled with flowers, each painting tells a story that captures Cornwall's spirit.

Joanne’s passion for capturing the essence of nature shines through in every piece she creates – making them perfect additions to any home or office space. Joanne Short exhibits regularly all of her new paintings on The John Dyer Gallery and the oil paint she uses make her paintings really spectacular as it is of the very highest quality and radiates colour from the canvas.


Our artists regularly exhibit at the John Dyer Gallery online and at our exclusive exhibition openings in various stunning locations. We have held exhibitions on St Michael's Mount, The Eden Project, The National Maritime Museum Cornwall and the St Ives Society of Artists to name but a few. Each of our online exhibitions is an inspiration and brings a real sense of what our Cornwall artists offer and create to all who view.

Cornwall Artists Gallery in your Pocket

Wherever you are, we are your contemporary gallery in your pocket. Delivery is free and fast worldwide, so whether in Cornwall, New Zealand or Florida, you can feel confident choosing unique contemporary art from our gallery for your home. We often ship original paintings to the USA as the tropical feel of Cornwall resonates with our collectors in Florida, California and the southern states. You might be surprised how many pieces of Cornish art are hanging on walls worldwide.

Cornwall Art History

The history of painting in Cornwall is vibrant, with artists such as historic St Ives artist Alfred Wallis (1855 - 1942) and contemporary Falmouth artist John Dyer (born 1968) creating stunning art that captures the beauty of this region.

At age 70, Cornish fisherman Alfred Wallis embarked on an unexpected journey of becoming a self-taught artist known for his unique take on harbour landscapes and shipping scenes. Without any formal art training, he used ordinary household paints to create masterpieces on cardboard.

Continuing the influential genre of naïve art John Dyer has become renowned for his colourful acrylic paintings of Cornwall's coast and sub-tropical gardens. Both artists' art is filled with joy and energy. Their unique styles have helped shape the art landscape in Cornwall today, inspiring generations of artists to come.

Art College

John Dyer and Joanne Short attended the Falmouth School of Art in 1986, where they developed a passion for painting and a creative working process. After graduating from Falmouth, they both pursued art at the degree level. John studied graphic design, while Joanne pursued more traditional fine arts, mixed media, drawing, and printmaking in Italy. Both have since become renowned Cornish artists who capture the beauty of nature through their respective styles - with John creating vibrant acrylic paintings and Joanne crafting jewel-like oil paintings that burst with joy and sunshine. These two talented artists continue to shape and create Cornwall's art history today.

Falmouth College & Falmouth University

John Dyer and Joanne Short have a long history with Falmouth College and Falmouth University. Both John Dyer and Joanne Short studied at Falmouth College in the 1980s. After graduating from their respective courses, they both taught degree courses at Falmouth University during the 1990s. During this time, they could share their knowledge of art with students and help them hone their art and craft. They are well-known figures within the local artistic community due to their commitment to teaching and inspiring others through art.

Newlyn School

Joanne Short is an elected member of the prestigious Newlyn Society of Artists in Cornwall, UK. She is one of Cornwall's most collected contemporary painters and exhibits he paintings regularly at the John Dyer Gallery online. Her works are held in many private and public collections worldwide. Her work has been featured nationally and internationally in several significant exhibitions, including Cornwall, London and Monaco exhibitions. With her extensive knowledge and experience, Joanne continues to push boundaries as she explores new ways to express herself through art.

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All of the artists at the John Dyer Gallery are international artists, and we make their art available to all our collectors worldwide with free and fast delivery. Look at the available original paintings in the gallery today in the collection below. We are just a click away if you need any advice or assistance.

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