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Cornish Seascapes: A walk to the Lizard & Inspiring Prints and Paintings

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Cornish artist Joanne Short on the Cornish Coast Path on the Lizard

Above: Detail from Joanne Shorts new Kynance Cove Painting inspired by her walk along the Cornish Coastal Path

Cornish seascape paintings and prints are some of the most beautiful and sought-after art in the world. There is something about the rugged coastline and rolling seas that inspires artists to capture its beauty on canvas. In this blog post, we will take a walk with artist Joanne Short around the stunning South West Cornish Footpath from Gunwalloe to the Lizard. We will explore the different coastal scenes that she encountered on her journey, and learn more about her inspiration for creating these beautiful pieces of art.

Walking parts of the South west England Coast Path

Today I am going to take you on a stunning walk around the South West Cornish coastline, introducing you to some of my and John Dyer's latest series of Cornish seascape prints.

The coastal path from Gunwalloe to the Lizard Point is one of the most picturesque in Cornwall, and I believe that both our artwork beautifully captures the rugged beauty of this area. If you're looking for a piece of art that captures the spirit of Cornwall, then be sure to check out our prints and paintings!

The Mission

In May a dear friend of ours, Elizabeth Walker, set off from St Ives in North Cornwall, to walk the 69 miles to the Lizard, the most southerly point in the UK, in 6 days. She was hoping to raise enough money to sponsor a young Ukrainian musician to attend the music course 'Flutes in Tuscany' this summer. Not only did she achieve her goal, she was able to help pay for more than one young musician to travel.

Vintage Style Travel Art Poster Print of Flutes in Tuscany, Tereglio, Italy by John Dyer. Painting commissioned by Elizabeth Walker

I decided to join her for the day that she walked from Gunwalloe Church Cove to Lizard Point. It turned out to be a stunning walk which inspired me to paint several new pieces of work.

photograph of artist Joanne Short and musician Elizabeth Walker

Above: photograph of Joanne Short and Elizabeth Walker on their coastal walk


This is a very special place for me because artist John Dyer and I were married in this beautiful little church 25 years ago in September.

 Photograph of artist Joanne Short and John Dyer at their wedding in Gunwalloe Church

Above: photograph of Joanne Short and John Dyer at their wedding, St Winwalloe Church, Gunwalloe.

The pretty church nestles in the corner of the beach, sheltering from the wind which whips along the coast. For the wedding John painted a beautiful seascape painting which we leaned against the altar. Needless to say, we have kept the original, but the image is available in print form.

Open edition print by artist John Dyer, 'Love Story, Gunwalloe, Church Cove'

Poldhu Cove

Rounding the headland, after a steep climb, we came across the beautiful natural beach of Poldhu Cove. This is a stunning beach for all the family and a great place for catching waves without having to visit the North Coast of Cornwall.

Poster Print by Joanne Short of Poldhu Cove

May is one of the best times of year to walk the coast - it was a time to enjoy the cornish landscape at its very best. The flowers covered the cliff tops like a carpet and the whole scenery was breathtaking.


Onwards, past Polurrian cove, towards the old fishing village of Mullion Cove. The walk down to Mullion harbour is steep, but it's worth it for the views.

Mullion island in the bay is a beautiful sight, and the sailing boats picking up the breeze are just icing on the cake. The sea pinks and daisies along the way add a splash of colour, and the clear turquoise water is simply stunning. It's a really special place and well worth a visit.

'Wildflowers on the Cliffs, Mullion', 12x12 inches oil on canvas. Seascape Painting by Cornish Artist Joanne Short

Kynance Cove

The jewel in the crown for this stretch of coast has got to be Kynance Cove. The dramatic rock formations with the gentle movement of the clear sea coming in over the shore is breathtaking. This is nature at its best. Both myself, John and his father, Ted Dyer, all have seascape paintings and prints of the stunning scene of Kynance Cove.


Original oil Painting by Joanne Short 'Coastal Walk to Kynance Cove', £895

Vintage Style Travel Wall Art Poster Print of Kynance Cove Beach by Cornish Artist Joanne Short

John Dyer open edition print 'Wild Flowers and Sunshine, Kynance Cove'

Ted Dyer open edition print, 'Soft Light, Kynance Cove'

Lizard Point

It was a special moment as we rounded the headland and spotted The Lizard Lighthouse - our destination was reached and what a feeling of accomplishment! The skies were blue, the sea was clear and the cliffs were covered in a carpet of Hottentots!

Team "Flutes in Tuscany" at Lizard Point

Above: photograph of "Team Flutes in Tuscany" as they reach Lizard Point

The perfect end to a perfect walk! We stopped to take some pictures to remind us of this fabulous day, but to be honest, I'm not sure it is something we will forget! It was an absolutely stunning walk with plenty of breathtaking scenery. The perfect way to spend a day

Limited Edition Print by Cornish Artist John Dyer. Racing to the Lizard Lighthouse

Vintage Style Travel Art Poster Print by Cornish Artist Joanne Short of Lizard Point, Cornwall


Photograph of Elizabeth Walker arriving at Lizard Point

Above: Photograph of Elizabeth Walker almost reaching Lizard Point 

'When the sun shines, the colour of the water sparkles and shines with life and an intensity of aqua-blue/green that is hard to describe, coupled with the white sand, there is no better sight. The flowers were astonishing. My favourite was the hilariously named Hottentot flowers, with their vibrant pink and yellows and vivacious green foliage. John and Joanne's work brings the whole memory back to life. Their paintings capture the essence of the Cornish coast perfectly" Elizabeth Walker

Seascape Paintings

Cornwall is a stunning county with miles of beautiful coastline to paint. Growing up and living in Cornwall for over 45 years it is no wonder that seascape paintings are our speciality!

If you would like to purchase one of the many seascape paintings or prints we have in our John Dyer Gallery please look us up and view some of the collections by Cornish artists John Dyer, Joanne Short and Ted Dyer. We are one of Cornwall's most prestigious galleries and with a great variety of original paintings, limited edition prints and open edition prints and vintage style posters, you are sure to find something you like!

Visit Cornwall

Joanne Short's coastal walk from Gunwalloe to Lizard Point is an absolute must-do if you're in Cornwall. With its stunning scenery and beautiful beaches, it's the perfect place to get inspired to buy your own collection of Cornish seascape prints

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