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The Best Art Phone Cases Featuring Paintings by Contemporary and Historic Artists

  • 6 min read

Artist John Dyer holding an iPhone with one of his paintings of Cannes on the phone case

Above: Artist John Dyer holding his iPhone that features his Cannes iPhone 'Tough' case.

Do you love art? Do you love your iPhone or smartphone? If the answer to both of those questions is yes, then you need to check out our collection of art phone cases! We've gathered some of the best phone cases featuring paintings by contemporary and historic artists. Whether you're looking for a case that features a painting by Vincent van Gogh or one by John Dyer, we've got you covered. So what are you waiting for? Let's dive in and discover fantastic art to help to protect your mobile.

iPhone users are a discerning bunch. We know what we like and we go after it. Whether it's the perfect print or the most aesthetically pleasing phone case, we're always on the hunt for quality products. And when it comes to phone cases, there's no shortage of options to choose from. But if you're looking for something that's both stylish and unique, you need to check out these cases featuring paintings by contemporary and historic artists from The John Dyer Gallery.

There are a few things to consider when choosing the perfect iPhone case. First, you need to think about what style you're going for. Do you want something sleek and minimalistic like our 'Snap' cases or something that's protective with a dual layer like our 'Tough' cases? Second, you need to consider your budget. iPhone cases can range in price from around £14 to £200 or more so our range of cases are at the perfect price point and excellent value at only £35 including free worldwide delivery!

Our 'Tough' art phone case phone covers are made to last, and they're built with a double-layered construction for extra protection. The outer layer is formed from high-impact resistant plastic that is both strong and light. Additional shock absorption is provided by a black flexible silicone inner.

Dual layer art iphone cases from the John Dyer Gallery

Our John Dyer Gallery high-end phone covers are meticulously produced with moulds that precisely match the dimensions of your device to ensure an excellent fit. The art is a very high-quality colour print that is fully 3D wrapped around the entire case, with all corners, sides and edges equally covered. The durable cover features visible, open ports for easy connectivity and are available in glass or matte finishes. 

  • 'Tough' cases have a dual layer case for extra protection
  • Model specific casing to allow easy access to buttons
  • Clear, open ports for connectivity
  • Supports wireless charging 
  • Exceptional print quality and finish and perfectly fit
  • Durable, shatterproof outer
  • Matte or gloss finish 
  • REACh, RoHS and TUVRheinland certified
  • MagSafe compatible

Phone cases by artists

Once you've considered all of these factors, it's time to start shopping for your art phone case! And what better place to start than with these ten phone cases featuring paintings by contemporary and historic artists?

Our top ten popular iPhone cases (and smartphone cases) for you:

A selection of our art phone case artists

Artist: John Dyer

Tough Art Phone Case. St Michael's Mount. Artist John Dyer. Cornwall Art Gallery

 Tough Art Phone Case. Cornish Seagulls - Teal Colour. Artist John Dyer. Cornwall Art Gallery

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View all our John Dyer 'Snap' art phone cases

Artist: Joanne Short

Tough Art Phone Case. Sunflowers, Holywell Bay. Artist Joanne Short. Cornwall Art Gallery

Tough Art Phone Case. Polruan, Fowey River. Artist Joanne Short. Cornwall Art Gallery

View all our Joanne Short 'Tough' art phone cases

View all our Joanne Short 'Snap' art phone cases

Artist: Ted Dyer

Tough Art Phone Case. Sea Pinks and Painters, Falmouth. Artist Ted Dyer. Cornwall Art Gallery

Tough Art Phone Case. 'Warmth of the Day, Hayle'. Artist Ted Dyer. Cornwall Art Gallery

View all our Ted Dyer 'Tough' art phone cases

Artist: Vincent van Gogh

Tough Art Phone Case. 'Sunflowers'. Artist Vincent Van Gogh. French Art Gallery

Artist: Monet

 Tough Art Phone Case. 'Water Lilies'. Artist Claude Monet. French Art Gallery

Artist: Gustav Klimt

Tough Art Phone Case. 'The Kiss'. Artist Gustav Klimt. British Art Gallery

Artist: Henri Rousseau

Tough Art Phone Case. 'Tropical Forest with Monkeys'. Artist Henri Rousseau. French Art Gallery

View all our Historic Art 'Tough' art phone cases

Independent artists

Many people have questions about making their own creative iPhone cases and these are some of the most asked questions:

What kind of paint do you use on phone cases?

If you're looking for a phone case that's both stylish and unique, you need to check out professionally printed iPhone cases and not attempt to paint your own! These cases are made using a process called sublimation, which involves printing images onto special paper and then heating them until they turn into a gas. This gas is then absorbed by the plastic phone case, permanently bonding it and creating a high-quality and colour-rich case.

Is it OK to paint a phone case?

Painting iPhone cases has become a popular way to personalize your phone and add some extra flair. But is it OK to paint a phone case? The best way is to purchase a clear case and to paint the inside of the case with acrylic paint so the case protects your artwork. A better way would be to create your design and upload it to one of the many print-on-demand suppliers so you have your own one-of-a-kind case professional produced as it will not only look better but will last far longer and protect your phone better.

How do you make phone cover art?

To make your own phone art you can use any art materials you wish and take a good photograph that is well lit to upload, but a better solution would be to use crisp and colourful digital art that you create. Apps like Procreate are perfect for this and then upload your art to a platform like Snapfish, Photobox, or Zazzle. The issue is there are often very limited options and the cases tend to be single layer so you don't get a true protective option like our 'Tough' collection of cases and the prices are higher than retail prices.

Is Casetify worth the money?

Casetify is one of many online platforms that supply cases with some customisation options, it isn't the cheapest solution and many of their cases cost more than the famous artist-designed cases we sell at The John Dyer Gallery so it would be worth shopping around. In our opinion, there are too many designs by unknown artists and designers. You might find your perfect case here but we would look elsewhere.

What other case options are there?

There are iPhone cases available everywhere online from Amazon, Etsy, Apple, eBay and just about every other website you could mention. The issue is Apple tends to be a bit expensive with bland covers (but could be ideal for accessories like snap-on battery packs or wallets) and Etsy has a wealth of cheap options from unknown designers, and manufacturers and has very variable case quality.

We use our own cases at the John Dyer Gallery

Art phone cases at the John Dyer Gallery

We always buy our own John Dyer Gallery cases for our iPhones and have been doing this since 2009 and haven't found a better quality or such good value product. We are very confident you will also love our designs and very high-quality smartphone cases. We always buy the 'Tough' cases for our own devices as some extra protection is always worth it in our opinion.

We have cases to perfectly fit all recent iPhones including iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS, iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iPhone SE and iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini Pro and Max. We also wrap up your Samsung Galaxy Note 10, 10P, S10, S10E, S8 and S8 Plus. In the 'Snap' slim range we also add in Samsung S21, S21 Plus, S21 Ultra, S9, S9 Plus, S8, S8 Plus, Google Pixel phones, Huawei phones and LG phones so do take a close look to see if your handset if available.

Environmentally gentle

All our cases are gentle on the environment as none of them exists until you purchase and then they are individually made for you. There is no waste and we make them for you in the United Kingdom, European Union, United States, Australia, India and South Korea so none of them do a worldwide trip when we ship to get to you and we don't have to charge you any delivery either! No delivery charge, no import charge and fast service around the world.

Perfect Gifts

Historic art phone cases featuring world famous paintings

The art phone case designs from our artists are absolutely perfect for gifts. Imagine the delight of your loved one if they are a fan of one of our artists and they receive the perfect case for their phone that is wrapped with the art they love. We have many collections to select from and our community audience loves our phone cases.

"Have collected 5 oil paintings by Ted Dyer over the years when we do our annual visit to Cornwall. I still love his work so when I saw the phone cases online with one of his paintings I did not hesitate in ordering one. Arrived Very quickly and the case it’s well made and I’m sure will last many years. Much admired by everyone who has seen it" 

"Nice to be able to carry a bit of Cornish art around in the pocket!"

"iPhone case really lovely good quality 
Just like the picture
Very pleased and very quick service."

"I love this iPhone case I purchased for my iPhone X. I went for the 'Tough' gloss version and it has a silicon protective layer and a glossy outer that features the amazing John Dyer painting of Cannes in the South of France. It is a perfect fit, great quality and a fantastic price too. The case arrived just a few days after I ordered it and I highly recommend."

Shop our entire collection of art iPhone cases and Samsung cases from our independent artists on our gallery now and wrap up your smartphone in something special that you will love and will provide a talking point for others. With collections covering all our contemporary artists and collections that feature historic art that includes some of the world's most famous paintings, we are sure you will find exactly what you want.

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