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A Tour of Cornwall: Seaside Scenes a New Set of Seaside Prints by Ted Dyer

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A Tour of Cornwall: Seaside Scenes a New Set of Seaside Prints by Ted Dyer

Cornwall is known for its dramatic coastline, with its rolling beaches and steep cliffs. In this new set of open edition prints by Ted Dyer, you can explore the seaside scenes of Cornwall in all their glory. From small sailing boats to children playing on the beach, these prints are a celebration of Cornwall's natural beauty. They are also a great way to bring a piece of Cornwall into your home! This amazing collection of Cornwall art prints is exclusive to The John Dyer Gallery.

New prints

We have just created a new collection of prints of the seaside by Cornish artist Ted Dyer. This collection makes Ted's work more accessible to a wider audience. If you are looking for a traditional yet contemporary image of Cornwall, then your search is over.

What is an open edition print?

An open edition print is a work of art that does not have a limited number of copies. They are not signed or numbered. The open editions from The John Dyer Gallery are all museum-quality and printed to the same standards and on the same archival paper as our limited edition prints.

Why are they popular?

Open edition prints are popular because they are more affordable than limited edition prints and they come in a wide range of sizes and many have framed options. This makes them a great option for people who want to own a piece of art, but may not have the budget for a limited edition print or want a larger print.

How are they different from limited edition prints?

Limited edition prints are works of art that are produced in a limited number of signed and numbered copies. This means that once the artist has reached the limit, no more numbered prints will be made. This makes them more exclusive and more costly than open edition prints.

Which one should you choose?

The type of print you choose depends on your budget and what you are looking for in a piece of art. If you want something that is more exclusive and that could increase in value over time, then a limited edition print is a good choice. If you are looking for a more affordable option or larger prints, then an open edition print is a good choice. In the case of Ted Dyer's work, there are only open edition prints available. They are, however, available either framed or unframed.

The New Collection

We have carefully chosen a selection of Ted's images that we feel best represent his work and have made them available as a collection of art prints.

Ted Dyer has spent the last 50 years or so exploring the coast of Cornwall: photographing early morning mist rising and evening light as the sun sets, light reflecting off the water and the brilliance of colour in the natural environment, which in turn he has developed into exquisite paintings back in his studio.

He has studied Cornish wildflowers which grow on headlands and in the hedgerows, sunlight reflecting and sparkling off the sea, waves crashing against rugged cliffs and sailing boats on the water.

Art Prints of Cornwall

'The Red Sail, Helford', open edition art print by Ted Dyer

Helford Village is a hidden gem nestled in the Cornwall countryside. This print captures the essence of Helford village with its iconic boathouse and waterside cottages. The sparkling water of the creek reflects the sunlight, and the rowing boats tied at the shore add a touch of rustic charm. The red sail on the small boat is a vibrant splash of color against the subdued hues of the landscape. The painting is a beautiful tribute to this idyllic corner of Cornwall.


'Warmth of the Day, Hayle', open edition print by Ted Dyer

The iridescent blues of the sea are breathtaking against the clear blue skies, and the small yachts add a touch of elegance to the scene. The family picnicking on the sand looks like they are enjoying a perfect day at the beach, and the daisies dancing in the foreground add a touch of whimsy. Godrevy lighthouse in the distance provides a stunning backdrop for this seaside paradise. This is a beautiful scene and the print would make a great addition to any home or office.


Ted Dyer fine art open edition print, 'A Cornish Summer, Gwithian'

The serene beauty of this print speaks to the simple joys of childhood. The children appear captivated by the gentle waves, their little yachts and fishing nets bobbing on the water's edge as they revel in the refreshing sea breeze. In the background, families happily jump into the waves, while Godrevy lighthouse can be glimpsed on the horizon, adding a sense of timeless permanence to the moment. With its hazy sky and muted tones, this painting captures an idyllic moment that has been lost to time. Whether you were born by the sea or simply long to recapture memories of seaside summers past, this beautiful print of Gwithian by Ted Dyer perfectly captures what it means to be young and free by the water's edge, and young or old ourselves, we can all find inspiration in this timeless print.


'Summer Evening, Falmouth Harbour', open edition print by Ted Dyer

As the fading light of dusk paints the sky in a delicate wash of pinks, purples, and blues, the quiet rippling of the river underneath is illuminated with a soft golden glow. Along the river, the townhouses twinkling lights are reflected in the water as bobbing boats drift dreamily on its surface. Against this beautiful backdrop, misty evening light creates a peaceful and tranquil scene that draws the viewer in and evokes feelings of serenity within them. Whether enjoyed alone or with loved ones, a print capturing such a moment is sure to be treasured for years to come. After all, who can resist the beauty and magic of a misty evening light painting?


Ted Dyer open edition print, 'Blue Skies Godrevy'

This print features two ladies looking out to sea as their children play in the distance. The ladies are surrounded by wildflowers, and the sky is a soft blue. In the far distance, Godrevy Lighthouse can be seen in the mist. The print is a beautiful reminder of days spent by the ocean, watching our loved ones as they play. The soft colours and gentle scene make it a perfect addition to any home.


'Blackberry Path to the Beach, St. Anthony in Roseland', open edition print by artist Ted Dyer

As the printed image unfolds, we see a scene of two figures wandering down a gently curving path. Amidst the verdant green foliage, they pluck ripe blackberries from the bushes that line either side of the path. Below them, on the shimmering blue water of the cove, several small boats are moored. From out on the open sea tiny white sails can be glimpsed, as smaller boats race over the waves toward shore. Amidst all this activity, seagulls soar and swoop. But even in this bustling scene, there is a stillness and tranquility to be found. As we follow these two figures further along their path, we find ourselves immersed in nature's beauty and grace. Indeed, there is no more perfect place to lose oneself than among this picturesque landscape. Here we are surrounded by gentle sights - from warm colours to cool waters; from wind-whipped yachts to soaring seagulls - in this perfect print of wanderlust and wonder.


'Springtime at Helford', Open edition print by Ted Dyer

This print depicts children playing in the river at Helford at low tide. The children are busy fishing with their nets, while rowing boats rest in the sand in the background. The soft blossoms in the foreground add a touch of color to the scene. This print is a wonderful example of Dyer's mastery of light and shadow, as well as his ability to capture a moment in time. The print is sure to bring a touch of elegance to any room in which it is displayed.


'Summer Days, St Ives', open edition print by artist Ted Dyer

This stunning print depicts a group of children playing on the beach at St Ives at low tide. They are surrounded by pools of water, and the sea is visible in the distance. The sky is hazy and blue, and the children are using buckets and spades to build sandcastles. The image is full of colour and movement, and it captures the joy of childhood play.


'Wild Flowers and Blue Waters, St Mawes', open edition print by Ted Dyer

One of the defining images of summer holidays in St Mawes is that of small rowing boats and dinghies clustered along the shoreline. The boats are tied up securely with their masts pointing towards the sky, seemingly anticipating the next high tide. Looking out over the water, you can see boats bobbing gently up and down on its surface, adding a sense of movement and activity to the scene. Meanwhile, on land, people can be seen playing along the water's edge, delighting in the rare opportunity to enjoy some time by the sea. In the distance, small sailing boats slowly make their way towards shore. Rippling through the glassy blue waters a small dinghy makes its way towards shore, its bright red sail adding a splash of color to the scene. In this image, Ted captures everything that makes summer holidays in St Mawes so special in this open edition fine art print: an idyllic setting perched right on the edge of Cornwall's beautiful coast.


'Clear Water, Castle Beach, Falmouth', open edition print by Ted Dyer

This is a beautiful print which captures the joy of childhood and the essence of a Cornish holiday in Falmouth. Children play in the transparent water with their fishing nets and toy boats, and small yachts sit moored in the distance, bobbing on the tide. Pendennis Castle sits on the headland, protecting the bay. Castle Beach is a place where many families have created wonderful memories of their cornish holidays, and this print would be the perfect way to take these memories home with you.


'Clear Waters, Tresco', open edition print by artist Ted Dyer

This print of Tresco in the Isles of Scilly is an idyllic image of a pristine natural landscape. The deep blue sea contrasts sharply with the white sand and crystal clear water, and the single yacht sailing by adds a touch of elegance. The print is sure to evoke feelings of relaxation and tranquility, making it the perfect addition to any home décor. Whether hanging in a living room or bedroom, this print of Tresco is sure to create a sense of calm and serenity.


'Early Morning Calm, Falmouth Waterfront', open edition print by Ted Dyer

The title of this print 'Early Morning Calm', perfectly encapsulates the feeling of early morning calm that it evokes. As the mist slowly lifts over the quiet, still river, we see a serene scene of moored yachts and gulls perched on rooftops. The reflective waters in the foreground seem to glow with a soft, purplish hue, lending an almost magical quality to this charming image. Whether you're an avid sailor or just a nature-lover, this stunning print is sure to capture your imagination and transport you to a world of peaceful serenity. So next time you find yourself with a free moment, why not sit back and savour the early morning calm? You won't be disappointed.


'Classics lll', open edition print by Ted Dyer

This print depicts a scene from one of the most popular events during Falmouth week: the Cornish working boats race. Amidst the hustle and bustle of busy waters, we see boats slipping past the edge of the water, their sails billowing in the breeze. Onshore, people sit on the rocks, taking in all the action as they watch intrigued by these traditional vessels making their way up and down the river. The sparkling blue water shimmers beneath the bright summer sun, reflecting back its dazzling light and giving this already beautiful scene an even more majestic feel. Whether you are a sailor yourself or simply a lover of all things nautical, this print is sure to captivate your imagination and transport you back in time to days gone by. So don't miss out on this incredible opportunity - don't wait to get your hands on your own piece of Cornish history today.


'Misty Calm', open edition print by artist Ted Dyer

In this print of Falmouth harbour by Ted Dyer, the viewer can see the soft light of an early morning as the working boats prepare to set sail. The sails are in soft colour, and Falmouth town can be seen through the hazy light. The artist has used light and colour to create a peaceful and calming atmosphere. This is a beautiful painting that captures the tranquil mood of a summer morning.


Open edition print by Ted Dyer, 'White Sands, Pentle Bay, Tresco'

Ted Dyer's print of Pentle Bay is a stunning representation of the natural beauty of the area. The sweeping bay and white sand are depicted in vivid detail, and the blue sky is simply breathtaking. The sea is a transparent turquoise with hints of purple, and the light hits it just right to create a sense of perfect tranquility. This print would be a beautiful addition to any home, and it would make a wonderful gift for any occasion. Ted's prints are truly one-of-a-kind, and Pentle Bay is definitely one of his best. Order your print today and enjoy the beauty of Pentle Bay for years to come!


'Summer Sailing, Falmouth', open edition print by Ted Dyer

On a beautiful summer's day, there is nothing more stunning than a view of boats in full sail drifting past on the sparkling blue water. The reflections of the colourful boats dance in the iridescent water, and the yellow boat stands out in stark contrast against the blue. It is a perfect summer's day, and this view is simply breathtaking. Why don't you take this view home with you by purchasing a copy of this beautiful printby Ted Dyer.


Ted Dyer fine art open edition print 'Painting on the cliffs'

Looking out over the River Fal, this print captures a delightful scene of two artists painting by the water. The river is calm and peaceful, with a handful of small yachts moored nearby and sailing boats gliding by in the distance. In the background, we can see Pendennis Castle perched on the headland, while below us the emerald wildflowers sparkle in the sunlight. Whether you're an artist seeking inspiration or simply someone with a deep appreciation for nature and beauty, this beautiful print is sure to delight and amaze. So if you're looking for a charming print that captures the timeless idyllic quality of life by the sea, look no further than this lovely print of the River Fal.


'Fishing Boats at Priest's Cove', Open edition print by Ted Dyer

This print of Priest's Coveis a stunning representation of the rugged beauty of the coast of Cape Cornwall. This image captures both the bright, colorful fishing boats that dot the shore and the crashing waves, rolling over the rocks to create foamy white sprays. The pale pink sky is reflected onto the surface of the water, lending an air of movement to this breathtaking vista. In addition, we can see figures on both the beach and in small groups on rocky outcroppings, watching intently as the waves roll in. Ultimately, this print of Priest's Cove offers a glimpse into one idyllic corner of England's cornish coastal landscape, one that is sure to captivate those who view it.

John Dyer Gallery

Prints are a must-have for any Cornwall enthusiast or art lover. The unique style and beautiful colours make these prints truly one-of-a-kind. Order your own Ted Dyer print today, and enjoy the stunning scenery of Cornwall for years to come!

Here at the John Dyer Gallery we have collections of work by three of the best known artists in Cornwall - John Dyer, Joanne Short and Ted Dyer.

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