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Enhance Your Space with Top-Tier Modern Art Prints: A Curated Selection

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Enhance Your Space with Top-Tier Modern Art Prints: A Curated Selection

Above: Modern art print by John Dyer of his painting 'Chatting to the Goldfish, Jardin Thuret, Cap d'Antibes, France.' Available to buy online.

Are you interested in fine art prints and modern art prints but unsure where to start? Strip away the complexity with this straightforward guide on selecting and displaying modern art prints. We dive into the practical aspects of choosing prints that align with your style and space, discuss our standout artists, and highlight techniques that set modern prints apart. Get ready to infuse your home with the modern aesthetic that modern art prints can provide.

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Key Takeaways

  • Modern art prints enhance living spaces by carrying the legacy of creative movements, offering diversity, and stimulating emotional responses through various styles like abstract, contemporary, and graphic prints.

  • The selection of modern art prints for home decor should align with personal taste, room function, and existing design themes, utilising different printmaking techniques, quality materials, and even limited edition pieces for a lasting visual impact.

  • Curating an art collection is a personalised process that reflects the collector’s journey and tastes, involving thematic arrangements, quality material selection, and strategic placements to infuse life into every room and create a cohesive visual narrative.

Discover the World of Modern Art Prints 

posters by Toulouse Lautrec

The allure of modern art prints is undeniable. With its roots stretching from the innovative movements of the 1860s to the revolutionary changes of the 1970s, modern art has been a testament to the evolution of creative expression. This period was marked by artists breaking from tradition to explore new territories in shape, colour, and line, resulting in an art form that transcends time and continues to inspire today. Modern art prints, available in a myriad of forms, carry the legacy of these movements into the spaces we inhabit, providing an unparalleled visual experience. Giclée prints are a popular method for producing high-quality modern art prints.

Mediterranean Landscape by Picasso
Above:'Mediterranean Landscape' by Picasso

Adding modern art prints to your home goes beyond merely adorning empty walls; it involves creating a space that mirrors your uniqueness and passion for life. Iconic works like Picasso’s ‘Mediterranean Landscape’ illustrate the diversity and innovation that modern art prints bring to any setting, the use of dynamic line and shapes in the image helped to define modern figurative art. The availability of original art pieces online has made it easier than ever to find that perfect print to create an oasis of beauty and inspiration in your own space.

Contemporary Figures

John dyer ecology posters
Above: Poster Prints by John Dyer

John Dyer, one of Cornwall’s best-known and best-loved contemporary artists, is an integral part of the modern design landscape. His role as the artist in residence for many global organisations including for the Eden Project and an official Artist for the Earth with in the USA is a clear indication of his influence and commitment to the environment. Furthermore, John Dyer’s paintings are celebrated for their depiction of the ‘song of life,’ resonating with audiences worldwide through his art prints, posters, and exhibitions of original paintings. John's contemporary figurative art prints can often be found in homes all around the world.

John Dyer’s contributions extend beyond the canvas to global projects and exhibitions with various organisations and countries, including his project for young artists, Last Chance To Paint. Available in print form, his artwork adds a richness to the spaces it fills, linking us to the shared narratives and experiences of humanity, and reminding us of the unique life beauty that contemporary art figures skillfully capture.

Graphic and Bold

posters by Joanne Short
Above: Vintage Style posters by Joanne Short  

Step into the world of graphic and bold art prints, where the vivid colours and distinct lines craft a striking visual impact that can transform any room into a statement of intent. These elements are not just decorative; they are an assertion of character, an embodiment of the homeowner’s taste and personality that defines the mood and ambiance of the space. Graphic prints, with their power to captivate and start conversations, become the focal point, adding depth and colour that pulls together the overall design theme in a room. These graphic and bold art prints are frequently showcased in art exhibitions for their striking visual impact.

Elevate Your Walls: Styles & Techniques 

Incorporating wall art into your home is about creating a focal point that brings life to your space. An eye-catching framed print in the living room, a calming seascape in the bedroom, or a motivating canvas print in the office can all significantly elevate the overall design theme with the right piece of art. With an exclusive print range inspired by locations from Cornwall to New York to the Amazon Rainforest, and the convenience of local creation and shipping from the UK, EU, USA, and Australia, the selection available at The John Dyer Gallery promises a perfect match for every collector’s taste and space.

The Technique Behind the Art

The transformation of a space with modern art prints involves not just style but also printmaking techniques. From the traditional methods of woodcut, lino prints and lithography to modern screenprinting, the evolution of printmaking has given rise to a rich tapestry of visual experiences. Each technique, whether it be the controlled pressure of a printing press or the digital precision of contemporary practices, contributes to the conversation value and visual complexity of the art prints.

The technique behind modern art prints is as varied as the artworks themselves, with each process adding a layer of depth and distinction to the final piece. The printmaking process, including the creation of limited edition prints, traditionally involved transferring the artist’s vision from a matrix, made of wood, metal, or glass, onto a receptive medium like paper or fabric through the application of ink and pressure. Even in the realm of multiples, monotype printing stands out by offering a singular, unique impression, underscoring the exclusivity of owning an original piece.

examples of Ted Dyer open edition prints
Above: Open Edition Prints by Ted Dyer

Artists like Ted Dyer focus on capturing the unique quality of light in Cornwall, imbuing their prints with a distinct feeling and depth that translates beautifully onto the chosen materials. Ted Dyer's fine-art prints are all created with museum-quality paper and inks, ensure lasting quality, while the local production and shipment from the UK, EU, USA, and Australia offer the collector peace of mind regarding delivery and the absence of import duties or taxes. When you select these art prints, you gain more than just an image; you invest in a piece of art that narrates a story, contributes to well-being, and withstands the test of time.

Choosing Your Style

Selecting the perfect art print for your space is a reflection of your personal taste and the ambiance you wish to create. The room’s function, the mood you’re aiming to set, and the existing decor are all critical factors in this decision.

Here are some art styles that can complement different types of spaces:

  • Abstract prints, with their open interpretation, marry well with minimalist and Scandinavian styles, offering a serene backdrop to modern living.

  • Contemporary art can perfectly complement the sleek lines of a newly constructed space.

  • Vintage-inspired pieces can amplify the charm of a space with a retro flair.

Consider these factors when choosing an art print to create the desired atmosphere in your space.

open edition prints by Joanne short
Above: Open Edition Prints by Joanne Short

Renowned artists like John Dyer, Ted Dyer and Joanne Short, with their postmodern plein-air paintings, offer a variety of styles that cater to diverse personal tastes, from the bold and vibrant to the serene and understated. Their unique use of colour and form has made them some of Cornwall’s most collected artists, with their works finding a home in settings that range from the traditional to the avant-garde. Whether you are attracted to vibrant or peaceful pieces, the key is to select a work that harmonises with your spirit and infuses joy into your daily life.

Curate Your Collection

Curating an art collection is an art form in itself, a process that requires thoughtfulness and an eye for balance and harmony. Begin by positioning your largest art prints as anchors in the space, creating a strong visual foundation upon which smaller pieces can be arranged. As you add to your collection, consider varying the configurations on each wall, using different sizes and orientations to impart a sense of dynamism and organic growth to your gallery.

Understanding the art market can help collectors make informed decisions when curating their collection.

This approach to curation transforms a mere assortment of prints into a cohesive narrative that unfolds across your walls. This goes beyond aesthetics; it involves crafting a visual narrative that mirrors your journey, interests, and significant life moments.

Mix and Match

John dyer gallery prints in room sets

The beauty of mixing and matching prints lies in the creation of a visually diverse and dynamic gallery wall. Here are some tips to help you achieve this:

  • Employ consistent framing to unite various art styles.

  • Use a harmonized colour palette to ensure that the different pieces blend seamlessly.

  • Integrate a mix of horizontal and vertical prints to add variety.

  • Vary frame styles from modern to ornate to create visual interest. By following these tips, your collection will capture the unique essence of your personality and taste. 

Theme It Up

Establishing a common theme or motif in your art collections can imbue your space with a sense of harmony and purpose. Whether you’re drawn to a particular colour story, subject matter, or artistic style, choosing prints that adhere to this unifying element will create a cohesive and impactful visual statement. Themed collections can range from serene landscapes to vibrant urban scenes, each telling a story that resonates with your life and experiences.

Such thematic curation is not limited to the art prints themselves; it can also include original paintings from artists like John Dyer, Joanne Short, and Ted Dyer, whose new works are available for purchase online. A themed gallery wall not only enhances the aesthetic of your space but also serves as a tangible reflection of the things that inspire and move you.

Quality Materials for Lasting Impressions

The longevity of an art print is intrinsically linked to the archival quality of the materials used in its creation. From fine art pasteboard to watercolour paper and canvas, the choice of substrate plays a crucial role in not only the aesthetic but also the durability of the piece. Here at The John Dyer Gallery we use German Etching Paper by Hahnemuehle, known for its 310gsm weight and watercolour paper texture, is particularly revered for its ability to present art prints in the best possible light.

Investment in premium materials guarantees the longevity of your art prints, leaving a lasting impression on your home and serving as a source of beauty and inspiration for many years. It’s not simply a matter of visual appeal; it’s about preserving the stories and emotions that each piece holds within its fibers.

Bringing Life to Every Room

Art prints have the transformative ability to bring life and personality to every room they grace. By utilising both the vertical and horizontal spaces, such as in a hallway and stairwell, you can create an efficient and visually intriguing arrangement of art posters. Moreover, integrating unframed pieces like textiles or sculptural elements alongside framed prints can prevent a display from feeling monotonous and instead add a unique texture and depth to your gallery wall.

This method of bringing life to every room through art is about more than decoration; it’s about expressing who you are and the life you lead in a way that is both personal and universal. It’s about turning each room into a storybook, with every wall art piece serving as a chapter in the narrative of your home. The work of John Dyer is a narrative in its own right and each painting tells a story.

Living Spaces

Large prints can command attention above sofas, while smaller prints can create an intimate gallery feel around the room. It’s essential to take accurate measurements to ensure the artwork fits well within the scale of the room, avoiding overcrowding or underwhelming spaces.

Art dealers can provide access to high-quality prints that enhance living spaces.

The art you choose for your living space reflects your personal style as much as it does your design sensibilities. Opting for fewer larger frames in a small room can help maintain a sense of openness while selecting colours that either blend with your existing palette or provide a contrasting punch can dictate the room’s ambiance.

John Dyer prints shown in various locations

Above: Examples of John Dyer Prints and how they enhance a space

With the right frame and the right piece, you can infuse energy into your living area, creating an environment that encourages interaction and reflects your life’s vibrancy.

Personal Retreats

Personal retreats like home offices and bedrooms are sanctuaries for tranquility, and the art prints chosen for these spaces should reflect that. Art studios are excellent places to find unique and personalised art prints for these spaces. Incorporating prints that echo personal interests like images by John Dyer can significantly enhance creativity, while more tranquil images by Joanne Short and Ted Dyer contribute to a calming atmosphere conducive to rest and rejuvenation.

In personal spaces, art can also boost the ambiance and supplement lighting, creating a more open and roomy feel. Prints depicting elements of nature can bring a sense of calm and help increase productivity, while minimalist art can maintain brightness, reduce distractions, and facilitate a serene environment for focus and contemplation.

Art That Speaks: Find Your Voice

Art is a powerful medium for self-expression, and the prints you choose can serve as a visual representation of your mood, opinions, and attitude. When selecting fine art, consider pieces that resonate with your personal tastes and emotions, allowing you to showcase a unique perspective and story within your space. Understanding art movements can help in selecting prints that resonate with personal experiences and emotions.

The psychology behind the attraction to specific art pieces often mirrors personal experiences and emotional bonds. Thus, each selection becomes an extension of your style and core values. Furthermore, in the workplace, art prints can convey your strengths and perspectives to clients and colleagues, while at home, they should reflect your tastes and memories, such as special occasions or memorable trips.

Love at First Sight: Our Top Picks

moonlit lovers by John dyer
Above: 'Moonlit Lovers' limited edition print by John Dyer

Our curated selection of modern art prints at The John Dyer gallery features captivating works that are sure to incite love at first sight. These pieces, ranging from environmental and wildlife projects depicted by John Dyer to the romantic narratives such as ‘Moonlit Lovers’, are greatly coveted by contemporary art collectors. Many of these top picks have been showcased in art exhibitions around the world.

Whether it is the vibrant colours of John Dyer’s Australian series, the striking beach prints that evoke a coastal getaway, or the elegant French wall art that brings Parisian joie de vivre into your home, our great selection offers a diverse range of styles and subjects to captivate any art lover.

Each print is a unique story, a piece of the world as seen through the eyes of renowned artists, ready to bring a slice of their vision into your life.


In conclusion, the world of modern art prints, deeply rooted in art history, is rich with opportunities to enhance your space, reflect your personal style, and create an environment that speaks to your unique voice. From the dynamic abstracts to the evocative contemporary figures, and the striking graphic and bold designs, there is a print to bring life to every corner of your home. With careful consideration of the styles, techniques, and materials, your chosen prints will not only decorate your walls but become an intrinsic part of your home’s story.

We hope this curated selection inspires you to embark on your own journey of discovery within the world of modern art prints. May the pieces you choose resonate deeply, bringing lasting beauty and inspiration into your life for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

What defines a modern art print?

A modern art print is defined by its unique blend of colour, shape, and pattern, often breaking away from historical narratives and realistic portrayals to offer pioneering strategies in design, reflecting movements in art history from the 1860s to the 1970s.

How can I choose the right art print for my space?

To choose the right art print for your space, consider the room's function, preferred mood, and existing decor. Select a piece that suits your taste and complements the room's ambiance.

Can modern art prints improve well-being?

Yes, modern art prints can improve well-being by reducing stress, inducing positive mental states, and enhancing overall quality of life through their ability to transform a home environment. Art has the power to contribute to positive mental health and well-being.

Are there eco-friendly options for art prints?

Yes, purchasing art prints made with museum-quality paper and inks, and from galleries that produce and ship locally, can be a more eco-friendly option. It reduces carbon footprints and supports environmentally conscious choices.

How can I ensure the longevity of my art prints?

To ensure the longevity of your art prints, opt for high-quality materials like fine art pasteboard, watercolor paper, or canvas, and consider using German Etching Paper by Hahnemuehle for its quality and texture. Additionally, make sure to properly frame your prints and place them away from direct sunlight. These steps will help preserve the vibrancy and integrity of your art prints.

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