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Discover the very best Fine Art Wall Prints

Fine art prints of paintings are perfect to hang in all types of interiors and our unique collection of prints is from some of the UK's most acclaimed contemporary artists.

We have a wide selection of museum-quality collections of fine art poster prints with frames, signed limited edition prints, and fine art open edition prints for you to browse and purchase online from our website featuring a range of amazing art from artists John Dyer, Joanne Short, and Ted Dyer. We have prints based on subjects such as the Cornish coast and animal-inspired prints.

Discover more about Fine Art Prints

What are fine art prints?

Fine art prints of paintings refer to any kind of print that is made from high-quality paper and archival ink, and it is usually printed by a fine art printer or artist. The prints often feature a high-quality reproduction of a piece of art such as a painting, drawing, or original piece of artwork and are often created by artists in their studios or by fine art printers they work closely with.

Why buy prints by Cornish artists?

There are many reasons why prints from Cornish artists are the very best. One of the most important is that the artists who come from Cornwall have a unique perspective on the world.

Corish artists see the landscape in a way and this can be seen in their optimistic and colourful artwork. All of our artists are widely collected, very well known and part of the unique art history of the UK and Cornwall, so you are buying art that has great provenance and will be appreciated or known by all who view it.

Cornwall is a beautiful place and this can be seen in the artwork as many of the prints features the amazing coast and beauty of Cornwall.

Art posters and prints are a great way to decorate your home or interior space. They come in a variety of sizes and styles so you can find something that matches your budget and taste.

Many international buyers buy these for their homes because they remind them of the beauty of Cornwall. Others will give them as gifts to family members or friends who have moved away.

Tips for buying wall art prints

When purchasing prints, there are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Make sure you are buying from a reputable gallery or online business.

There are many poor-quality prints being sold online, so it's important to buy from a seller you can trust and to take the time to read some of the online reviews.

2. Check the quality of the print.

The colours should be bright and true-to-life, and the paper should be heavy and of high quality. All the artwork we exhibit and sell in our gallery is of the very highest quality.

3. Consider the size of the print.

Make sure it's big enough to show off your new piece of art, but not so big that it takes up too much space in your home. We supply interior lifestyle setting images for many of the pieces of artwork we sell and exact dimensions so you can measure your space.

4. Consider hanging multiple prints together

Prints can look great when hung together in twos or threes. If you're hanging prints of posters for the first time and wondered how to them, this may be a good way to approach it. When hung together, in a group or a line framed artwork can look really amazing and three smaller framed prints might work really well in your space, or even a large feature piece of artwork and two smaller ones next to it. It also allows you to create a modern art gallery feel and allows you to enjoy more than one image at a time.

5. Make sure you're getting good value artwork

Before you start your fine art posters adventure, it's important to understand what you're getting into. Not all fine art prints are created equal; some may be simple copies poorly reproduced. All of our artwork, posters, and prints are of the very highest quality and brilliant value for money too.

6. Framing options

To save time and to make it quick and easy to hang your art poster prints look for a framing option online. We offer our art poster prints with simple, clean and modern white frames that are elegant and cost-effective. Each print is carefully made, dry-mounted to a backing board to keep it flat, and then framed. The print arrives safely at your door ready to display.

7. When buying online look for free shipping

Why pay for shipping when you can buy your selected print or poster with free delivery? At the John Dyer Gallery, we provide free worldwide delivery to your door.

8. Find a subject that inspires you

We have hundreds of amazing options for you to buy online. Consider subjects that will inspire you and bring you joy. We have reproductions of paintings that feature England, Cornwall, the Jungle and Rainforests of Borneo and the Amazon, beautiful city prints, stunning landscapes of Somerset, and a beautiful collection of French prints. There are so many ideas and subjects to discover and creating a wish list might be a good place to start or narrow your ideas down by artist. You can list collections by bestsellers too if you are looking for ideas.

Where should you hang your new artwork?

Artwork can make a statement in terms of colour and mood in any room, so selecting the perfect place to display it is important.

There are several factors you should consider when determining where to hang your new wall art, including the colour of the surrounding walls and furniture, the height of ceilings, and lighting. A large print of a Cornish landscape may look best over a sofa or sideboard while vibrant floral prints, animals or city prints might work better hung in an entrance hallway or a bedroom and nautical or seaside prints look amazing in a bathroom setting.

It is all entirely down to personal choice in the end, but do try and avoid hanging your art too high or in a space that reflects a window too much.

What are museum-quality prints?

Museum-quality prints are considered to be of the highest quality by art experts and collectors and will last many years. They are made with the finest materials using quality archival paper and light-fast archival inks. Even our poster prints are produced to museum-quality standards and the majority of our signed limited edition prints are printed on the very finest watercolour paper.

Do art prints and posters increase in value?

Generally speaking, you shouldn't buy poster prints as an investment. Signed limited edition prints in small edition numbers will have a future value but if you are looking to invest in art you should consider buying original paintings. Paintings are naturally one-off pieces created by the artist and therefore are unique. This uniqueness is what gives an original painting a far higher future value than art prints. Prints are however a wonderful way to fill your home on a budget and a great way to start your art collection.

How do I purchase a print of a painting I have seen?

If you have seen a painting on The John Dyer Gallery website that isn't already available in a print, canvas print or poster form then please do contact us as we may well be able to add the print to one of our collections and make it available within a few days for you to purchase online.