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Invest in Art - Discover Your Perfect Online Gallery Painting in our Online Galleries

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Original paintings by John Dyer displayed in a John Dyer Gallery exhibition in St Ives in Cornwall that are available to purchase online

Above: Original paintings by John Dyer displayed in a John Dyer Gallery exhibition in St Ives in Cornwall that are available to purchase online

Welcome to the captivating world of online gallery painting and art galleries, where a world of stunning artwork is just a click away. No more navigating crowded galleries or settling for limited local options. Now, the perfect original artwork to invest in and enjoy for a lifetime can be discovered and purchased from the comfort of your own home or our physical art gallery in Falmouth, Cornwall by appointment.

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Key Takeaways

Buy Art - Browse Our Online Art Gallery

Online art gallery paintings

Our online art gallery is a rich source of exceptional artwork, featuring a diverse collection from renowned Cornwall artists. From the tranquillity of Cornwall’s coast captured by Ted Dyer to the vibrant expressions of John Dyer and Joanne Short, there is an array of fine art to enthral all art lovers. Not confined to Cornwall, our gallery also proudly showcases works from around the world as our artists are all international artists, bringing a touch of global artistic flair to your fingertips.

Our acclaimed gallery and online platform provides an opportunity to appreciate art beyond geographical boundaries, expanding your perspective and enriching your artistic taste. With the ability to browse through various styles, mediums, and themes, there is a perfect artwork waiting for everyone.

Variety of Styles and Mediums

Our online gallery presents a broad range of artistic styles and mediums. Notably, our collection features exquisite figurative paintings that beautifully capture the unique light and coastal tranquillity of Cornwall. Artists such as John Dyer, Joanne Short and Ted Dyer have distinguished themselves with their ability to depict nature’s power, colours and essence with their brush strokes.

Whether you’re drawn to the simplicity of still-lifecolourist or naïve art or the complexity of landscape and seascape art, our gallery offers a diverse collection to cater to your artistic preferences. The figurative style, with its focus on representing the human figure, is a highlight in our collection.

Search by Theme or Subject

You can also discover art by searching for artwork in our online gallery based on theme or subject. Whether you’re captivated by the charm of naïve art or the serene beauty of coastal scenes, you can easily navigate our collection to find pieces that resonate with your taste.

To further enhance your art discovery journey, we offer a rich collection of articles in our art blog. From in-depth coverage of artists and their inspirations to explorations of various art themes such as Cornwall and France, our blog is a fantastic resource for art enthusiasts.

The Convenience of Shopping for Original Art Online

The convenience offered by our online gallery is a significant advantage. Shopping for art online offers:

  • Buy from anywhere in the world at anytime

  • Access to a world of unique fine art paintings and prints from the comfort of your home or workplace

  • The ability to explore and purchase artwork at your leisure

With our gallery platform, you can enjoy these benefits and more.

The transparency of our online platform is another clear advantage. All artwork listed on our website is available for purchase unless marked as sold. This means you can browse and buy art with the assurance of availability, making the process stress-free and enjoyable.

Easy Navigation

We have designed our online gallery for easy navigation and a powerful find art search feature to help you find your perfect artwork. You can search based on your preferences, whether that’s the artist’s name, the style, subject or medium of the artwork.

The search function in our online gallery significantly improves the user experience by offering detailed descriptions and high-resolution images of the artworks.

Secure Payment and Shipping

We understand that security is paramount when shopping online. Our website guarantees the security of your purchases, offering various payment options as we use the acclaimed and industry leading and secure Shopify platform for our core technology.

  • Visa

  • Amex

  • Mastercard

  • Shop Pay

  • Amazon Pay

  • Apple Pay

  • Google Pay

  • PayPal

Our site uses an encrypted SSL payment process and is fully PCI DSS compliant, providing you with a secure transaction environment.

We also understand the excitement of receiving your chosen artwork. That’s why we offer free worldwide delivery on all purchases, handled by the Royal Mail and selected courier companies like DHL. Whether you’re buying from the UK or internationally, our shipping and packing process is free and efficient, ensuring your artwork reaches you safely and promptly.

Limited Edition Prints and Original Works

Buy limited edition prints online

Signed and Numbered Editions

We offer signed and numbered limited edition prints in our gallery, offering an affordable way to bring renowned artists’ work into your home. Each print is hand-signed by the artist, guaranteeing its authenticity and individuality. The fact that each print is assigned a unique number also enhances its scarcity and value, making these prints even more special and collectible.

All our limited edition prints are hand-signed by the artists, are produced using archival inks and museum-quality watercolour paper. This ensures that they can last over 200+ years when properly cared for, making them an enduring addition to your home or office and an investment for generations to come.

The artist carefully determines the number of limited editions, ensuring that no more can be produced after they are all sold. This exclusivity and rarity make limited edition prints highly sought after and valuable in comparison to mass-produced prints.

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a first-time buyer, our limited edition prints offer an accessible way to own a piece of art. These works are not just visually captivating; they’re also a testament to the artist’s creative journey and working process, making them a valuable addition to any art collection.

Investing in Original Art

Buy original paintings online

Investing in original art paintings can provide:

  • Personal pleasure

  • Potential for long-term value appreciation

  • Valuable addition to your home or office

  • Potential for relaxation and enhanced life enjoyment

When evaluating an artist’s future potential, it’s beneficial to look for the following indicators:

These are strong signs of promising future potential.

Art Consultation Services

Artwork provided for NHS England
Above: Original paintings purchased by the NHS on display on a hospital setting

We understand that choosing artwork can be a personal and significant decision. That’s why we offer professional art consultation services, tailored to your needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking to find the perfect piece for your home or your business, we are here to assist you.

Our consultation services are available both virtually and in-person. Our team and artists can provide expert guidance to help you navigate our collection and select the perfect artwork that aligns with your aesthetic preferences and space requirements.

Virtual Art Advisory

Our virtual art advisory service provides personalised guidance and expertise in selecting and acquiring art pieces online. It includes:

  • Access to expert curators

  • Curation of art collections

  • Insight into building a collection

  • Assistance in finding art within a specific budget

Our virtual art advisory service is your partner in creating a delightful experience while selecting artworks for your collection. We offer expert guidance on various aspects of art selection, such as:

  • style

  • medium

  • size

  • price

This service also helps curate the best pieces for your space, keep you informed about art trends, and can introduce you to exciting new galleries and artists.

In-Person Consultations

For those who prefer a more personal approach, we also offer in-person consultations at our base in Falmouth in Cornwall. This allows you to view and select original paintings in person from our gallery, with the guidance of our expert artists.

In addition to viewing artwork in our gallery, you can also:

  • Request viewings at your property or business in the Cornwall area

  • See how the artwork fits into your space before making a decision

  • Ensure that you choose the perfect piece.

Supporting Emerging and Established Artists

Artists John Dyer and Joanne Short
Above: Artists Joanne Short and John Dyer at an exhibition in St Ives in Cornwall

Our gallery is more than just a platform to display and sell artwork; it’s also a community that supports our emerging and established artists. We believe that every artist deserves a chance to shine, and we’re committed to providing them with opportunities to showcase their talent and gain exposure.

We do this through a variety of initiatives, including artist spotlights on our blog and with publications and opportunities for collaboration with leading organisations and artist residencies. These initiatives not only help artists to gain recognition for their work, but also provide them with a platform to share their creative process and inspirations.

Artist Spotlights and Interviews

Our artist spotlights and interviews offer a unique perspective into the artists’ creative processes and inspirations. Through these features, you can learn more about the artists behind the artwork, and understand the thought process that goes into creating each piece.

These features also provide a stage for artists to share their stories, allowing you to connect with them on a personal level. Whether it’s learning about their journey into the art world, their unique artistic style, or the inspirations behind their work, these interviews provide a deeper understanding of the artists and their artwork. Our art blog regularly features our artists and their latest art.

Opportunities for Artists

Aside from giving our artists exposure, our gallery also presents opportunities for artists to showcase their work and collaborate on projects. We believe in fostering a community of young artists, where they can support and learn from each other. We do this with our leading educational arts project Last Chance to Paint that we run with the Eden Project and the Born Free Foundation and reach well over 50,000 young artists every year.

Events and Exhibitions

We love celebrating art, and hold unique pop-up events and exhibitions. These events provide an opportunity for art lovers to view our latest collections, engage with the artwork, and even meet the artists behind the work.

Whether it’s an exhibition, a live stream for eduction, or an in-person event, we strive to create engaging and inspiring experiences for our audience. Our events and exhibitions are not just about showcasing artwork; they’re about creating a community of art lovers and artists, and celebrating the beauty and power of art and how we all connect to our world.

In-Person Events

Exhibition events provide a unique opportunity to view our latest collections in person, and to engage with the artwork on a deeper level.

In-person events also offer the opportunity to meet the artists behind the work. Whether it’s learning about their creative process, their inspirations, or their journey into the art world, meeting the artists can provide a deeper understanding and appreciation of their artwork.


Our online art gallery offers a unique platform to discover, explore, and purchase a diverse range of artwork from renowned international artists. With the convenience of shopping online, the variety of styles and mediums, and the opportunity to invest in limited edition prints and original works, finding your perfect artwork has never been easier. We also provide professional art consultation services, support emerging and established artists, and host a variety of events and exhibitions. So, whether you’re a seasoned collector or a first-time buyer, our online gallery is here to guide you on your art discovery journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create an online art gallery?

To create an online art gallery, set up a high-quality website, join a platform that markets to online art consumers, choose a hosting service, and consider watermarking your images for protection. Creating a digital art gallery involves choosing a platform, selecting the art, writing compelling copy, and focusing on marketing.

What is the Saatchi art controversy?

The Saatchi art controversy involves the London Saatchi Gallery calling off a charity show of Ukrainian art due to backlash over its connection to Russian individuals. This decision sparked controversy and debate.

How do I get my paintings into an art gallery?

To get your paintings into an art gallery, start by developing a relationship with the gallery through introductions or by meeting them in person. You can also write a letter of inquiry to the director, including your background, body of work, artist's statement, and why your art would be a good fit for their gallery. These steps can help you showcase your work and make a connection with the gallery.

What types of artwork does the online gallery showcase?

The online gallery showcases a diverse collection of artwork, including figurative paintings capturing Cornwall's unique light and coastal tranquility, and a variety of styles and mediums. You can also search for artwork based on theme or subject. Start exploring today!

What are the benefits of shopping for art online?

Shopping for art online offers the convenience of exploring and purchasing artwork at your leisure, without having to step out of your home. The online gallery also provides easy navigation and search options, secure payment processes, and efficient shipping methods. This can make the art-buying experience more accessible and enjoyable for many people.

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