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The top 6 benefits of working with arts consultants

  • 4 min read

Art constancy - health care setting use of fine art prints

Above: Gustav Klimt open edition museum-quality art prints in a health care reception setting.

If you're a business owner, health care provider, hospitality business or property developer, then you know that creating a visually appealing and professional environment is key to success. A big part of this is having the right art in your interiors. But choosing the right art can be difficult - that's where art consultants come in. In this blog post, we will discuss the top six benefits of working with an art consultant.

What are arts consultants?

An art consultant is a professional who will work closely with you on your projects in the selection, acquisition, and placement of artwork. You might be thinking, "I can do that myself. I know what I like." But there are many benefits to working with an art consultant that go beyond simply finding something that you like. Here are the top six reasons to consider working with an art consultant.

1. Save time and energy

Art consultancy - using historic art for business settings

Above: A selection of historic art open-edition fine art prints by Claude Monet in a canteen, restaurant setting.

The process of selecting and purchasing art can be time-consuming and stressful. An art consultant can take care of all the research and legwork for their clients so that they can focus on the core business strategy.

2. Get expert advice

Traditional original paintings - art consultancy

Above: Figurative original paintings by artist Ted Dyer in a traditional setting

Art consultants have extensive knowledge about the art world or their specialty or cultural can provide valuable insights and an evaluation into the artists, styles, and look that is right for your space.

3. Avoid costly mistakes

Art consultants - hotel lobby

Above: Original garden painting by John Dyer in a hotel lobby setting

With an art consultant's help, you can avoid overspending on artwork that doesn't fit your vision or budget. An experienced art consultant will also be able to negotiate on your behalf to get the best possible price for the piece you have selected.

4. Stay within your budget

Art for waiting areas - art consultancy

Above: Open edition art print by John Dyer in a waiting room setting

Art consultants can work with you to find artwork within your budget while still meeting your aesthetic goals. Your budget and organisation might only require art prints and reproductions or maybe you need to project a more powerful image and use site specific commission art for a real statement. Whatever your needs it is good to engage an art consultant for support, their fresh view on your project, their knowledge and expertise.

5. Art can be an investment

original art for interiors - art consultancy

Above: Original painting by John Dyer of the Amazon rainforest in a hotel setting

With an art consultant's assistance, you can consider artwork that will likely appreciate or hold its value over time. All artwork that is purchased to create an ambiance in an interior is easily offset against tax and VAT, so when pitching for fundraising in your company it is worth bearing this in mind.

6. Add a personal touch to your space 

Art consultants - using original paintings

Above: Original John Dyer painting of the Amazon rainforest

Your office or public space says a lot about who you are as a business and your culture. An art consultant can help you choose pieces that reflect your company's values and personality, resulting in a space that is both inviting and inspiring. Sometimes art can help people to talk and engage and in a healthcare setting art is a really valuable asset for putting people at ease and to create a real sense of wellbeing and calm. Private hospitals, dentists and clinics should all be using art for this purpose. In hotel and hospitality settings this also works really well.

Art consultants offer a lot of expertise

Art for a café setting - fine art wall art poster prints of cities

Above: Joanne Short wall art poster prints in a café setting

Art consultants offer a wide range of services, from full-service curation, sourcing art and the appropriate framing to simple consultations. The important thing is to find an art consultant who is a good fit for your needs and objectives. At The John Dyer Gallery we are always happy to talk through your initial ideas.

Develop an arts strategy

Imagine walking into a business setting with no art on the walls, what does that say about the ethos, culture and aspirations of the business?

The mission of any good arts consultant should be working out a strategy to support the project, understanding the clients needs, discussing any challenges and advising how to source the best possible art that is appropriate for the project and to work with the cultural sector, creative industries, cultural organisations, artists, interior designers and marketing teams to dovetail the art into the vision.

An arts consultants sourcing options

Art consultants might suggest available contemporary paintings, commissioning artists, sourcing art prints or posters or building up a unique collection from art auctions and commercial galleries. It is an exciting process and your deadline will have a big impact on what is possible.

Consider engaging an arts consultant for your project

An art consultant offers many benefits beyond simply finding something that you like, such as saving time and energy or avoiding costly mistakes related to purchasing artwork. Engaging an expert in the field is a wise move when it comes to adding the perfect finishing touches to office, hospitality, health, care homes, residential developments, leisure, retail or business settings. At The John Dyer Gallery we are happy to research and work with you to provide, create, source or commission art for your project whether it is a single painting, a commission or series of artworks or thousands of art prints for a hotel chain.

The John Dyer Gallery can advise on projects in the UK, London and cities around the world and we have a unique knowledge and understanding of contemporary Cornish art, British art and Amazon rainforest art. We love strategic planning, working closely on interior projects using the arts, can research, create and commission new artworks and provide a wealth of knowledge for you.

You can discover our artists and artwork on our online gallery for ideas and inspiration.

Do get in contact as we would love to hear about your project and get involved.

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